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The Black Pearl of Osis (Graphic Novel): An Involuntary Journey, Book 1

by Ingrid McCarthy

The galaxy shifts on a hot summer’s night and Jonathan is unexpectedly propelled into an ancient world, a kingdom threatened by the evil power of the Black Pearl of Osis. He learns that he and Princess Magenta are destined to destroy the evil Black Pearl and, thus, their adventure begins.
Based on the Osis Fantasy Trilogy, “an involuntary journey” is Book One of The Black Pearl of Osis graphic novel series and focuses on the first volume of the trilogy. It covers Jonathan and Magenta’s training period under the guidance of wise Master Cobalt. Will Jonathan and Magenta overcome their greatest fears? Will they succeed in unlocking the magic of their skipping ropes and be able to turn them into powerful weapons? Will they accept their travel companion, a fearless Chihuahua called Monte Cristo? And, most important, will they accept and trust one another in order to form a compatible team as they embark on their dangerous quest?

Super Mario: Diary Of A Farting Super Mario: May The Fart Be With You (An Unofficial Mario Book) A hilarious Book For Kids Age 6 – 10

by Alex Addo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Farting Super Mario

In this book you will meet Mario, the plumber and his adventure in saving the princess Peach

Will he be able to save his princess from the evil turtle with his Fart Hurricane?

Get an exclusive look at Mario’s diary and discover his adventures. Is he different from us? You will be surprised

Filled with fun and adventurous stories. Diary Of A Farting Super Mario is a definite must-read for any Mario or Nintendo fan

Worst Summer Camp Ever! (a Brad Finkley book)

by Jennifer Waddle

A MUST for your child’s SUMMER READING LIST!

“I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN it was going to be badâ??real badâ??when my mom told me I was registered for summer camp. She had NEVER let me go to summer camp before! She’d always been too afraid I would get food poisoning from the mayonnaise packets or sleepwalk into the lake. But I ignored her freaky looking grin that day and packed my Super Deluxe Backpack with everything I would need for surviving in the wilderness. It wasn’t until my dad dropped me off that I realized where I wasâ??at the Worst Summer Camp Ever!” (and I mean ever)
Find out what zombie mice, dreadlocks, and a hideous men’s swimsuit all have in common, as 11-year-old Brad Finkley finds himself stuck at the worst summer camp he could ever imagine! A laugh-out-loud book for kids!

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