Free travel Kindle books for 18 Jul 17

Costa Rica Where the Ordinary is Extraordinary: Loving the people and culture of Costa Rica

by Debbie Rudd

A teacher realizes that her retirement money will not be sufficient to live in the United States. This 62 year old single woman quits her job, sells everything, and retires to Costa Rica with only two suitcases. The warmth and generosity of the Costa Rican people make her transition one that enriches her life. Learning the new customs and becoming an adopted member of a Costa Rican family adds to the experience in wonderful and exciting ways! There are many stories of the lives of the Ticos and expats that she meets along the way through these adventures and tales of daily life in this tropical paradise. Find out how the ordinary becomes extraordinary by reading this account of the first three years in Costa Rica.

Amazing places in Asia: Ruins and restoration of the ancient continent

by Joan Johnson

This book will allow you to travel a little bit around Asia.
We will plunge into the wonderful world of the antiquities of Cambodia and Vietnam, learn the history of the Angkor Waters and rip apart the secrets of the Halong Bay.
What can I buy at the Big Bazaar? Is the statue of Buddha so majestic, as they say? And, finally, what hides the Great Wall of China? Read and you will know everything!

For a wide range of readers


The culture of Asia is very different from European culture. And first of all the difference is visible in the Asian diversity. If by European culture we mean the Western Christian culture, the fruit of modern European civilization, then under the culture of Asia – the totality of different cultures and subcultures that exist in this part of the world………

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