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Smoking Meat: 15 Amazing and Delicious Barbecue Recipes – The Complete BBQ Smoking Guide For Beginners!

by Brayden Butler


15 Amazing and Delicious Barbecue Recipes – The Complete BBQ Smoking Guide For Beginners!

Explore the wonderful world of smoking meat, and the side dishes traditionally served with smoked meats. Originally a way to preserve meat in an age before refrigeration, smoking meat has become an epicurean skill – a way to transform less than perfect cuts of meat into melt-in-your mouth delights.

Explore also the side dishes that are often served with smoked meat, the sauces and other things that go with the meats. Smoking meat is not just for the backwoods person, or the back-to-the-land movement; it is also a culinary skill that can be mastered by anyone with enough time and patience to utilize the modern tools that are available.

Open these pages, and begin.

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Apple Crumble: A Marriage in Swinging London: A Late 60s Food Memory

by Marjory Harris

What lasts longer in Swinging London, a dessert or a dream? From Cockney neighbors to an encounter with Mick Jagger, she bakes her way through it all. 
Apple Crumble is the third in a series of charming food memories that describe the life and relationships of bestselling author Marjory Harris.

In 1960s London, Marjory is a young and ambitious newlywed struggling to maintain her marriage. Highlights are high tea with her landlady’s parrot and mingling with celebrities in the heyday of Swinging London.

Once again, Marjory Harris has delivered a glimpse into a past cultural era.

There’s also a link to an easy, tasty “go-to” recipe for apple crumble with shopping list and substitutions.
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INSTANT POT COOKBOOK: Healthy, Easy & Delicious VEGETARIAN & VEGAN Recipes for Electric Pressure Cooker! (Vegan Cookbook – Instant Pot Vegetarian Cookbook -Electric pressure cooker cookbook 7)

by Maria Hopkins

Grab Instant Pot Recipes VEGAN & VEGETARIAN Cookbook today, and start enjoying cooking again!


With the vegan recipes in this book, you can inject some excitement back into your diet with food that is easy to prepare and tastes awesome.

Are you a vegetarian? Maybe you love veggies or you just want to start including more veggies in your diet. Whatever the reason, you are looking for great recipes that will make your veggies taste awesome.

These recipes are good, wholesome recipes cooked up from scratch. Most of them are ready faster than it would take to drive to go and get takeout -and that’s including the cooking time!
Most people today simply no longer have the time to slave over a hot stove for hours a day. Now you can prepare tasty meals for you and your partner and have plenty of quality time left over to spend with them as well.
The recipes in this book include some basic staples, like stock, that you will use all the time. We have lovely millet porridges or steel-cut oats for breakfast for the traditionalists.
If you want to shake things up a bit, why not try the Sweet and Sour Parsnips or the New Style Brussel Sprouts?
With plenty of recipes for you to try, this book is the perfect way to inject some fun into your cooking.

The recipes include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes, with sections for Snacks, Side Dishes and Soups and Sauces as well.

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