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Nephrology Study Guide; Concise Information That Every Med Student, Physician, NP, and PA Should Know

by JT Thomas MD

Just the facts are included in this book. This is the perfect text if you are looking for a quick review of the information you need to know about Nephrology. This rapid access information won’t waste your time. This Nephrology Study Guide has distilled the key details down to the concise facts that you will understand and remember.

This Nephrology Study Guide is an ideal resource for medical students and anyone who wants to understand more about internal medicine.
This book quickly reviews the information about the most common Nephrology questions and answers.

Did you know the pathophysiology of contrast induced renal failure? Renal artery stenosis accounts for approximately of 4% of cases of hypertension? Did you know that RBC casts reflect glomerular inflammation or ischemia?

The Nephrology Study Guide will present this information and the other key details about Nephrology in a way that you will find useful for patient care, clinical rotations, and board review.

Buy this book now if you want this quick and concise information about Nephrology.

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