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Bitcoin Two-Book Bundle: A Simple Introduction and A Concise History

by Eric Morse

Two Essential Bitcoin Books in One Bundle!

Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction

Understand the Basics of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revolutionary digital currency that is transforming money as we know it, but understanding it can be daunting for the average user…

Not anymore!

This book strips away the complexity and teaches the basics of Bitcoin in simple, easy to understand language. It is not a textbook. It is a non-technical primer that answers the most common and important questions new users have about Bitcoin. No jargon. No technobabble. No previous technical knowledge required.

Answers you will find in this book:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What makes it special?
  • What is the Blockchain?
  • What is mining?
  • Who controls Bitcoin?
  • Is Bitcoin secure?
  • Is Bitcoin anonymous?
  • How can I use Bitcoin safely?
  • Should I invest in Bitcoin?
  • …And More!

And You won’t feel like you’re learning another language or getting a degree in computer science!

Prerequisites: NONE! If you have ever bought anything online, you already have what it takes to understand this book and learn the basics of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: A Concise History

Understand the History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new currency… the future of money. Bitcoin is a network protocol and software that makes the currency work. But it is also much more than either of those. Bitcoin is a community with a shared history and experience that new users can’t just buy on an exchange or download onto their smartphone. That history and those experiences are vital to understanding the advice given to new users, potential investors, and curious onlookers.

Bitcoin: A Concise History is a timeline of Bitcoin’s defining moments, from before the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, through scams and scandals of MtGox and Bitcoin Savings and Trust, through the bubbles and the births of popular memes that confuse new users to this day.

If you are curious about bitcoin, the currency…
If you are intrigued by Bitcoin, the technology…
You MUST understand Bitcoin, the community and its history.

You Will Learn:

  • What are the key events that caused or coincided with massive price movements?
  • Why are people so adamant about not leaving bitcoin in an exchange?
  • What the heck does “HODL” mean?
  • Why are there different versions of the Bitcoin software?
  • What are Bitcoin’s philosophical roots?
  • …And More!

  • How to Become Effective Business Analyst Practical Beginners Guide: Real-life Software Requirements and Design Techniques

    by Syed Rizvi

    Introduction to the Book

    How to Become Effective Business Analyst Practical Beginners Guide is written by Syed Rizvi. This book Includes very simple quick and easy understand guide for business analyst. First chapter includes information technology basics and easy definitions for strong foundation. Throughout book, the reader will find very informative technological related definitions along with short project tips. Book was written to make reader grasp a better understanding on the business analyst subject.

    Feedback are welcomed at [email protected]

    Why This Book?

    This book is about learning business analyst subject with ease of leaning with simplicity and quickly. From experience of years in business management, project management, are contributing factor for most optimized skilled leaning for the readers. Although much has been written about business analyst learning, little has been written about the meaningful interconnection between business and information technology teams ensuring that business analyst become effective and successful. This is not just only for professional growth rather it encourages business ethics and productivity in business analyst career. Mind Map simplifies subjects to make the learning process easier.

    Who can benefit from this Book?

    -Business Analysts
    -End Users

    For feedback and comments rizvir at and

    OpenStack: Creating Clouds From Novice to Pro!

    by Gregory Blake

    This book is a guide for you on how to use OpenStack. It begins by explaining what OpenStack is and what it is used for. The book then examines the process of setting up OpenStack before beginning to use it. Identity management is key in OpenStack. A means for authentication and authorization of users is required in OpenStack. This book guides you on how to install and configure this service in OpenStack. OpenStack also needs network configuration so as to facilitate communication with internal and external networks. This book guides you on how to perform network configuration in OpenStack. It is possible to create and use virtual machines in the OpenStack. This book clearly teaches you how to create, deploy, and then launch instances of virtual machines within OpenStack. Orchestration is very important when using OpenStack. This book shows you how to use the Heat tool so as to perform orchestration within OpenStack. There are several types of deployments which we can do in OpenStack. It is possible for us to perform deployments of single instances or multiple instances. In this book, you are guided on how to perform multiple instance deployments in OpenStack.
    The following topics are discussed in this book:
    – Getting Started with OpenStack
    – Identity Management
    – Network Configuration
    – Creating, Deploying, and Launching Virtual Machines
    – Heat Orchestration in OpenStack
    – Single Instance Deployments in OpenStack

    100 Practical Tips for Copywriting: Methods and technologies for writing articles for network writers

    by John T. Gibson

    This book is a small collection of tips and notes that will be sung by novice copywriters.
    Perhaps some of them seem too simple or obvious. But my older comrades always told me – repetition – the mother of the teaching!

    I hope that the advice given in this book will soften the hard work of a copywriter, a blogger and just a writer of short articles.

    The tips I mentioned here are divided into several sections, in accordance with the various parts of the copywriter’s work.

    Work with orders


    Hello, friends!

    Especially they are useful to the beginning copywriter or the author who is in the process of becoming.

    Now the network has published a lot of articles and posts, in which the authors give advice and recommendations to the beginning copywriter. Of course, they are valuable and useful.

    It’s good that the authors of such materials share their experience with other colleagues. It’s really very cool.
    I myself sometimes discover important things for myself, which I did not pay attention to for some reason.

    Therefore, I decided to devote some time to give out one extensive and detailed text, which, of course, will help any novice copywriter who wants to take the path of earnings by writing articles.

    Yes, I can declare that I have some experience in this direction.

    I went a very long way, which started from the very bottom. I fired, stuffed my then soft place with new cones, and conducted various experiments. All this was done, in order for me to achieve my goal.

    This text is a summary of my personal experience in the field of writing texts. I do not claim to be called the only correct one. I just share my views. And I really want this book to be valuable and useful. Believe me; I prepared it for this purpose.

    In my time, when I first started, I personally did not have enough of such materials. And I promised myself – when I achieve a certain success in the field of copywriting, I will certainly write a similar text.

    And now it’s time to fulfill your promise!

    Meet – 100 tips for a beginner copywriter!

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