Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 Jun 17

Rebellion: I, Dragon Book 2

by Nathan Roden

Simon was cursed into the body of a dragon. That was twelve years ago.
Now, the king wants him dead. The queen wants him…period.

Simon Morgenwraithe was heir to the throne. His mother’s curse left him to grow up in exile. At the age of eighteen Simon has assembled an unlikely group of friends. He will need to add many more to stop the spread of evil throughout the land.

Simon’s younger brother became king in his stead. Until Lucien comes of age, their wicked uncle is the real power behind the throne. Lord Sterling Morgenwraithe rules with terror and an iron fist.
One thing stands between Sterling and absolute powerâ??the return of the rightful king. Sterling’s attempts to kill the dragon have failed.
Until now.

A mercenary has arrived on the shores of Islemarâ??a powerful wizard who wears a necklace made from the teeth of twenty dead dragons.

With time running out, the allies hope to increase their numbers with a journey into the mysterious Southlands.
But their numbers are few and their plans are coming apart.

The heart of the rebellion beats strong but they cannot stand against the might and magic of the kingdom.
Unless they find might and magic of their own…

Contains a sneak peek of I, Dragon Book 3, coming Summer 2017!

Widow (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas Book 1)

by Natasha Brown

Myths come alive in the SHAPESHIFTER SAGAS

Lady Rayne has few options as a young widow. Either her father will marry her off to a wealthy nobleman–no matter how old and disagreeable he may be, or she will become a nun like her aunt at Grimsford Abbey. The choice is easy: her interest in writing is not supported in the dark halls of her father’s home. Rayne eagerly anticipates becoming a scribe and learning the art of illumination and book making. But first she must travel along the treacherous roads of East Anglia.

Far from the confines of Norwich, Rayne hears fables of an enormous ghostly hound called the Black Shuck. She tries to ignore them until she finds herself staring into its expressive brown eyes. With every heartbeat, her chances of reaching Grimsford Abbey disappear. If only she could live to tell the tale.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**


Shapeshifter Sagas
European myths from the Middle Ages

WIDOW {Black Shuck}
SCARS {Fenrir}
TIDES {Kraken}

Blood Guardians (Blood Guardians #1)

by Heidi Willard

They are untouched by time, and ravaged only by silver, the sun, and decapitation. They travel where they will and take to themselves humans to be their eternal companions.

One such creature, a vampire with the appearance of a young man, finds himself in a small, dusty town in Ohio in 1837. There the Blood Moon, an ancient force spoken only in legends, forces him to take an unwilling young woman as his eternal companion. They are bound by their blood relationship, and he must now protect her as her Blood Guardian against those who seek to do them harm.

The first part to the four-part New Adult paranormal romance Blood Guardians series. The first book is set in the western United States of the 1830s.

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