Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Jul 17

Laughing Wizard: Acquaintance with magic

by Alan Crossman

A low whistle cut through the air, jagged against Solas’ sensitive ears. “Where’d you find this one?”

The glitter of metal swam in Solas’ bleary eyes. He managed to hold his head upright and force open his eyelids long enough to get the impression of a bulky humanoid figure ahead of him: the man who’d woken him into this world of agony with his whistle. But the effort of lifting his head left his neck and eyes quivering with a stabbing pain. He let himself sag between the two Templars hauling him forward, down a dark narrow hallway, dragging his legs over the hard stone.

Police In 2052 (Tales of a Schesis World Book 1)

by Zachary Churchill

Set in the year 2052, Zaylee, a retired cyber security general, joins the Los Angeles police force. Accompanied by Rayna and a drone named Tommy, she goes about her civic duty. Slowly, they uncover the horrific corruption within their local government and beyond. It afflicts their daily functions, making them incapable of properly aiding their citizens. Unable to change their policy, Zaylee undergoes psychological tribulation that could very well break her.

About the Author:
Zachary Churchill is a relative of the venerable Winston Churchill and a descendant of the Lugo family, that helped establish the Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties of California. His interest in politics stemmed from his poverty stricken childhood and prolonged itself until the age of 19, when he became an Emergency Medical Technician. He became an EMT in order to give back to the communities of California, and eventually care for his grandparents. Upon their passing, Zachary realized the political strife occurring. Being adamantly against violent acts of protest, destruction, and abusive regimes, he attempted to lend another helping hand. These novels were written to uphold the integrity and stability of California and beyond.

About the Series:
Zachary wrote a handful of books in this science fiction series before publishing the first novel, Police In 2052. They are filled with sociological commentaries and a great number of literary techniques. Since they were edited concurrently by its author, each novel cooperates elegantly and properly unravels eerie tales of future technology and politics.

Inside each novel, he gives a powerful understanding of the repercussions within a possible, or inevitable, civil war. Without the option for peaceful revolution, all that is left is violence. And violence comes with severe consequences and suffering. Each novel is a testament of that political discourse, nationally and internationally. It is a series truly written by a Churchill.

Memories of the past

by Nicola Carter

There were times when 5 different alarms would go off, forcing the team to separate with only one Titan assigned to a mission, which Robin abhorred.

Dragon and defenders

by Ryan Clark

It was night time on the island of Berk and in a dark cave lit by torches, Fishlegs is revealed to be tied up.
“Tell us what you know about the dragons, girl. Tell us how you train them.” A mysterious voice says to her.
“I won’t talk!” Fishlegs says struggling against her restraints. “You can’t make me.” She says.
“Oh, I think we can.” The voice says and then the torches start going out one by one until the entire cave was pitch dark.
“Hello?” Fishlegs asks and begins panting. “Is anybody there?” She asks again starting to freak out. “Oh! You can’t-you can’t leave me in here!” She says hyperventilating. “Okay! Okay! Hicca is the leader of the Berk Dragon Academy. She rides a Night Fury named Toothless. She also has a Boneknapper named Bones, a Grapple Grounder named Serpentina, a Scauldron named Mist, a Whispering Death named Etch, a Smothering Smokebreath named Grapple, a titan wing Changewing named Melt, and a Deadly Nadder named Spinetail. And then there’s Asher. He’s mean. But in a nice way. His dragon is a Deadly Nadder, shoots spines, loves chicken, heh. He also has Monstrous Nightmare named Blazer. Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare. We’re not actually sure who’s more monstrous-her or the dragon. And then there’s the twins. They share a Zippleback. Actually they fight over it.” She rants quickly but then stops as Toothless lights two of the torches to reveal him and Meatlug beside the girl with the riders staring at the girl in disappointment. “What? You know I hate the dark!” She says.

Last hope: Garrus

by Nathan Flannagan

Humans often debate when one becomes a man. Some say it’s taking a life, others will say creating life, falling in love, or countless other milestones. Turian culture is free of these ambiguities. Turn fifteen, grab a gun, and make your father proud. After your tenure, contribute to the Hierarchy, and make your father proud. As trite as it sounds, I didn’t understand the human sentiment until I departed the Normandy, ready to start a life I could call my own.

Life after war: one year after the end

by Richard Durham

Earth – Approximately one year after the end of the Reaper War

On the edge of the abyss

by Gabriel Faber

The savagery of the comment surprised me, to be honest. Before I could suitably respond though, I felt a cold and wet substance splash across my face as Elizabeth hurled her cocktail at me. My eyes and nostrils stung as the vodka from the Cosmo hit me square in the face and I rubbed at my eyes frantically to alleviate the burning sensation. Grabbing a napkin to dab the drink from me, I was still able to see through my blurry vision Elizabeth’s outline as she surged out the door of the restaurant and into the street to be swallowed up into the crowd, having evacuated her seat across from me while I was distracted.

On Dagger’s Wings (The Spiral War Book 1)

by S.F. Edwards

‘Peace is a fleeting state.’

The words of his late father echo through Blazer’s young mind as he enters space force academy. The war had begun with the destruction of the starship Mallard, the spark which ignited the bloody, centuries-long, galactic war and changed billions of human alien lives for ever.

For Blazer, the conflict culminates with the death of his parents and a thirst for revenge.

He joins the elite Blade Force and their Dagger Space Fighters, intent on doing his part for their cause, but the academy, unexpectedly, challenges Blazer testing his loyalties and his faith in himself. >

Will Blazer have the courage to gain his wings, fly his Dagger into battle and avenge his parent’s deaths?

The Man Who Talked to Suns

by Stephen Andrews

He was a man who talked to suns; a starship pilot. He was one of the few with the temperament to persuade stars to lift giant vessels between worlds.  His profession had spanned the void of space and connected island solar systems. It was revered and protected by convention.

At least that is how it had been. Now he is a fugitive, hiding from enemies that defied convention and brought war to his world. He has hidden for decades far from home. He has shunned the ports and ships he used to love, and longed for the void every day.  The enemy still hunts him and nowhere is truly safe. Hopes of returning home have faded with the years.
Then one day a secret buried deep in his subconscious is revealed, and new possibilities unfold. What he learns starts him on a journey across worlds. It is a journey that leads him deep into a web of alien intrigue.  It reveals that he was not a victim of war but its cause, and if he can talk to suns again, he may ultimately be its end.

New Commonwealth: Reunion

by David Wrench

A colony ship lands its settlers on a highly unusual planet, with continents divided by impassable mountain ranges, and lacking both metals and fossil fuels. The colonists are, accidentally, divided into two groups that have no contact with one another for many generations. As the new colonists battle for survival against material shortages and hostile natives, the two societies develop in ways that are similar in some ways, and in others radically different. Eventually, one of them makes a determined attempt to find ways of crossing the mountains, and the long separation comes to an end.

First contact is made by two spies, a young nobleman and an ex-prostitute, both regarded as virtually expendable by the rulers of the oligarchy into which Commonwealth has evolved. As strangers in the larger, Balkanised and monarchical society of New Oregon, they overcome the odds against them to rise quickly into positions of influence. The petty kingdoms and lordships, both human and native, maintain only a fragile peace with one another, and a mixture of Old Earth intolerance, dynastic ambitions and tribal loyalties soon threaten to boil up into open conflict. Soon, a war breaks out that threatens to involve the rulers and peoples of both societies.

To Gogmagog and Beyond: The Life and Times of Dogg Holly (The Frontier – Outlaws Book 2)

by Travis E. Hughes

The second installment of the history of notorious gunslinger Johnny “Dogg” Holly. Dogg tries to make a living as a traveling mortician but the call of the cards and whiskey pull him toward the seedier side of the galaxy. Determined not to die wasting away in a hospital bed, Dogg goes searching for the man worthy enough to put him down.

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