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Parenting in Joyful Chaos: Raising Two Under Two

by Stacy Taylor

Motherhood is an amazing journey, which I cherish most in life. Raising two children under the ages of two is an adventure all in itself. There’s great times and a lot of not so great times. Every day there’s something new. You can never expect everything to be perfect. Trust me, it’s far from it. However, you just have to make the best of every situation, while creating the best memories. The two years will fly by quickly and then you’re wishing you could turn back the clock. Parenting is the most important job you will ever do. You are raising tiny humans. It’s the most rewarding job as well.

Parenting isn’t rainbows and sunshine all the time. If so, then I’ve missed the memo. In fact, parenting is joyful chaos. Every day you experience different emotions. Some of these emotions you never knew existed. It’s fun, exciting, messy, and chaotic. Every day is different, but all together it’s joyful. Experience our adventure of parenting in joyful chaos.

In this book, I share my story of raising two boys under the age of two. Throughout my motherhood journey I have discovered things that work best for us, and things that don’t work at all. You will hear how my husband and I made our situations work and how you can too! I share with you daily solutions, and helpful tips to make home life a little easier. Included in this book, is advice on how to maintain a healthy balance in your home. Also included are ways to maintain a positive attitude along with good self-esteem.

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Bebê Inteligente (Portuguese Edition)

by Karen Campbell

Você sabia que a fase do nascimento aos 8 anos e, especialmente, do nascimento aos 3 anos, é um período crítico para o desenvolvimento cerebral do bebê? Este é o momento ideal para as crianças aprenderem. â??Bebê Inteligente’ orienta você a como ensinar seu bebê e filhos em idade pré-escolar a ler usando experiências de linguagem a partir de jogos de cartões. Você também aprenderá várias formas de ensinar conceitos iniciais de matemática ao seu filho, o que lhe proporcionará um começo extraordinário e também estimulará o cérebro dele. O desenvolvimento físico, na forma de habilidades de coordenação motora fina e grossa, pode ser acelerado se os pais tiverem conhecimento adequado e promoverem atividades e experiências suficientes ao seu filho.

Post Trauma:: Facing My Pain and Embracing Change

by Renata Kell

In this brave and honest memoir, Renata shares her most private memories of childhood abuse and the tragic result of years addicted to pain pills that take her on a new journey of hope and healing. Renata shares her family’s hurt, pain and love as they hold on tight and help her navigate through a new diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the link between her addiction and her childhood abuse. Sharing not only her journey , Renata also tells her families struggles during the first two years of recovery as they suffer a string of tragic deaths that threaten to tear them apart.
Contributing her success to God Renata tells her story through poems,letters and flashbacks.
A reviewing and inspirational look into one woman’s fight to heal and one families fight to save one another.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking For Children: 5 Fast and Easy Steps

by Kay Williams

About The Guide

Even before birth, most babies have a strong desire to suck their thumbs. Scientists have proven that almost 30% of all babies in the womb are sucking their thumbs. If this bad habit continues past age 3 or 4, kids are prone to social embarrassment. The good news is that you can now help your child stop sucking his thumb. In this guide, we will outline 5 easy steps that will help any toddler stop sucking his thumb.

This guide will help you discover the necessity of learning how to stop thumb sucking and will reveal the negative consequences of thumb sucking on your baby’s teeth. In addition to the side effects, this guide will explain easy steps and strategies on how to stop thumb sucking, such as:

– Talking to your toddler about this habit of his.
– Identifying when thumb sucking usually occurs.
– Purchasing habit breaking aids.
– Taking advantage of peer pressure.
– Staying consistent.

Dating For Single Parents: How To Begin Dating Again For Single Moms and Dads

by Arnie Williams

How to Begin Dating Again: Top Dating Tips for Single Parents

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