Free parenting and families Kindle books for 17 Jul 17

The Frown Mystery

by Zen na

The Frown mystery (Children’s book about how to free a frown, picture books, preschool books, baby books, kids’ books, ages 3-7)

A little girl is born with a frown, her parent tries many different approaches to get her to free her frown, and they even found a cat with a frown! Find out how the little girl and the cat frowns were finally able to get free, with a happy and clever ending.

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Severe Silence: A Narrative in Poetry and Collage

by Ava Carmel

Severe Silence is the story of a young woman who “sang easily, passionately, unselfconsciously” until she fell in love with a jealous, controlling man. She reassured and placated him during outbursts of rage, attempting to be a “proper” wife, but found herself defeated. Lonely, subdued, and silent, she finally gathered the strength to escape, only to find herself in deep despair. Battling fear and self-doubt, she began the journey toward rediscovering her voice and beginning a new life.

Ava Carmel tells her story of self-awakening and healing using collage and poetry. The collages are intriguing, spare, powerful and sometimes playful, incorporating pictures and words torn from magazines and newspaper headlines.

Ava Carmel was born in Toronto, Canada and lives in Galilee, Israel. “Severe Silence” is her first book.

Dating for Seniors: Senior Dating Tips for Offline and Online Dating (Dating Guide Book 2)

by Arnold Williams

All You Need to Know about Dating for Seniors

If you’re a senior ready to get back into the dating game, this book provides you with a full overview and inspiration for doing so. The author outlines several steps you need to take to move on from the past and start exploring online dating or offline dating as you are aging.

A Breakdown of What’s Inside

In this book, you’re going to find out how to move on from past relationships and look to the future. The book is full of inspiration, showing that there are many seniors out there in the same boat, searching for the right one to spend the rest of their days with.

Not only will you find informative information about how to get back into dating, but you will find a challenge for action. See below for some more details of what’s included.

Senior Dating Tips and More

In the book, Williams is sure to give an overview of both online dating and offline dating, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. The author also focuses on security, explaining how the senior can stay safe as he or she is seeking a relationship. In the book, you’ll find:

  • How online and offline dating are different and which is right for you
  • How to move on from past relationships in the right way
  • How to stay healthy as you age
  • How to think about fund things to do during dates
  • How to take action today towards a future relationship

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