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Drunk in Charge of a Foreign Language: The Diary of a Spanish Misadventure

by Matt Rothwell

Drunk in Charge of a Foreign Language
The hilarious debut book by Matt Rothwell

‘Matt’s love of Spain shines throughout this book. A very funny and engaging read’ – David Luddington author of ‘Forever England’

What would you do if your wife asked you for a divorce thirty days into a three month camping tour of Spain?
Set fire to the car and fly home? Sounds a tad extreme.
Stay and get drunk for a couple of months? Sounds feasible.
Learn to chat girls up in Spanish, German and Russian? Sounds like a plan!
Welcome to Spain as seen through the author’s vino tinto glasses. It’s a Spain rarely seen on television and certainly never mentioned in glossy travel magazines.

His latest book The Electric Guitar Daydream Quest, which includes a brief Portuguese misadventure, is also available on Kindle.

Kayak Book: An essay on the misery of planning and nearly building a kayak

by Adam Tritt

Kayak Book will teach you more than you ever thought you could know about kayaksâ??and keep you laughing the whole time. With dry humor and technical clarity, this short but hilarious book will leave you happy you read it, and well-prepared to set out in a kayak of your own

Street Fighter Skills : Volume 1

by John Nawn

*FREE 2 hours of training videos

Street Fighter Skills Volume 1

How to go beyond modern martial arts using the lost secrets of real Street Fighting

By John Nawn

How do YOU stack up against the TRUE Street Fighter?

No matter what level of martial arts skills you have achieved its still likely there are some serious gaps in your training. Gaps that are holding you back from your full potential.

John Nawn has made a brilliant step-by-step modular system that can take you to an elite level. With consistent training in these principles almost anyone can massively improve their fight game. Both in the ring and on the street.

John Nawn has given you all the keys you will ever need to open all the doors to REAL fighting. Even if you take only a fraction of John’s material you will still be better than most fighters.

If you’re one of the chosen few who takes onboard the entire system you will become a force to be reckoned with.

A TRUE Street Fighter has:

1.A Guard that’s almost impossible to get through. He can even use his guard as a weapon to attack his opponent’s strikes, and his opponent finds it almost impossible to land a meaningful strike on him
2.A mastery of Footwork. He can work angles, nullify attacks, outflank his opponent, generate power and start to break his opponent down all with positioning
3.The knowledge of how to punch (very few fighters and so-called martial arts guys understand this) and he understands all the illegal moves such as finger strikes, biting and headbutts
4.A true understanding of fear and psychology. He’s not just a theory man, he can actually use psychology during the fight to destroy his opponent, he can also recognize and deal with fear in himself, he can read body language, he can read the “feel” of a room and instantly recognize a setup
5.The means to use all these things together

A top Street Fighter is incredibly difficult to defeat. He’s not fighting to earn a belt or win a game of tig, for him fighting can literally be a matter of survival.

The good news is that with enough training and dedication you can be taught to reach this level.

You may be a highly experienced martial artist or a beginner just starting out: this is the right place for you to take your skills light years beyond most fighters out there and learn what really works on the streets.

Listen, you’re not always going to be the strongest or quickest fighter. It hurts me to tell you this but you’re not always going to be the youngest fighter, either. Someday you may run in to a stronger, faster, younger version of you. A guy who is just better than you. When that happens you won’t be able to use brute force or aggression to beat him (he’s stronger than you, remember) you need other options in case things don’t go as planned. Top Dog Combat Solutions will give you options that work. Well give you Plan A, B, C right through to Z.

Very often it can be the seemingly small details that make the world of difference, just like salt in food -it’s a small ingredient but it can make all the difference. Those little details can make or break a fighter too. In addition to showing you how to fight right from scratch you’ll find all kinds of vital insider information here so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

We’ve trained in Britain, Russia, Australia and even Japan and we’ve never seen this stuff taught anywhere else. These are the real keys you’ve been looking for. THIS is the information you could spend your whole life searching for and still not find! We’ve laid it all out for you in a logical system so you don’t have to waste years searching and training and seeking the deeper meanings of martial arts. All that stuff is right here at your fingertips.

SHTF Survival Plan: From Beginner To Survivalist Prepper In 7 Days

by Troy Harrison


What will you do when terrorism hits your city? If the government breaks down and can’t provide electricity, water or protection?

When a tornado goes through your neighborhood, paving the way for gangs to roam the streets?

Are you prepared? Will you know what to do and how to protect your family? Your property? How to get food? How to get medicine? Protect your kids from attackers?

In my short book SHTF Survival Plan: From Beginner To Survivalist Prepper In 7 Days You will be introduced to the basic principles of survival in a doomsday scenario (like war or nationwide plague) in just 7 days.
If you apply what you learn in this book, you will have what it takes to get started preparing and protecting your family from harm and endure throughout the next national catastrophe.

The book is meant for beginners, with no prior prepper or survivalist experience. I will walk you through what you need to do to become prepared for that awful day, when the police won’t pick up the phone…

Are you ready to become a “prepper” in a week from now?

Press the “BUY NOW” button and download your book now or buy the paperback version, so you have it ready once SHTF!

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Sex Abuse Scandal at Penn State: Powerful Men Charged

by Jane Gilgun

Two top officials at Penn State were indicted last week for not reporting child sexual abuse. A few days later they resigned from the University. The president of Penn State may be forced to resign. Finally the law has begun to hold powerful men accountable for not reporting child sexual abuse.

This article describes this change in law enforcement. It also shows what child sexual abuse means to perpetrators. Perpetrators get a thrill, a high, the greatest feelings in the world from sex with children. They can no longer be in the presence of children until they go through rigorous therapy and until a judge allows it.

For decades, women and wives have been charged with failure to protect and with not reporting, even when they really did not know or if they themselves were survivors of the alleged perpetrators’ beatings and rapes. The men recently charged were far from being battered women.

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