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Body Mind And Soul: Looking After The Complete You

by Bob Jones

Body, Mind and Soul. Looking After The Complete You.

Body, mind, and soul, looking after the complete you, is the exciting new collection of Bob Jones books, mixing the spiritual and the physical together to look after the complete you.

Full of practical advice and invaluable wisdom, within these pages you will discover new ideas around the law of attraction, meditation, diet, nutrition, faith, and much more.

Including the popular new book, Ask The Universe and Eat Well, Live Well, Sustainable Living, The Power Of Positivity, Understanding Energy, Meditation Made Easy, Understanding The Law Of Attraction, and Manifesting Miracles.

Get ready to transform your whole entire life from the inside out, looking after your spiritual and physical selfs, and discovering how to become the best you that you can possible be.

Body, Mind, and Soul, Looking After The Complete You, will help you to do just that.

Through the Mist (Gold Valley Romance Book 3)

by Liz Isaacson

Can Landon and Megan use prayer and faith to find their happily ever after?

Landon Edmunds has been a cowboy since birth, even winning in the rodeo for several years before an injury ended his career. He returned to his hometown of Gold Valley, where he works at Horseshoe Home Ranch as a cowhand, but now he’s looking for something of his own. He’s thinking of buying a horse ranch and training horses for the rodeo, but when an old high school friend returns to Gold Valley, he turns to construction instead.

The preacher’s daughter, Megan Palmer needs a helping (cow)hand to get her father’s church in good repair so he can retire. Megan and Landon work well together, and as sparks fly, she’s sure God brought her back to Gold Valley so she could find her happily ever after–if only Landon wasn’t looking to leave town.

Through serious discussion and prayer, can Landon and Megan find their future together?

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Widows Head West

by Christian Michael

12 MAIL ORDER BRIDE stories from the Christian Michael catalog of WIDOWS who search for love in the Wild Wild West.

These women face a lonely life… the life of a widow…

but God has better plans for them… A second chance at love.

Book 1: A Widow’s Love
Book 2: Widow Finds Love
Book 3: The Frontier Widow
Book 4: Widowed and Pregnant
Book 5: A Widow Finds a Rancher
Book 6: Alone and Pregnant
Book 7: A Bride For A Cowboy
Book 8: Hope For A Widow
Book 9: Cowboy Saves a Widow
Book 10: A Cowboy’s Widow
Book 11: Desperate for Love
Book 12: A Widow’s Heart

Included in this collection are 20 bonus mail order bride stories!

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Love or Loyalty

by Nikki Alston

They say without love, there is no loyalty, but what happens when love & loyalty war against each other?
Sandra McKnight always had a forgetful heart, even when travesties were committed against her by those closest; she still found a way to forget, and move past the hurt.
From the abuse of her stepfather when she was growing up, her mother’s betrayal in deciding to stay with him, and eventually the betrayal of her husband Sean, Sandy still found a way to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, and forget. It wasn’t until Sean was brutally murdered that Sandy realized that forgetting was not the same thing as forgiving. His death stripped her of the only coping mechanism she had, and that thrust her into a depressive state.
Sandy felt like she would never love another man again as much as she loved Sean, but then she met Joe and his family.
Joseph Davis was a widower with three teenage kids, and they were all out of control. When their mother suddenly died, it threw the Davis household into a state of turmoil. As Joe dealt with the dysfunction of his family life, Sandy stayed by his side, and eventually their love blossomed. Not only did she love Joe, she loved his kids, and became vigilant in her efforts to save them from destruction. However, her presence was met with a brutal resistance, and then after the announcement of their engagement, it catapulted this family into a catastrophic downward spiral.
It was a slow process, but gradually things started to change for the better, and soon their detestation and disrespect turned into love. It finally appeared that they could possibly become one big happy family at least that was until Sandy made a discovery that would induce the greatest dilemma of her entire life.
This discovery forced her to decide whether or not her love for Joe, outweighed the loyalty she still had for her dead husband? And if it did, was she was ready to embark on the ultimate test that would determine if she had really mastered the art of forgiveness

Haunted Prisons: Behind The Bars Of The Creepiest Prisons & Jail On Earth (Haunted Asylums Book 2)

by Roger P. Mills

Behind The Bars Of The Creepiest Prisons & Jails On Earth…

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Within the past couple of years, pop culture has been captivated by prison life. There is an almostconstant stream of documentaries and TV shows being released that capture what life is like behind bars. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that while people enjoy watching these shows, they certainly don’t want to experience prison first hand.

For a moment, try to imagine if you were arrested. Maybe your family was starving and you triedto steal some food for them or maybe you were trying to help ignite a revolution, and you found yourself in prison. Now imagine that, on top of being in prison and contending with all the struggles of prison life, you also must deal with the ghosts and evil spirits from former inmates…

Years of torture, abuse, malevolent energy have made prisons some of the most haunted places on earth. In this book, you will find stories that will shock and disturb you. These stories cover everything from a medieval prison in the dungeons of a castle to a prison that saw one of the bloodiest riots in American history.

Some men and women in this book committed terrible sins, while others were victims of circumstance. However, they all have one thing in common: none of them will ever be free…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Haunted Prisons: …And They Lived Horrifically Ever After
  • Haunted Prisons: Ghosts On The American Frontier
  • Haunted Prisons: Ireland’s Infant Inmates
  • Haunted Prisons: The Brutal Violence Of Burlington
  • Haunted Prisons: A Thousand Doors To Hell
  • Haunted Prisons: The Death Masks Of Melbourne
  • Much, much more!

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