Free fiction Kindle books for 18 Jul 17


by Sarah Sethline

5x the cherry popping, 5x the TABOO!

This *naughty bundle* is all about innocent, untouched BRATS and the forbidden men who want and NEED to FILL THEM! Good girls on the outside, TIGHT AND WET on the insideâ?¦

These dirty girls aren’t saving their first time for the man of their dreams, but rather, the MAN OF THE HOUSE! A c*ck that’s a little older, a little wiserâ?¦ and knows how to get the job done!

HARD. ROUGH. RAW. and ’til her cherry is POPPED!

Silencing The Ghosts

by Felicity Gibson

Helen Matthews is a woman on the run.

Two years after separating from her ex husband, Nigel, Helen is finally pushed too far. In a desperate bid to escape she packs up herself, her children and the family dog and sets out on a road trip that will change their lives forever.

With unexpected stops and twists along the way, Helen has to think on her feet while being plagued by the ghosts who shadow her every thought.

When six year old Alex discloses the abuse he has suffered at his father’s hands, Helen vows to make Nigel pay.

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