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How to #Price Like A Girl: Know your value, set your fees and start making real money

by Mary Schiller

>>Book bonus: The Top 5 Ways to Double Your Fees Fast. Copy and paste into your browser to get your copy.

Do you often have the sense that you’re chronically undercharging for the work you do? Are you working too hard without the income to show for it?

Then it’s time for you to learn how to #PriceLikeAGirl: with power and confidence.

You’re a woman in business doing great work: a coach, a solopreneur, a creative professional. There is no reason in the world that you can’t make a great living doing what you love to do. 

In “How to #Price Like A Girl,” you’ll discover why the “money mindset” piece that everyone talks about is a myth (it’s so much simpler than that); how to really know your value; how to set your fees with ease; and much more. 

You can have all the wonderful marketing in the world. But if your pricing isn’t right, none of it will matter.

With humor and fun, author Mary Schiller (that’s me!) will have you raising your rates and providing even better results to your clients and customers faster than you can say “Girl Power.”

What #PriceLikeAGirl pricing has done for me:

– I doubled my coaching fees in just 1 year
– I’ve increased the number of clients working with me (no one has been scared away by my fees!)
– I’ve erased any “money blocks” that have stood in my way of making a great living doing what I do

And a whole lot more. I’ve stepped into a leadership role within my niche within a short period of time — and I’ve done so without fear.

With this book, you’ll also get access to my free guide, The Top 5 Ways to Double Your Fees Fast, plus bonus audios and more.

In short, I want you to have the business of your dreams and make the money you need — the financial freedom — to live the life you really want to live.

“How to #PriceLikeAGirl” is more than a book. It’s a movement — where the phrase “like a girl” will be transformed into what it really means: confidently, powerfully, with no apologies.

Now, go out and #PriceLikeAGirl!

YouTube Amazon Associate: Earn Huge Commissions by Reviewing & Recommending Amazon Affiliate Products Through YouTube Video Marketing

by Scott Anthony Green

Here’s How to Make a Living by Starting Your Own Internet Marketing Business

– You Can Run the Business Without Huge Capital

– You Can Work at Home or Anywhere You Want

– You Don’t Need Any Technical Knowledge to Get Started

Here’s a preview of what you will discover:

– The entire process of making money though Amazon affiliate marketing

– How to pick a product that is more likely to sell on YouTube

– How to upload your video for maximum YouTube optimization and views

– How to pick the right title for your product review (plus some examples of awesome “legal” clickbaits)

– How to create a video review from A-Z

– Examples of other reviews to watch and learn from

– Why you should always offer substitute products and how this one thing alone can lead to 2-3x more profits

– How to rank your video on Google and YouTube 1st page for your chosen keywords

And many more inside!

Starting and Running an Online Business Requires Time, Hard Work and A Lot of Effort

The questions is, are you willing to put in the work?

Are you willing to sacrifice a little to have a more comfortable financial life 3, 6 12 months from now?

The answer is all up to you. And this book can help you achieve those those financial goals.

Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Now to Get Started

Earn Money For Living And Get Your First Online Job Here!!

by Jones Chapter

Book provides you the best way to make money not the old ways but, this book provides you the importance of the money too. Get the best results where you have never seen before.

Who The F*ck Am I To Be A Coach?!: A Warrior’s Guide to Building a Wildly Successful Coaching Business From the Inside Out

by Megan Jo Wilson

Why isn’t your coaching business thriving? Why are you feeling so damn stuck?!

This book is the missing link to turning your calling into a thriving business. What would it be like to finally understand why you’re not making money and to know how to stop doubting yourself? You can become a wildly successful coach on your own terms.

It’s time to stop asking, “Who the f*ck am I to do this work?!”

I’ve shown hundreds of warrior coaches how to serve clients, make a difference, and make a living – all while staying true to themselves. I’ve built a successful and profitable coaching business without torturing myself or following someone else’s blueprint, and so can you. Your future clients are counting on you!

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why many new coaches fail to create a sustainable and profitable business.
  • The inside-out approach to finding and enrolling clients who are dying to work with you.
  • How to price your coaching in a way that is abundant, sustainable, and honorable.
  • Why joy, inspiration, and grace are critical to your business strategy.
  • How to step courageously into the coach you were born to beâ?¦ right now!

Fiverr Frequently Asked Questions Answered: With excerpt of the INSIDER book on the Fiverr Success Management program (Freelancing for Fun and Profit 1)

by Maddie FontHaunt

This guide is for Fiverr newbies or those who are unsure how to proceed next after some difficulties with Fiverr. As someone who cares about the community and wants sellers and buyers to succeed, I prepared this guide as a part of series for those seeking Fiverr success. This guide can help you get started or find where you lost your way on Fiverr.

I am a Fiverr buyer and seller who has been watching, participating in and helping the Fiverr Community since 2014. This guide is written from experience with information proven by real sellers who have also been active on the official Fiverr forum. There is a misconception among many new sellers that Fiverr can be an instant cash machine and perhaps that was true in it’s very early days. Today it’s not. What is true is that ANYONE can earn money on Fiverr, even serious money if the effort is there.

This series of books on Freelancing for Fun and Profit will help you get there if you need a boost. This starter guide will help you with some Frequently Asked Questions about Fiverr. Things like:

How to set up your Fiverr profile for the best results
How to avoid losing your new account by breaking the basic rules
How to budget your time and money to position yourself for success whether it’s a hobby, part-time work or full-time blast!

Would You Like To Know More?

Take action now and get this easy guide and get to know the basics. The next book in the series is coming out in Summer 2017, and this book even includes a FREE excerpt from that insider book on the Fiverr Success Management program!

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