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101 Free Things To Do In San Francisco (Travel Free eGuidebooks Book 3)

by Daniel Davidson

You’re not going to believe how many great free things there are to do in San Francisco. Free bike tours, kids activities, arts, theater, concerts, food & drink, beaches, carousels, shows, marketsâ?¦the list goes on.

Sure, everyone knows about Golden Gate Park, but did you know the Golden Gate Band plays free public concerts Sunday afternoons all summer long? Did you know the Japanese Tea Garden is free to all visitors Fridays before 10 AM? Or tickets to the Partybus includes free entry to many clubs and bars?

The best of free â??Frisco — meaningful travel experiences that won’t cost you a dime — is all here in this book.

More than a list, this book includes well-researched activities, accurate descriptions, links to driving and walking directions, contact information (including phone, email, websites, and Facebook pages) and many more features.

This guide book to San Fran includes information about free public transportation, extra activities throughout the Bay Area, and links to get directions from Google Maps. An interactive map shows you where all the free activities are, to help plan your trip.

If you’re traveling with children, this book will be especially helpful. It has detailed information on all the public playgrounds, family concerts, kid friendly interactive art studios, and other kid friendly activities.

Find the best of the best free travel activities, things like:

# 29. Free sail boat ride with the Cal Sailing Club
# 31. Free access to the Yerba Buena Gardens
# 40. Free access to the Japanese Tea Garden
# 49. Free access to the Bay Area Discovery Museum
# 83. Free Oysters At El Rio
# 96. Free Urban Bicycling Workshops
Much, much more!

Enjoy Chinatown, the Mission, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park, The Haight, Nob Hill, and many other neighborhoods, without the sucking sound in


1. Introduction
2. Free Museums & Galleries
3. Free Transportation
4. Free Outdoor Activities
5. Free Kids Activities
6. Free Music, Theater and Festivals
7. Free Food and Drinks
8. Free Arts & Architecture
9. Free Tours, Walks & Biking
10. Flea markets
11. Interactive Map With All Locations

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