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Bitcoin: An Easy Explaination of Bitcoin and Blockchain

by Thomas West

Would you like to know what Bitcoin is and more importantly how you can make money off of it?

In this book you will learn:
– What Bitcoin is and where is came from
– What are Cryptocurrencies
– What are some other up and coming Cryptocurrencies
– What is Blockchain and why should you be exited about it
– How to invest in Bitcoin
– How to trade Bitcoin
– What can you buy with Bitcoin
– What are the benefits of Bitcoin over regular currencies

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Stock Market Investing for Beginners: What You Need To Know To Invest Successfully

by Mark Bresett

This book contains information available in books that typically cost $100 or more

Have you ever wanted to learn about Stock Market Investing?

The terms and phrases are practically foreign languages, and there are so many abbreviations and acronyms that are thrown around that it can be hard to figure out just what anybody is actually saying when talking about the stock market. There is no need to worry, though; everything will be explained in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Stock market investing is not restricted to white collar business people, but it is for everybody who has ever wanted to save money while increasing their net worth. It really is easy enough for anybody to do it, and it is no longer only highly paid stock brokers who are able to decipher the market. The tools and knowledge are available to all of those who would want to start their journey towards successful stock market investing. All it takes to begin is a genuine desire to start planning for the future and a willingness to do just a little research.

The thing is everybody wants to save money, everybody wants to make money, and everybody wants to make sure they have financial security in the future. When people think of the stock market too often they imagine people making it big overnight on a huge gamble, but that’s not reality, and this book avoids humoring any delusion like that. The stock market should not be played like a get rich quick scheme, but instead, it is a time-tested way to save and grow money over the long-term. The turnaround is less in hours or days, but instead in months and years. The aim is to create a stable future that cannot be achieved by other means, not to game a system and get away with a poker game at a casino.

Inside this book, you will find the basic fundamentals of stock market investing. This book is written with the intent to teach absolute and total beginners how to get started and secure a financial future with investing. There are no equations and formulae to learn, so don’t worry there. There are also no complicated graphs or confusing charts, this book only contains basic examples presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The most difficult thing to come across is no more intimidating than 1+2=3.

With Stock Market Investing for Beginners, you will learn:

  • What the stock market is, what types of investments there are and basics you need to know
  • The difference between online stock services and traditional stock brokers
  • Why the phrase “diversify your stocks and bonds” is more than just a punchline
  • What a sandbox is, what a lockbox is, and why you need both
  • How to successfully pick stocks
  • When to trade effectively to maximize your profit
  • Why stock market investing is the most established way to save and grow finances
  • When stocks go down, it is not necessarily a bad thing or a time to panic
  • Just how far $100 can get you in the stock market

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Rental Property Investing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First Real Estate Property (Financial Freedom Book 2)

by C.J. Elliott

Real estate is a tricky business. Buy this book so you don’t make the same mistakes everyone else does who jumps blind. This book will help you navigate your journey to your first rental property.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: About Real Estate

Chapter 2: Beginning Your Journey

Chapter 3: Renovating and Getting Move in Ready

Chapter 4: Picking the Right Tenants

Chapter 5: Becoming a Landlord

Chapter 6: Do’s and Don’ts

Chapter 7: Extra Tips for Maximizing Profit


Affiliate: The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (How to Make Money Online Selling Other PeopleĆ¢??s Products)

by Anthony James

Do you want to make massive profits online?

If you are looking to make massive profits online without the added stress of having to create a product or stock inventory then this book is for you.

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (How to Make Money Online Selling Other People’s Products) is the ultimate guide that will teach you everything you need to know to be a profitable affiliate marketer and make serious money online.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why affiliate marketing is a great opportunity

  • How to pick profitable niches and products

  • How to effectively promote affiliate products

  • How to create a profitable affiliate marketing blog

  • 13 Proven tips for improving your affiliate conversions

  • Secrets on how to build email list

  • Search engine optimising your affiliate marketing posts

  • Common mistake affiliate marketers make and how to avoid them

This book provides the ultimate blueprint on how to start a profitable online business selling other people’s products.

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Search Engine Marketing Profits: Use SEO to Make Money via Consulting & Clickbank Marketing

by Carl Andre Valdez

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

You don’t need any business experience, huge capital or your own product to get started.

Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.

Clickbank Affiliate Promotion
– How to find the best product to promote through YouTube product reviews
– 3 research to do before you do your actual review presentation
– The exact criteria that you should use in order to have a better chance of promoting something that will convert into sales
– How to create a video review in 5 easy steps
– The only 2 tools you need for product review creation
– How to optimize your video for maximum power for YouTube SEO rankings
– How to create a simple video description that helps your video rank on Google and YouTube
– How to boost your SEO rankings for as low as $15 and 2 minutes work.

Local SEO Consultant
– How to start an SEO consulting business even without SEO knowledge or business experience
– How to rank a video without doing that much work
– How to find the best keywords to rank for and make money from
– Why per per call is one of the best ways for you to make money online
– How to set up your video in 5 minutes or less
– How to approach a potential client and get a deal even without hard-selling them
– How to set up your call tracking for free
– How to find the best businesses and problems to target for your SEO consulting business
– Why it’s possible to easily earn $400 per month by simply working 10 minutes a day

These methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.

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