Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 17

Another story of the big four

by Ann Litta

The night things began to change was a chilly one. Wherever Jack went was blown over by a snowstorm and everything was painted white with the frozen water crystals called snow.

Sonoran Gold

by Carson McCloud

Trouble rides closer to Reuben Jacobs than his own shadow. Wanted in a half-dozen states the outlaw has robbed more than his share of stages and banks, and now he’s got his sights set on a big prize. One large enough to leave the outlaw life behind. One he can’t walk away from. His aim?

Seventy thousand in gold crossing the Sonoran desert in the belly of an armored wagon.

Pat Davies, the gold’s owner, has hired a band of hardened killers to protect what’s his. Three of the most dangerous men alive lead his group, and Davies himself is no stranger to bloody violence. He’ll do anything to protect his fortune.

The blazing Sonora itself might be the only winner. Full of Apaches and empty of precious water it’s an unforgiving place. The gold won’t come easy. Gold never does.

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