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Mind The Gut: A Healthy Gut Leads You To a Happy Life

by Dash Trembley

This book consists of remedies and recipes with both Western and Eastern Methods of tested and proven diets after going through a steep learning curve of understanding with plenty of trial-and-errors battling a long taxing period of gut issues. It will help you get one step closer to finding that perfect balance and harmony to restore and heal internally which will ultimately lead you to live a much happier and fulfilled life in ways you never imagined you could.

“Learning to pay attention to my body and provide it with the mindfulness and care it deserves is one of greatest lesson I have learned out of this experience. I may have learned it the hard way but I have absolutely gained a whole new perspective and a newfound appreciation for myself in this journey.

At the end of the day, no one else but we ourselves can do a better job to completely accept, love and honor that amazing and intelligent system we have, functioning for us unconditionally at all times, at all places, no matter where we take it with us.

If we don’t take good care of it, we will have no other place to live that would be more comfortable than what we already possess. That is our temple, our sacred home.

When you love your body, it will reward you and love you back. “

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A Collection of Animal Stories: Sanctuary Tales, Volume II

by Giacomo Giammatte

Life on the sanctuary is not always easy, but no matter what, it’s better than where we were before. This is a collection of animal stories, some funny and some not. They are all true and they tell the tales of dogs, cats, pigs, and others.

Open up your heart and take a read.

Notes on Nursing : What It is, and What it Is Not

by Florence Nightingale

In her pioneering work, Florence Nightingale discusses holistic health, home health, alternative therapies, health prevention and maintenance, the role of women in nursing and in everyday life, nursing administration, leadership, communications skills as well as mind/body and body/mind relationships. Notes on Nursing – What it Is, and What it Is Not is essential reading for nurse students and educators.

Book for kids: Diary of a Minecraft Warrior 6: Deadly Space Strikes

by Ender King

Meteor Strike vs Asteroid Armageddon!

“I’ll teach you to survive the END of the World!” –Steve.

After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth, Steve Secretly prepares for the asteroid that will wipe out mankind. As the World is destined to burn into Oblivion by a GIGANTIC Asteroid, there is Only One Way that Steve can survive such a blast that would end all life on Earth. This is his Storyâ?¦

Join the epic adventure of Steve and find out more!

The Top 10 Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid: A practical, easy to follow approach to obedience training

by Jessica Giada

In this edition of the Kindle Quickread series, Jessica Giada explains the top 10 mistakes dog owners make when training their dogs and how to avoid making those mistakes yourself.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why is it important to utilize more than “training time” if you’re going to effectively train your dog?
  • Why is it a bad idea to solely rely on lures and treats?
  • What difference does “positive” training make?
  • How can you avoid relying on too much “emotion” in your training?
  • How can you harness the power of consistency and conviction in your training?
  • Can all breeds be trained in the same way or should you vary your approach?
  • Should you incorporate “crate training” or should you avoid it?
  • And much, much more!

What are Kindle Quickreads?

Kindle Quickreads are a series of short books that are meant to be read in one sitting. Each “Quickread” tackles just one particular subject. This series of books aims to give readers the encouragement, assistance and ideas they need to handle specific problems or areas of personal growth.

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