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The Church History Catechism: The German Reformation

by Chad Stewart

Catechetical instruction has been a popular and effective form for the instruction of children and adults alike through the history of the Church. The purpose of this catechism is to instruct individuals on a specific period of church history: The German Reformation. It is designed to be easy enough for young children to memorize and learn the historical events, but full enough to teach adults also. This catechism has 95 questions with answers following.

Andrew Jackson: A Life From Beginning to End (One Hour History US Presidents Book 6)

by Hourly History

Andrew Jackson

Old Hickory. King Mob. The Peoples President. King Andrew I. The nicknames by which the seventh president is known reflect the different facets of his complicated nature. He believed in the rights of the common man because he came from humble beginnings and distrusted the vested institutions of power. The first American president born to immigrant parents, Jackson was the embodiment of the new blood which infused the American spirit in the early 19th century.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Birth of a Legend
â?? Jackson the General
â?? Jackson and Politics
â?? Jackson’s Home Life
â?? Jackson’s First Term
â?? Jackson’s Second Term
â?? Jackson Returns to Tennessee
â?? Jackson’s Legacy

Like his country, he was both ruthless and chivalrous, hot-tempered and steadfast, an authoritarian and a believer in equality. Jackson cannot be described in one-dimensional terms because there were layers to the Tennessee frontier president. Jacksonian democracy invigorated the national government and became a foundation of the modern political process. Controversial and complicated, Andrew Jacksons life is worthy of examination. To understand America, it’s vital to understand Andrew Jackson.”

Galileo Galilei: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Galileo Galilei

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Galileo Galilei began his career as a mathematician. Yet as fate would have it, he became far more than a numbers whiz. Here was a true Renaissance man; one who was greatly educated and a genuine lover of the arts. He was a fan of poets and a fine lute player.
When in 1609 Galileo created his first telescope and turned his attention to the skies, everything changed. His discoveries as they came, could not be denied. Because of his years of study in the arts and humanities, Galileo was well prepared to bring his ideas into the light of day.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Living in the Italian Renaissance
â?? Student Becomes Master
â?? Opposition to the Church
â?? Controversial Theories
â?? The Trial of Galileo Galilei
â?? The End of All Things
And much more!

Discoveries often don’t come easy and introducing them to a doubting world is even more challenging. It takes a certain kind of person to do that and Galileo was just the man for the job. It was his brilliance that supported the Copernican system of how the solar system was laid out. It was his original thinking which kept him fearless in the face of the greatest adversary there wasâ??the Church.
Come along to discover what made Galileo so great. And why his achievements can influence your life, too.

TEA FOR TWO vol2 (Japanese Edition)

by ABE Kazuhisa

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Ghosts of Colorado: Truth’s, Myths and Legends

by Marcus Allen Geoffries

The souls of Colorado’s past await you!

The state of Colorado is steeped in history and intrigue and it is full of hotels, museums, ghost towns, mines and cemeteriesâ?¦each one with a tale or two about ghosts to tell.

In Ghosts of Colorado: Truths, Myths and Legends, we will take a literary look at some of the best known haunted locations in The Centennial State – places like the Molly Brown House in Denver and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Of course, we will also explore some of the not so widely known, but equally intriguing, places like the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray and the Gold Camp Tunnels in Colorado Springs.

Together we will examine some of the popular real ghost stories and look at some of the reports and claims of Colorado’s paranormal activity, while also learning something about the history of the haunted settings that we will explore and of the lives of those that came before us.

Your own ghost adventure, exploring some of Colorado’s most haunted places, starts now!

“â?¦Well written and very interesting. The reader ghost encounters were a nice and welcome touch.” Sheila F., Cortez, CO

“â?¦Being a Colorado nativeâ?¦it was quite interesting to read about ghosts and spirits here in my own state. This book is a short read but it is nicely written and very informative.” Keith T., Denver, CO

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