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The Horror in 10 Classics vol1 (Phoenix Classics) : The King in Yellow, The Lost Stradivarius, The Yellow Wallpaper, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Turn … Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dracula

by Mary Shelley

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Anthology containing:

The King in Yellow by Robert William Chambers
The Lost Stradivarius by John Meade Falkner
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
Dracula by Bram Stoker

Kellie’s Diary #2

by Thomas Jenner

This second entry to the Kellie’s Diary series is about twice as long as #1.

**As of January 1, 2015 – This book now also includes a plain-text version.


“If you wanted more to happen in the first book then you should be disturbingly elated by the end of this one. A few things happen that may haunt my imagination forever and there is a small surprise at the end that may change the direction of this story, and Kellie may be forced to grow up even faster than ever…” – Allen, via Amazon

It has been almost a full year since the outbreak occurred. Kellie has just turned 10 and she is still alive and well, telling her diary “Barbie” everything she encounters. She’s grown more resourceful in her time alone, and has learned to live with the dangers around her. Kellie has run low on resources so she formulates a plan to go to Oregon, where her grandfather’s farm is located, in the hope that the rest of her family will be there waiting. She leaves home and starts her long journey. Along the way she runs into many dangers; some are expected, while others are unexpected and beyond anything she’s ever experienced… even in her worst nightmares.

(Intended for mature readers; references to disturbing events.)

Great for fans of zombie fiction and “The Walking Dead”!

Task Force: Voodoo: Arabian Night (Task Force Voodoo Book 1)

by Richard Freeman

Deacon Graham, soldier, sniper, Delta Force operator, werewolf. He is the center piece of the US Army’s Task Force: Voodoo, its mission protect the world from supernatural threats anytime, anyplace. Turned into a werewolf one bloody night in the Georgia woods he plans to spend his days and nights fighting evil. His latest mission is a solo one for the CIA. One of their deep cover agents has gone dark in Saudi Arabia and assets in the peninsula are turning up dead. Were they turned or tortured? The reason he was called in, one of those assets has been sucked dry of all muscle and bones. This definitely falls into Voodoo’s skill set, the weird and unexplained. Deacon travels to The Kingdom not knowing what he’s in for. Traitor or patriot? Monster or hoax? He is in for far more than he bargained for but he’s Delta, they make their own luck. This is his most dangerous mission yet.

Sliced and Diced: A collection of dark and twisted short stories

by Joan De La Haye

A collection of 17 dark and twisted tales that will entertain, scare, shock, and disturb you.

Stories include a serial killer on the hunt for his next trophy, ghosts on a murderous reunion tour, a jealous girlfriend killing her boyfriend’s beloved pet, a ghost bride, and a demon tormenting a nun.

Author Joan De La Haye presents an assortment of narratives; some have been previously published in acclaimed anthologies, while others have never seen the light of day. All are sure to provide thrills and chills but are best read with the lights on.

One Blood

by Qwantu Amaru

Horror/Suspense Lovers, Look No Further!
Get your copy of this Award-Winning Amazon bestseller with over 50,000 copies sold!

One Blood is a supernatural thriller that will make you an instant fan of this author. Rich themes of voodoo, family curses, political ambitions and a quest for power are dominant in this roller coaster ride set in Louisiana. Governor Randy Lafitte is popular and beloved after battling back from brain cancer, but his political success has come with a price. When his daughter is kidnapped Lafitte is confronted with a past he thought died a long time ago. However, what hasn’t caught you, hasn’t passed you. And what comes for Lafitte may way more than he or the forces behind him can handle as he fights the demons (literally demons) from his past.
Ë?Ë?Ë? Accolades for One BloodKirkus Review’s Best of 2012
Winner of two 2012 International Book Awards
Winner of a 2012 Global eBook Award
Winner of a 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award
Winner of a 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Award
Finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
2012 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards Silver Medal
Ë?Ë?Ë? Praise for One Blood:”A novel of remarkable merit that blazes trails, plotted at breakneck speed that won’t let up.”
Kirkus Book Review
“This is one horror tale that is obviously the result of meticulous drafting and editing, as well as an awesome debut novel from a master of the craft.””�
“ONE BLOOD is a richly detailed,intricately woven tale rendered in lush, evocative prose. This memorable debut heralds Qwantu Amaru as a talent well worth watching.”
Brandon Massey, award-winning author of DARK CORNER and COVENANT

Ë?Ë?Ë? More praise…”One Blood” is a very impressive first novel by Qwantu Amaru. It is epic in scope and the details in the book show that a lot of work and research went into crafting this tale.”
“If you like novels that keep you on the edge of your seat, novels that keep you awake because you just have to know what happens next, and novels that are not a disappointment, then you will love this book.”
Bella Online
“I highly recommend One Blood to those who enjoy dark, gritty, thought-provoking epics full of intrigue and aren’t put off by characters who constantly get their hands dirty.”
Black Sun Reviews
Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Eden Project (Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 6)

by Jeff DeGordick

Sarah infiltrated the military base and rescued Wayne, barely making it out alive and discovering that Jack Glass and his forces are virtually unstoppable. But as Sarah and Wayne hide in the woods to lick their wounds, Ron has shown up on their doorstep, miraculously alive and well instead of the walking corpse he should have been.

He shows Sarah the secret project hidden deep in the woods that his team of dedicated scientists have been working on for years. It’s a chance to do the unthinkable: cure the zombie virus and turn every member of the undead back into their healthy, human form.

Consigning Sarah to his team, they must race against the clock and gather the final pieces to complete the project before the enemy discovers them and wipes them out.

But Glass’s army is growing by the day and new intelligent zombies stalk their every move like a shadow. Sarah is forced to adapt the way she fights and face them head on if she ever wants to see the light of day again…

Dracula (Xist Classics)

by Bram Stoker

Meet the father of the vampire myth in this classic work by Bram Stoker. This Victorian novel is the basis for the modern vampire and the story of Count Dracula has be reworked countless time. The epistolary novel is written as a series of letters and journal entries and address themes including the role of women in Victorian culture and colonialism.

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The Hungry Woods (The Legend of IMP Book 1)

by Paul Levas

Johnny’s walk home from school was no big deal. That is, until the Big Kids, the Carbone brothers, moved into town and started picking on him all the time. One day, Johnny took a short cut through the woods to escape his daily beating, only to find that something far more terrifying than the Big Kids was waiting there for him.

The Cauldron: A prequel to The Tor

by Anthony Morgan-Clark

Martina. Just a teenage girl in the small English town of Batsford. Lonely, confused, and at odds with her parents, she is unable to tell them her secret. Soon she meets Debbie. Debbie, who listens. Debbie who understands. Debbie who holds her own terrible secrets.
What is The Cauldron? What hides there?

Read the first entry in this exciting new horror series.

Neon White E1: Episode One (A Tooth, Claw, and Horns Chronicle)

by Wulf Francu Godgluck

It’s been a weird day for Detective Raven White, which is really saying something, as he is the only detective dealing with Paranormal and supernatural cases in Quebec.

First there was the stranger in the coffee shop who sucked Raven’s finger.

Then there was the missing person’s report.

Which is how Raven finds himself paying a visit to Freshán Chetlér, with no clue as to what awaits him… Raven’s life is about to undertake a monumental shift.

Megachurch Versus Tattoo Studio

by Naja Tau

After his wife’s accident, world-renowned tattoo artist, Jerry Miller, is convinced that the way to make things right while they battle her illness is to go back to church and rediscover their values from their youth, praying for healing every step of the way. But in the 2500’s, when over 90% of the population is homeless, the scent of money makes them irresistible, and the megachurch the Millers go to can smell it on them in concentrate. But that isn’t all the body of Christ seems to want from them. Jerry and Shasta just can’t seem to figure out else it could be…

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