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Jacobâ??s Tale

by Hannah Miller

A standalone short story with HEA!

Naomi’s impression of Jacob was not all that pleasant. He came across as rude, selfish, and downright cold. The entire village realized that he was a bit of a troublemaker. When Naomi’s father requires some extra help around the farm, he reaches out for Jacob’s help at his father’s recommendation, much to Naomi’s dismay.

She spends her days avoiding him and being infuriated by him. She becomes so angry that she starts to notice when her sister starts to act and think the same way. And just before winter hits, her father needs even more help around the farm, Naomi steps up to help.

One of the family horses is rowdy and unruly, and Naomi has difficulty controlling her. Narrowly avoiding an accident, she discovers something unexpected about Jacob, something that could change the way she sees him for the rest of her life.

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Love and Deceit (The Mason Siblings Series Book 3)

by Cheri Champagne

Despite popular belief, Lady Katherine Mason is not the average gentlewoman. Since early girlhood, she has enjoyed creating fine clothing for her family. But even beyond that, she has a secret, one that takes her away from her family and into the home of the Marquess of Withingtonâ?¦

The mysterious and angry Withington engages Lady Katherine’s curiosityâ?¦and flames her desire. As much as she would like to, however, she is unable to reveal her true identity for fear of complete ruination.

Barrick Gray, the Marquess of Withington, despises the world for its morbid curiosity. Secluded at his estate, he has no intention of encouraging the haute ton’s interest in his war wounds, but to satisfy his aunt’s pleas to rejoin society, he agrees to return to town. Once he has proven to his aunt that he should not remain in the public eye, he will return to seclusion at his estate in Scotland. But first, he must prepare.

Not everything, however, progresses as he planned. A very intriguing sprite has somehow entered his safe haven and begun to wreak havoc on his lifeâ?¦and his passions.

Neither expects the hunger that ignites between them. Will it lead to true love? Or will it tear both of their worlds apart?x

Highland Rapture

by Kyra Johnston

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

A peaceful trip through the Northern English countryside to a quiet town on the sea turns into a bath of blood when the band of soldiers accompanying Isabelle Wharton and her new husband Captain Alan Wharton are attacked and massacred by a band of Scottish outlaws. The men take Izzy hostage, and she finds herself the prisoner of one Owen Chester, the very man directly responsible for her husband’s death. Held captive whilst waiting for ransom, Izzy finds herself wrestling with her undeniable, fiercely strong attraction for Owen and her guilt against feeling anything but contempt for the man who killed the one she thought she loved.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

The Whistle Walk: A Civil War Novel (Ironwood Plantation Family Saga Book 1)

by Stephenia H. McGee

Now with Book Club Reader’s questions!

A Mississippi Plantation: Civil War pits countrymen against one another and tears a nation asunder. Life and death are held in the balance where everyone is a slave to something.

One is born free, yet lives as a soul in bondageâ?¦
Lydia Harper never intended to purchase a slave. But when she witnesses a woman being beaten in the street, all her pretenses begin to unravel. A bride to a man she barely knows and bound by her secrets, Lydia will risk everything to save a stranger. Amid the War Between the States, the mistress of Ironwood faces the battles in her own heart and discovers strength in a way she never imagined.

The other is born to serve, yet holds the spirit of freedomâ?¦
Ruth, standing on the threshold of desperation, has lost everything she holds dear. After being pulled from the dirt, she is no longer a field hand but the personal maid to the lady of Ironwood. Ruth soon realizes adversity pays no mind to the color of skin. When propriety slips, she discovers they have more in common than she dreamed possible. In a time when fear brings the South to its knees, two women will forge a friendship in the fires of redemption and thrust Ironwood into a new future – where the battle for freedom has merely begun.

McCormick’s Grocery Store (German Edition)

by Cosima Thomas

Texas, 1866. Der Bürgerkrieg ist gerade zu Ende, als Matthew McCormick auf Anraten seines Pfarrers eine Ehefrau nimmt. Matthew, von den Erlebnissen im Bürgerkrieg noch immer erschüttert, und Julianna, eine zurückhaltende, verschlossene Seele, sind in ihrer Sprachlosigkeit gefangen und spüren beide, wie schwer es ist, den anderen glücklich zu machen, wenn man nicht wei�, was sich der Partner wünscht, und nicht den Mut aufbringt, darüber zu reden.

(Kurzroman, 23.000 Wörter, circa 100 Normseiten)

The Scarlet Peacock

by David Field

He was the son of an Ipswich butcher, but he was no ordinary boy.

His precocious intellect earned him a degree from Oxford at the unheard of age of fifteen, and his assumption of holy orders was to have an indelible impact on the status of the Church of Rome in England.

Thomas Wolsey first entered the royal service as chaplain to the ageing Henry VII, and stayed on as the first choice counsellor of his heir, Henry VIII.

Under royal patronage he rose to be Chancellor of England, Archbishop of York, and Papal legate for life.

But his love of flamboyant display, and his acquisition of ostentatious wealth, were anathema to the old nobility who resented such success by a mere commoner. Chief among these was his old boyhood enemy Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, who had a potent weapon in his arsenal.

Her name was Anne Boleyn.

Wolsey’s inability to secure the annulment of Henry’s marriage to Katherine of Aragon was the breach in the wall through which Norfolk and his faction poured poison into Henry’s ear.

Wolsey was stripped of most of his offices and retreated in disgrace on a northern pilgrimage from which he was destined not to return alive.

No-one was left to mourn his passing other than his loyal protégé Thomas Cromwell, who vowed revenge on the woman who had been the primary cause of the downfall of one of the most able clergymen and ambassadors that England would ever know.

This is his story – the highs, the lows, and the treacheries of life at the court of one of England’s most colourful monarchs, seen through the eyes of one of its most tragic victims.

Praise for David Field

“Recommended for fans of The Tudors and Wolf Hall” – Richard Foreman

David Field was born and educated in Nottingham, and it was at Nottingham High School that he first acquired his love of the history, and language, of England, which he has over the years combined in a series of historical novels. He currently resides with his wife in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

From the Author

‘Cardinal Wolsey’ is a name familiar to most people.  But who was thereal person under the red soutane with matching skullcap?  The record tells us that he was overweight,that he was vainglorious, and that he sired two children by his live-inmistress.  But unless you visit one of his architecturallegacies (e.g. Hampton Court or York Palace, which is better known today as’Whitehall’), where a guide book might just offer you a fuller picture, youwon’t get beyond the ‘everybody knows’ version of his life in the schooltextbooks, and you’ll come away vaguely aware that he earned his come-uppance byfailing to acquire for Henry VIII the dissolution of his marriage to Katherineof Aragon.

But look more carefully at the world thatWolsey occupied, and there was clearly more to it than that.  He was a commoner in a society of fadingnobility, and he was as welcome as a condom salesman in a convent to those whohad been raised to believe that the Gold Lotto of their birth entitled them toa First Division prize. 

Chief amongthose who resented Wolsey’s success wasThomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, uncle and key-holder to the Boleyn familywhorehouse, and Wolsey ‘s real mistake was in failing to appreciate how seriously he was getting upsome blue-blooded noses. 

I hope youenjoy ‘The Scarlet Peacock’.  Whether youdo or you don’t, the next volume off my groaning manuscript shelf is likely tobe ‘The Flowering of the Tudor Rose’, which examines in more detail the life of the original Tudor,Henry VII, which has been little considered by historical novelists.  Until now.

David Field

SLEEPING BEAR STICKEL: Head Man of the Blackfoot Nation

by Butch Richards

This mountain man left his own kind, denouncing his race and even turning against them, calling the white man his enemy. Because of his deep love for Song Bird, and of the Blackfoot Nation and their way of life, he was destined to become Head Man of the Siksika Kainah Pikuni, or in the white man’s words, Head Man of the Blackfoot nation.

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