Free horror Kindle books for 18 Jul 17

Flesh Play

by R.P. Healy

A man with a lust for flesh. He doesn’t know why he does it, but he does it all the same. He’s got a nice collection in the wardrobe, and there’s money in it, too.

The Bacon Room and Other Stories

by Leonard Warren

Charmunda thought she could stay hidden from the criminals she punished forever, but she was wrong. Now she’s raw meat for an underground Red Room operation. But there are forces darker than mere human evil at work here, and if Charmunda can strike a deal with them, she just might get out of this alive. For certain values of ‘alive’.

This slim volume from the deeply disturbed Leonard Warren includes three grotesque, surreal short stories and four gruesome flash fictions.

Dinky Dau Man

by Jake Wilhelm

“Dinky Dau Man” is a simple tale about two men working out their past issues amidst the chaos of Vietnam’s combat zone. One man deserves to die. The other man adores the idea of making that happen on behalf of a murdered girl.

The above story comes with a bonus. In “Turn Loose the Night”, Oliver intends to see his grandsons, and the end of the world will not stand in his way. He made a promise, after all. His trip could end (or maybe begin) in a strange town, this totally normal place untouched by the nuclear wasteland that has replaced the world.

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