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Keagan (This is Our Life Book 2)

by F.G. Adams

Grayson and Oliver are only 99c and Lukas is now available to preorder – releasing July 19th!

A powerful storm brews between them. 
Keagan Fontneau gave up on life after returning wounded from his last tour of duty. 
Jocelyn Blackwood only exists to protect those who can’t help themselves. 
He left Lakeview on a mission. 
She ran from the haunting memories. 
He remembers her smile. 
She never forgot him. 
He’s in business with danger. 
She’s in the wrong place at the right time. 
He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. 
She’ll resist him at every turn. 
His nightmares won’t end. 
Her pain understands. 
He craves a future with her. 
She despises a past without those she loved. 
He wants her. 
She needs him. 
Thunder rumbles in his fractured soul. 
She believes lightning strikes only once … until him. 

Can her battered heart shelter him from the raging winds or will the tempest’s path of destruction shred their fragile bond?

DEAD HILL: a gripping murder mystery featuring Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris


When a man is killed by being pushed over the edge of a quarry, there is no doubt about who the culprits are. So why can’t DCI Harris lay a finger on them?

The theft of the eggs of a rare golden eagle leads to a murder investigation and a serious questioning of loyalties

Surly and abrasive, veteran detective Jack Harris at times shows more concern for the wildlife in his beloved Pennine Hills than keeping up cordial relations at work. Indeed, when a trio of local criminals try to steal the eggs of a rare bird, DCI Harris treats it almost like a personal insult and readies to envelop them in the long arm of the law.

Yet, when two of the criminals descend from the hills into Harris’ snare, rather than the expected three, Harris finds himself with a murder investigation on his hands. But far from being an open and shut case, it is one that will wrench him out of his rural idyll, and back into the gritty criminal underworld to solve.

When the murdered man is identified as a gangland member, Harris is beset by a troubled local community and doubts amongst his colleagues that he can bring the killer to justice. Doing so will force Harris to confront a nasty episode in his own past and question the loyalties of those around him.

This novel is set in the fictional town of Levton, nestled in the bleak and blustery Pennine Hills in the north of England. It is the first in a series of titles featuring Jack Harris and the Levton Police Force, previously published by Robert Hale, London.

Look out for the other books by John Dean featuring DCI Jack Harris, including THE VIXEN’S scream, also available on Kindle.

My Father and Other Liars

by Geoff Le Pard

When British freelancer Maurice Oldham saves American scientist Lori-Ann Beaumont from a pack of journalists at a ProLife conference in San Francisco, neither expects to see the other again. But six months on, Lori-Ann is on Maurice’s doorstep, bruised, penniless and desperate to find her boyfriend, Peterson, who has gone missing in England. Maurice soon realises nothing is as it seems with Lori-Ann. Why is she chasing Peterson; why has her father, Pastor of the Church of Science and Development sent people to bring her home; what is behind the Federal Agency who is investigating Lori-Ann’s workplace in connection with its use of human embryos; and what happened in Nicaragua a quarter of a century ago that is echoing down the years? For Maurice and Lori-Ann the answers lie somewhere in their Fathers’ pasts. Finding those answers will take Lori-Ann and Maurice from England via America to Nicaragua; in so doing they will have to confront some uncomfortable truths about their Fathers and learn some surprising things about themselves.

POE’S MYSTERIES: Complete Murder Mysteries, Thriller Tales & Detective Stories (Illustrated): The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat, The Purloined … Heart, The Fall of the House of Usherâ?¦

by Edgar Allan Poe

Poe is generally considered the father of the detective fiction genre. His detective tales featuring C. Auguste Dupin laid the groundwork for future detectives in literature. This collection includes Poe’s mysteries, detective stories and crime tales.
Table of Contents:
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Mystery of Marie Roget
The Purloined Letter
The Gold Bug
Thou Art the Man
The Man of the Crowd
The Tell-Tale Heart
A Tale of the Ragged Mountains
The Oblong Box
The Black Cat
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Premature Burial
The Masque of the Red Death
The Devil in the Belfry
The Cask of Amontillado
William Wilson
Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was an American writer, editor, and literary critic, best known for his poetry and short stories of mystery and the macabre. He is widely regarded as a central figure of Romanticism in the United States and American literature as a whole, and he was one of the country’s earliest practitioners of the short story.

The Devil And The Muse (The Creatives Series Book 2)

by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

An ancient curse.
A forgotten love.
A painting with secrets only one woman can reveal.

In this fast-paced second installment of The Creatives Series, Creative (mystic artist) Coco Rhodes is surprised by a horrific vision beneath her most recent painting: the violent attack upon a fragile young girl. When a link is discovered between an education-finance fraud and several girls disappearing from Washington, D.C. schools, Coco’s lover and leader of the Allegiance, the vampire-warlock Gabriel, vows to rescue the girls, and topple a corrupt congressman. Concurrently, the dark and twisted past of Kenan, the Allegiance’s sworn enemy, is revealed. With Kenan’s whereabouts unknown, members of the Allegiance begin to unravel his sadistic plan.

From New York and D.C., to Tuscany and the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy, the supernatural guardians of the Allegiance are guided by both the lessons of history and the shocks of present-day life. Through magical twists and otherworldly subplots, this supernatural thriller weaves a web of intrigue, love, and conflict. In The Devil and the Muse, Coco’s sense of duty to the Allegiance is tested. But will protecting her loved ones cause her to sacrifice her humanity?

Ring Around the Rosie (An Olivia Thompson Mystery Book 1)

by Jullian Scott

Rosie Thompson is an eighteen-year-old girl with her whole life ahead of her. The Homecoming Dance is just one night away and she can already feel the weight of the crown upon her head. But when she leaves her home that Friday night, it’s for the very last time. When her body is found in a park the next morning, a whole town is turned upside down and a family is torn apart.

Fifteen years later, Olivia still hasn’t moved on from her sister’s murder. Not only does she still see the ghost of her dead sister, she is pursuing a career studying the very monsters that destroyed Rosie and hundreds of other helpless victims. Olivia is desperate to find closure, but a new murder with connections to her past has reopened old wounds.

Nate Tucker is a successful Chicago detective. He also happens to be Olivia’s best friend. Nate has been fascinated by the Thompson case since the first time Olivia mentioned her dead sister to him. When a dead girl shows up in the city under circumstances eerily similar to Rosie’s murder, he is quick to make the connection.

Now, with stale evidence and fifteen-year-old memories to guide him, Nate has the chance to solve the current murder case, as well as the death of the Homecoming Queen that refuses to stop haunting the people she left behind.

Dark and haunting, Ring Around the Rosie is utterly suspenseful and surprising to the end.

Innocent & Missing

by Joli Torres



From the moment I sensed him, I knew he was innocent…

I’m an FBI agent. None of my peers know it, but I have a sixth sense that helps me track down fugitives. Once I’m assigned to a case, I always bring them in without a problem.

That isâ?¦until I met David “The Celtic” O’Brien. He is definitely not someone I should be falling for. He’s an MMA fighter covered with tattoos, and known for his skill at knocking fighters out cold. Worse, he’s a wanted fugitiveâ?¦the one I’m assigned to bring in.

My plan is to turn him in. I refuse to get attached to him. Yet, there is just something about him. He draws me in. Makes me want to prove his innocence. But proving his innocence could come at the cost of losing my job, or worse, my life. Am I crazy?!? Should I risk it all for a man I just met?


Even though she isn’t my daughter, my motherly instincts have kicked in… someone took her, and it’s up to me to find out who.

My intuition had been telling me something was off…we shouldn’t have left Ellie there.

If it weren’t for David, Ellie’s MMA fighter dad, who also happens to be my hot fiancé, I wouldn’t even have her in my life. Now she’s GONE, and I’ll do anything in my power to keep her from getting hurt. Even if it means risking my job and my life…AGAIN.

My boss has forbidden me to be involved with this case…he’s sadly mistaken if he thinks I’m just going to sit by and wait for those other incompetent agents to find her.

Time is running out. We have to find Ellie, and we have to find her now…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a two book series with more to come in the future. The two single books each have great reviews. Adrianna and David are a very likable couple that you will want to read more about! Enjoy the read!

High Hand

by Curtis J. James

Is there a connection between a bomb blast meant to kill the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and a group of prominent men who played poker in Moscow years ago? What is Operation Long Shadow, and what does it have to do with the xWave–a new high-tech device that can receive and transmit data via brain waves? Frank Adams must discover why he and his former poker buddies are being targeted for assassination and finds a surprising ally in his ex-wife, Lisa Hawkes, a brilliant Russian linguist and CIA covert agent, to learn the truth in this international thriller.

The Blood Files, Case #1: Before I Wake

by Joelle Ayers

My name is Violet Cicero and, lately, the dead can’t seem to leave me alone.

After a freak accident nearly ended my life, everything changed. My best friend, Josh, saved me that night on the bridge, but I had no idea there would be consequences.

Strange ones.

It started with terrifying nightmares of Liz Hardy, a young college girl whose death tore my family apart. Only, it didn’t end there. Those nightmares have begun to bleed into reality as Liz pushes me toward the answer to a mystery everyone else has stopped searching forâ?¦ the true identity of her murderer.

It’s clear she won’t stop until justice is served and she’s at peace, but what will be my fate if I fail her?
I pray I never find out.


The Blood Files is an upper YA/NA crossover. It’s the ideal paranormal mystery for fans of crime fiction and witty, female protagonists. Readers who enjoyed Conjuring Quantico (The Federal Witch) and The Witches of Hemlock Cove will be enthralled by this blend of humor and heartache, thrills and terror.

This book is for anyone who loves:
-Supernatural Mystery Adventures
-Thriller and suspense novels
-Paranormal mysteries for young adults
-Women Sleuths
-Ghost stories
-“Whodunnit” mysteries
-Detective Mysteries
-Cozy Murder Mystery
-TV Shows Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer

This is CASE #1 in “The Blood Files” series. Series order and tentative release schedule:

Case #1: Before I Wake (Available Now)
Case #2: Give Me Shelter (The Blood Files, 2)â??(August 21st, 2017)
Case #3: In Cold Blood (The Blood Files, 3)â??(September 25th, 2017)
Case #4: Speak No Evil (The Blood Files, 4)â??(October 30th, 2017)

Scroll up and grab a copy!

No Return (A Lee Smith Mystery Book 2)

by Jay Forman

The truth will be uncoveredâ?¦

Lee Smith takes a dangerous detour from her cross-country trip when a prospector is found shot – and scalped – six hundred kilometres north of the Sleeping Giant in Lake Superior.

Tourism Canada didn’t ask Lee to include the Webequie First Nation in her series of travel articles, but she flies up to the remote Ojibway nation when a friend pleads for her help.

Blaze Suganaqueb’s grandfather has been taken away by the police and is their main suspect.
Blaze is convinced that he’s innocent. With her own father in prison for one murder he didn’t commit, Lee hopes this is a wrong she can right.

She steps into the Ring of Fire, where sixty-billion dollars of minerals lie buried below the traditional land of the Ojibway – land that they have been the caretakers of for centuries but are not allowed to own, land now owned by the Crown, land that multi-national mining companies want to exploit and the people of Webequie want to protect.

It doesn’t help that one of the mining companies digging up the riches in the area is owned by her maybe-fiancé – diamond magnate, Jack Hughes. Lee leaves the six-carat diamond ring that Jack has asked her to wear inside its box and goes looking for the truth (while deliberately not telling Jack the truth about where she’s going and why).

It is through the Seven Grandfather Teachings, not just Blaze’s grandfather, that she learns the real truth.

From Mnaadendimowin, the buffalo, she learns to respect and admire all creation …even the Nishnawabe-Aski police officer who has a major chip on her shoulder and the Ontario Provincial Police officer who questions why a serial killer’s daughter is involved in their murder investigation, and even the Texan hunters whose guns do more than just take lives.

Despite Jack’s disappointment over Lee not yet wearing his ring and Lee’s anger over what Jack’s company is doing to such pristine land, Zaagi’idwin, the eagle, love, still soars over them.

Then the killer tries to shoot it down.

The hardest teaching for Lee to learn is Debwewin, the turtle who represents truth.
He moves slowly because he understands that the journey is just as important as the destination … and moving slowly is something Lee has never been good at.

She paddles her canoe ahead at full speed, ignores Jack’s instructions to let the professionals handle the investigation, and must find inside herself all the bravery of the bear, Aakdehewin, when she becomes the killer’s next prey.

Lee and Jack are the contemporary – and Canadian – equivalent of Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey: smart, witty and very independent.

Praise for One Way Ticket

“A clever, layered crime novel” – Thomas Waugh

No Return is the second in an enthralling new crime series by Jay Forman who was a producer for Canadian television before writing One-Way Ticket – also published by Endeavour Press.

Comfort in Candor

by Logan Bailey

A series of knocks sound from Jacob Belford’s front door, and when he looks through the peephole to look upon the face of his visitor, his ears begin to ring. Just outside stands his ex-girlfriend, Emilia Rashford, the woman who had left him over a year ago. Having undergone a heartwrenching morning filled with nausea and dejection, Jacob curiously ventures forth into the weekend beside his old friend, a person who now feels like a stranger. Although annoyed at first, he sees something more in her eyes, something that he can’t quite put his finger on, and he knows, one way or another, he will discover the truth about her disappearance and sudden return.

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