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Ketogenic Recipes: Top Best 200 Healthy Ketogenic Recipes, High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet. The Complete Weight-Loss Solution, Getting Leaner, Healthier & Start Losing Weight Within 10 Days

by Julie Asher

200 TOP BEST Ketogenic Recipes, Start Lose Weight within 10 days

Lose weight with Ketogenic Diet is a highly popular method in recent times. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight super fast but healthy

The body can be trained to use fats from the body and from food as a main source of energy. The body enters what is known as a ketosis state in order to do this.

Normally, your body uses sugars such as glucose as its main source of energy in a glycolysis process. Ketone bodies fuel the body when in a state of ketosis, providing energy where glucose is normally used. Fats are the main source of ketone bodies in this process. By reducing consumption of glucose and similar sugars, the body is forced into a state that uses only fats.

Of course, that only means once your body runs out of sugars in storage, only the trace amounts are left behind, which should be more than enough to fuel the body’s other functions, such as that from the liver’s metabolic processes.

Obesity reviews also show that by adopting a ketogenic diet, weight loss can be fast, easy and very simple

Almost anyone can go on the ketogenic diet. Mental sharpness, heart health and blood cholesterol are all good things that can benefit from it.

The benefits of ketogenic diet are so many

Rapid weight loss

Better sleep

Feel more energized

Reduce excess inflammation

Better heart health

Reduce your wrinkles for a more youthful appearance

Reduced incidence of developing disease

And tons more!


Spanish Tapas Cookbook: Top 20 Real Home Cooking Spanish Tapas Recipes

by Jack Johns

Tapas are more than just appetizers. They are way of eating and a way of living.
Nothing could be better having some spicy tapas with a glass of wine in the evening while chatting with your friends.

Tapas are easy to cook using simple ingredients and fun to eat and share.

Tapas are perfect for

There are no strict rules for making tapas – you can mix chicken, meat, vegetables and fish. Just let your imagination rule!

We made this book for the home use, not restaurants, because tapas are for eating at home with your friends. You will find tapas with eggs for breakfast, tapas with vegetables for light and healthy lunch and, of course, tapas with meat for a tasty dinner!

Inside you will find tapas with different ingredients as:

Get your copy and have fun!

Healthy Meals: Cooking Recipes for Weight Loss, Paleo Diet, Slow Cooker Cookbook, American Cooking, BBQ Cookbook of Fish, Meat, Chicken, Vegetarian, Vegan, Soups & Stews – Simple Recipes Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

Endulge in a tasty collection of healthy dishes, from seafood and slow cooking to desserts…

Aqua Vitae – Roots (German Edition)

by Peter Wobbe

1 Whiskygeschichte zum GenieÃ?en, Selberlesen und Vorlesen. Von Peter Wobbe.

Auszug aus “Aqua Vitae – Ein literarisches Whisky-Tasting”. Ein Whisky ist wie seine Heimat: Er schmeckt nach rauer See, blühender Heide, wogenden Getreidefeldern und würzigem Torfmoor. Whisky ist Lebensart: Man trinkt ihn, um den Feierabend einzuläuten, um einen schönen Tag zu krönen, einen Erfolg oder ein Wiedersehen zu feiern; er kann entspannen, trösten, Ã?rger vertreiben, frischen Mut spenden oder neue Gedanken erwecken. 22 Autoren tauchten ihre Feder in den Whisky und verfassten 24 Geschichten, die mal auf der Zunge zergehen und mal explodieren: mild oder feurig, süÃ? oder würzig, heiter oder sperrig, leicht oder komplex … und alle mit kreativem Aroma, erlesener Reife und nachhaltigem Abgang.

Letteratura & Vino (Italian Edition)

by Alberto Pian

Ventuno brevi discorsi di letteratura italiana sull’umanità e il suo vino.

A colazione con It’s Healthylicious (Italian Edition)

by Glenda Svanoni

Per festeggiare i due anni di, blog che si propone ricette vegane e recensioni di prodotti e locali 100% vegan, abbiamo deciso di condividere 20 ricette per preparare al meglio il pasto più importante della giornata: la colazione! Ecco tanti spunti per realizzare smoothie, porridge, cereali o yogurt 100% vegan e vegetali, dove la vera protagonista sarà la frutta di stagione, insieme a noci, acqua aromatizzate e latte vegetale. Un modo per iniziare la giornata in maniera deliziosamente sana!

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