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Zella’s Awakening (The Land of Zella Book 1)

by Braden Wheeler

Zella is a mysterious land filled with giants, trolls, dragons, wizards, and many other mysterious creatures; it has been void of magic for over 1,000 years or more.

Stone the Giant and his team of Travelers inadvertently change the face of the land of Zella forever. The Travelers show the creatures of the world, that good deeds and kindness is the only true way to happiness.

While protecting the Giant race from certain doom, the Travelers explore a portion of land while teaching others how to use the magic in a way that had never been seen. Trouble is lurking somewhere in the land. It is up to the Travelers to protect Zella and everything it stands for.

Hall of Heroes: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology

by H. L. Burke

Twenty-Seven Thrilling Tales from Amazing Fantasy Authors!

Whether they are unwitting, plucky, or just plain epic, heroes capture the imagination and rescue us from everyday life. With stories set in fantastic, magical realms, gritty urban landscapes, and fairytale kingdoms, our heroes stand fast as defenders of good. Struggling against evil governments, wicked demi-gods, wrathful nature, supernatural con-men, and their own insecurities, each must find the strength to triumph and the will to persevere. 

In the second anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, twenty-three authors explore the theme of heroes, covering genres ranging from steampunk and fairytale to urban and Arthurian. These are the heroes you’ve been waiting for. 

Enjoy Heroes: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology and join the adventures!

Finding Hope

by JM Worthington

**This is not your typical vampire story. Matter of fact, it’s not a vampire story at all.**

Hope Walker never believed in demons, ghouls, or things that go bump in the night. Leland Mitchell never believed in love. Imagine their surprise when they discovered each other.
Hope denied her attraction to Leland for as long as she possibly could, but in time they formed a connection that felt almost unworldly. From the day, he first laid eyes on her, the charismatic, and reclusive Leland had been consumed with Hope, a big-hearted and frustrating girlâ??who Leland loved beyond reason. The only problem with that was, Leland had no right to love.
With Leland, Hope found isolation, unbearable pain, and that happily ever after’s do not exist. However, she also never felt more alive. After a tragic accident, Hope faced a hard decision. Did she endure it all for the sake of love? Or was the price of sin more than she could afford to pay?

Back to the other shore

by Alina Nimda

When she was seven, Tori Vega had a friend. She thought they would be friends forever. Almost sisters, really, since Tori couldn’t stand the one she actually had, and Jade lived just next door.

Vampire love and hate

by Annette Roofs

I stepped into the dark lobby of the ballet studio, wrinkling my nose at the smell of it. I glanced around me, seeing a few dance floors, one engulfed by shadow, the other brightly lit.

The stench of death on the path of life

by Eleanor Kelly

Beth waited on the road just as Daryl instructed.
She could still hear the dreadful moans of the walkers nearby, and with every moan arose more worry for her companion. Seconds felt like minutes as she heard a loud
commotion inside the building that they had just lived in for the past two days. It was a clashing sound. Something had fallen and she knew Daryl was struggling.

Steps in the night chaos

by Collin Jackson

It wasn’t a dream. The older woman with the light brown hair was her mother. And the dark¬haired man standing a few feet behind her was Amelia’s brother.

My nature is my life

by Daniel Atcheson

You see I was differentâ?¦well a bad different. I had a sister and I wish I didn’t. I had family wealth, I would prefer to be living in a gutter. I’m the luckiest daddies girl in the world, and yet somehow I’d prefer just a hug. I had a lot I didn’t want and the simple things I did weren’t there. I was Gabriella Montez, the girl with the Grey eyes.

Give a chance

by Sasha Stone

“Here we go.” Natasha responds and the pair exchange a kiss, both of them knowing without a doubt that here, with each other and the rest of their family, doing what ever ittakes to protect people is exactly where they want to be, both of them glad for the second Chance they have with each other.

WULF: A Mean Sci-Fantasy Western (The Fifth Place Book 1)

by Set Sytes

What would you do if you woke up on another planet, in someone else’s body, with a gun to your head?

Jay Wulf (as people keep calling him) is having a bad day. Rescued from imminent execution by the fiercely independent Savvi, he soon finds himself left alone to understand and survive the frontier perils of a savage new world.

Alone, that is, apart from a black tiger that won’t stop following him . . .

And if that wasn’t bad enough, a man with green eyes is hunting him, a man who will stop at nothing to put the universe right.

From the author of the twisted dystopian thriller Moral Zero, the “hallucinogenic road horror” The Violet Dark, and the horror/fantasy short story collections of Born to be Weird and Faces in the Dark, comes the first book in an exciting, funny, sexy, dark and bloody new series for adults, blending science fiction, fantasy, western and adventure genres.

N.B. This book features cursing, sometimes heavily. Blame Savvi, most of it is her fault. She ain’t no lady.

The Good Fight

by Scott Bachmann

The Pen & Cape Society, in conjunction with Local Hero Press, is proud to present The Good Fight, an anthology of superhero fiction from some of the best authors working in the genre. Collected within this volume are stories by Scott Bachmann, Frank Byrns, Marion G. Harmon, Warren Hately, Drew Hayes, Ian Thomas Healy, Hydrargentium, Michael Ivan Lowell, T. Mike McCurley, Landon Porter, R. J. Ross, Cheyanne Young, and Jim Zoetewey. After enjoying the stories in The Good Fight, please be sure to check out the works of the individual authors, because they’re just super!

Stories included:
“Bedtime Story” by Scott Bachmann
“Two Hearts” by Frank Byrns
“Omega Night” by Marion G. Harmon
“Zephyr Phase Zero” by Warren Hately
“Out of Mind” by Drew Hayes
“Archenemy” by Ian Thomas Healy
“Hunting Rabbits” by Hydrargentium
“The Fire of the Fly” by Michael Ivan Lowell
“Firedrake: A Frosty Reception” by T. Mike McCurley
“Who is . . . the Whitecoat?” by Landon Porter
“Rocco” by R.J. Ross
“First Date” by Cheyanne Young
“Thawed” by Jim Zoetewey

Beautiful silhouette in the valley

by Aubrey Willis

Teresa Lisbon is a desperate young hooker, who lost all faith in life, until she meets Patrick Jane, an arrogant businessman. With Teresa being the first woman in a long time to surprise him, Patrick is on his way to become a better person, whereas she has the chance to finally get away from the streets and start her life all over again.

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