Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 19 Jul 17

The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds

by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

At last! The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds has been updated for the 21st-century reader!

  • The poems have been revised for today’s taste and sensibilities
  • A number of birds have been replaced
  • And all-new illustrations have been specially crafted in full color for this edition.

“Lovely and warm book. My daughter adored it.” — Bach, customer

Open the book and enjoy!

Victor Sparks: The Apocalypse Hero

by Joe Smith

Victor Sparks is a normal kidâ??except, he lives in a nuclear apocalypse wasteland full of giant monsters and super powered human survivors. In Neo-City, no one helps anybody else. Victor learns to fend for himself after he finds out he’s totally alone in a sick, sad world.

Everything seems hopeless until a freak accident gives Victor super-powersâ??he can harness electricity and morph into a ball of lightning! Except super-powers are the worst thing that ever happened to Victor. Because now The Institute wants to find out all about him, how his powers work, and how they can use him to bring about the next stage of the apocalypse.

He’s trapped in a world of nightmares and everyone around him wants him dead. If you thought having super powers was fun and easy, you’re dead wrong. If you’re one of the most deadly super-humans in the world, everybody wants a piece of youâ??it doesn’t matter if you’re only 14 years old.

If you like sci-fi action, anime plots and crazy superhero battles, you’ll love Victor Sparks: The Apocalypse Hero.

The Mermaid’s adventure: Daisy and Azalea (Tales, Friendship, Grow up, Books for Girls 9-12)

by Diana Molly

Adventure Books for Girls 9-12

When Daisy and Azalea find a bottle with strange notes under the ocean, they don’t have any idea that the biggest adventure of their life is about to begin. While they seek the advice of their teachers, face the strange nature of Beyondness and try to walk, the curious and beautiful mermaids understand the value of kindness and bravery, when they’re faced with dilemma. Will they choose to rescue the prince, or will the fear win after all?
Make decisions, think with and worry about the mermaid sisters in the breathtaking pages of this adventurous book full of action and humor.

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