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Avarice: A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure

by Jeffrey Thorne

What would you do if you could leap into your deepest fantasies?

The possibilities of what you could do, limitless?

To quit your dull repetitive nine-to-five in exchange for a world filled with danger, adventure and sex?

Look no further than Avarice: a virtual fantasy of debauchery and insanity.

Avarice: Fight monsters and people, kill creatively, get loot, level up, drink, and engage in mind-blowing sex.


A young man spends six years of his life savings in order to gain Avarice, the forbidden virtual-reality immersion software banned in multiple countries.

Between the gun-toting elves, the crafty goblins, sexy partners hungry for cramming, ramming, loading, thrusting; the numerous gangs and the sheer unlimited potential for violence, sex, alcohol and drugs, Avarice is every bit a fantasy world as it is a lawless, mad man’s paradise.

Yield to temptations in Avarice!

Throbbing action with lots of soaking ecstasy pouring from taut titillating holes!
Relentless, merciless and without a shred of protection!

Warning for raunchy, explicit sexual content and violence as this content is only for the mature and very naughty. Not for the faint of heart.

Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

by Tee Morris

From the Creators of the award-winning steampunk Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series ( Phoenix Rising, the Janus Affair, Dawn’s Early Light, and the Diamond Conspiracy) comes a collection of new adventures from around the world.

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences investigates the bizarre and unusual, and protects the citizens of the Empire from forces of darkness. Every agent knows that thrusting themselves into danger is part of the job, and may demand of them the ultimate sacrifice. They call on their own inner strength, wits, intellect, and innovations of science and technology.

But is it enough to face the unknown and the unexplainable?

This is Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, a collection of short stories featuring the derring-do of secret agents cut from a different cloth. These original short stories feature the imagination and voices ofâ?¦

Leanna Rennee Hieber
The League of S.T.E.A.M.’s Glenn Freund
Delilah S. Dawson
Jared Axelrod
Tiffany Trent
Karina Cooper

â?¦and many more!

Travel to the farthest corners of Queen Victoria’s mighty empire and back again to the shores of Old Blighty, unlocking the mysteries of legend, lore, and shadowy societies. Welcome to a world of steam, secrets, machinations and madness.

The Dragon Knight – Arc 1

by JK Tortora

Enter a world of angels, demons and dragons. A place where humans become dragons and dragons live as human. A world where demons crawl out of the shadows and aliens cloud the skies.
â??You said you would stay.’
â??I know and I lied.’
Protecting humans from dangerous supernatural, alien and mythical creatures is an ongoing and never ending work for a Squire. Especially a Squire in training to be a Knight. Eighteen-year-old Seraphina Beaumont, is a Squire for PASAâ??Planetary Advanced Specialist Artillery, an organisation created by the Nefaliem (angel-demon hybrids with dragon souls cast in humanoid forms) to enforce the United Council’s laws. Living a double life can be troublesome especially when one of her teammates unexpectedly enters her bedroom unannounced before she’s going to study.
By Seraphina’s bad luck, she crashes an alien spaceship into the royal palace on planet Nefelia. After this initial catalyst, she’s confronted with a whole string of misfortune and demon attacks. Being one of the few Nefaliem without the power of energetic magic is problematicâ??a trait that is inherited by most Nefaliemâ??so much so that she’ll have to find ways to battle demons and monsters alike by solely relying on her wit. Because sometimes relying on your powers alone isn’t enough.


by Sean Michael

Humankind possesses a dual nature, the ability to rise to the brightest heightsâ??or sink to the darkest and most perverse depths.

What inspires some to reach the pinnacles of virtue while others cannot resist the temptations of vice? Is it something innate, or a result of destiny and circumstance?

Delve into the minds and spirits of saints and sinners alike with a collection of stories that explore the call toward good or evilâ??and the consequences of answering it. For while rewards certainly await the righteous, there are also pleasures to be found in the darkness. Venture off the expected path with some of the most innovative voices in LGBT speculative fiction as they present their unique takes on the classic vices and virtues.

Stories Included: 

The Dark of the Sun by Amy Rae Durreson

The Bank Job by Andrea Speed

Prudence for Fools by Sean Michael

The Gate by J.S. Cook

Heirs to Grace and Infinity by Carole Cummings

The Rendering by John Inman

Beyond the Temperance Effect by Serena Yates

Covetous by Pearl Love

Hope by Rick R. Reed

Horseboy by J Tullos Hennig

Train to Sevmash by Jamie Fessenden

Red Light Special by Rhys Ford

Traitor by Clare London

Couches of Fabric and Snow by Brandon Witt 

Awakening: Alien Menage Romance (PHOENIX RISING Book 1)

by Amelia Wilson

She never could have expected what was waiting for her in the sealed Mayan tomb.

This is a standalone of about 360 pages with a Happily Ever After ending and No cliffhanger. This book also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy!

Archaeologist Sera Cooper just made the find of her lifeâ?¦a sealed sarcophagus in a previously unexplored Mayan pyramid. She expected an archaeological treasure. What she found instead was a sexy ancient alien with an equally sexy partner. It’s hard enough to deal with her career being upended – now she has to cope with government agents, an impending alien invasion, and two scorching hot aliens who both want to claim her as their own.

Beno and Theyn are refugees from the world of Ylia, running from the ravages of the Taluan Empire. They tell her that they share everythingâ?¦ and they want that to include Sera!

This is the end of everything she’s ever known, but could it be the beginning of something better?

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by Peter Tremayne

The only time Pirelli had ever heard the swamplands so deathly still was just before a fire had raged through the area â?? the animals, by some curious instinct, seemed to know something was wrong.

Caleb Burns, a portly man, was hunting in the forests of Florida with his friend, Jeff Smith.

The manatee, the largest aquatic species of mammal in the swamp country, was highly prized by hunters but for the last twenty years state law had made it illegal to shoot it.

In the sweltering heat, they get more than they bargained for…

A few yards away from them the black, dank waters suddenly began to erupt in a swirling torrent of froth, dwarfing them with its gigantic size.

It gazed at them for a moment from angry, red-veined eyes. An awesome cry echoed deep in its throat from behind razor-sharp incisor teeth, teeth that glinted like a row of stilettos.

For what seemed an eternity it stood like a malevolent statue. Then it swooped, its jaws gnashing viciouslyâ?¦

Where does this blood-thirsty, other-worldly beast come from?

Peter Pirelli, and Everglades National Park Ranger, is trying to discover what this mysterious beast truly is.

With more innocent lives on the line, will he be able to find out before it’s too late?

Praise for Peter Tremayne:

“Mesmeric stuff.” – The Times

“Tremayne is bloody good!” – Penthouse

“Peter Tremayne is established as one of Britain’s leading horror fantasy writers.” – Retail Newsagent

“He brings to the writing of fantasy detail and dedicationâ?¦scrupulous skillâ?¦” – Space Voyager

“Tremayne weaves no less engrossing tales than Edgar Allan Poe.” – Ashbury Park Press

Peter Tremayne is the fiction writing pseudonym of the Celtic scholar and author Peter Berresford Ellis. Peter Berresford Ellis is a historian, literary biographer and novelist who has published over 90 books to date under his own name and that of his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan. He has also published 95 short stories. His non-fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on Celtic history and culture. His other works with Venture Press include Nicor!, The Ants Are Coming!, and The Morgow Rises!


by Phillip Hancock

Scott Standard is a Coordinator. His job is to settle disputes between worlds who are at war with each other. In the process of doing his job he is randomly attacked by an unusual and unprovoked enemy. His job now is to find who the enemy is and stop these attacks on his organization. With the help of his newly acquired friend he travels the universe searching for the answer.

High Fantasy: (Book Three) (Sci-Fi LitRPG Series) (The Feedback Loop 3)

by Harmon Cooper

“Third and best so far in the series … 5 stars!” -Amazon reviewer
“Every book just gets better.” -Amazon reviewer
“The Dream Team is back in action … 5 stars!” -Amazon top 500 reviewer

Quantum Hughes and the Dream Team dive to Tritania, an online fantasy world filled with dragons, magic, orcs, swords, floating continents, and an always challenging turn-based battle system. With the clock ticking, and his problems in the real world growing, including his legal troubles and his blossoming relationship with Frances Euphoria, Quantum is forced to make a decision that could change his life forever.

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Steam, The Loop, Tritania and the real world – worlds collide in the third installment of The Feedback Loop Series.

The thin line between dream and reality is pixilated.

Reading order:
1. The Feedback Loop (Now available as an audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays!)
2. Steampunk is Dead (Now available as an audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays!)
3. High Fantasy (Now available as an audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays!)
4. Reapers and Repercussions
5. The Mechanical Heart
6. Cyber Noir Redux
7. Proxima Riven (Pre-order coming soon. Out September 1st 2017)

Note to Readers
High Fantasy introduces a very large online fantasy world known as Tritania. This world is explored in The Feedback Loop books 3-6, and it is also the main setting for a spin-off series called Fantasy Online: Hyperborea.

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