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Something about zombies and survival (Extended edition): History, causes and survival during the zombie apocalypse

by Tom Sanders

This is my sixth survival book
It’s about zombies, zombie apocalypse and the ability to survive during this momentous event.
Surviving during the apocalypse disturbs a huge number of people around the world. Of course, it will be better if such a catastrophe never happens.
But what should we do if it does happen?
In this book, I will talk about the possible causes of the zombie apocalypse, as well as how you should act in the first days after the disaster.
By the way, at the same time you can learn how to restore civilization.
And of course, in the practical part are some tips and recommendations for individual survival in a zombie apocalypse.

So – read and enjoy!


Theoretical part
The first zombies
Why do not zombies survive long?
Causes of the zombie apocalypse
What if you are an ordinary person?
A few homemade things to survive
The most stupid beginner’s mistakes
How to restore civilization after the apocalypse

Practical part
Survival in an autonomous existence
Some features of survival
Materials for tents
Backpack and other tricks
Survival and food in the forest

Books for Girls :The Journey of the fairy: (Tales, Friendship, Grow up, Books for Girls 9-12)

by Diana Molly

Adventure & Fantasy Books for Girls 9-12

Fairy Camellia is surprised when she is woken up from her sleep in Fairyland only to find out that there is a war starting in her forest. Camellia is almost sure it’s the wicked fairy named Muddy, but she still has to discover the reason.
When no one wants to accompany her on her scary and dangerous journey to Swampdirt except two small butterflies, she faces her fears and realizes that determination is the key to success.
The wicked fairy is too evil, but how far can kindness go? Can Camellia win her? Discover with Camellia the most important secret that’s more powerful than magic itself.

This is Nug

by Philip Atherton

This is Nug is the story of a little creature overcoming his urge to collect and gather possessions just to impress others. The moral of this is Nug is that materialism is not the route to happiness, and letting go of possessions is liberating and enjoyable.

The Maya Mystery (Museum Adventures Book 1)

by Mikey Brooks

Nick and Katie didn’t sign up to go on an adventure. They didn’t ask to be nearly killed by a jaguar, or hunt for ingredients under a volcano. They most certainly did not ask to be sacrificed by some crazy high priest at the top of a Mayan temple. But that is just what they got when they volunteered to help pack up boxes in the basement of their grandfather’s museum â?¦well sort of.

Grandpa had warned them not to go into the Special Collections room. He had said the room was too dangerous. Nick and Katie probably should have listened. Behind that forbidden door they found a time machineâ??a time machine cleverly disguised as a stone obelisk. As soon as they touched it, they are whisked back to the time of ancient Maya.

Now Nick and Katie need to solve the mystery of how to get home or they just might be stuck in a time without electronics and indoor plumbing forever!

4 Cool Books for Kids 9-12: Witch School, Body Swap, Where’s Scotty, Diary of a 6th Grade Spy

by Katrina Kahler

Want to try some great stories by the best selling author Katrina Kahler? This book has 4 great stories! All are different and great for girls and boys aged from 9 to 12. You can choose which ones you want to read!

Witch School Book 1: Imagine being 11 years old and discovering you are a witch! For Charlotte, this was a huge surprise! She had no idea her mother was a witch and she was about to be enrolled in the most prestigious Witch School in the world. At first she was fearful, but as she met new friends, amazing teachers and had magical experiences…she grew to love the school.

Body Swap Book 1 – Catastrophe!:Swapping bodies might be fun for some but when 12 year old Jack Stevenson wakes up from a freak accident one day and finds himself in his dad’s body, his life abruptly becomes one huge disaster after another. When he realizes that his dad will have to go to school in his place, things instantly get much, much worse.
Will he be able to remain captain of the school football team and what will happen to Holly, the prettiest girl at school who he has a huge crush on and is hoping to be his girlfriend?
What will all his friends think of his strange behavior and how will he ever cope with the sudden catastrophe he’s been faced with?

Where’s Scotty? Book 1: Scotty is destined to save the world… but he’s gone missing! Now it’s up to Alex to find him. Teaming up with a wacky old wizard called Abraham and a crew of the laziest sailors around, Alex must brave storms, creepers, zombies and much worse to find out what has happened to her best friend.
But will she be able to survive this crazy adventure? When will Abraham stop talking to random objects? What is going on with the mysterious island? And why does Captain Cat Danger like cats so much?
Find out the answer to these questions and more as Alex’s journey leads her into the adventure of a lifetime! Danger! Excitement! But will she find Scotty?

Diary of a 6th Grade Spy Book 1: Samuel Greene and his friend Abigail discover that something is not quite right in their school library…there is something really strange about their new librarian! Sam discovers a book that leads to the adventure of a lifetime…traveling to another land called Gardinia where they find a kingdom surrounded with sadness. The Princess has been kidnapped! Sam and Abs decide to help and start an investigation to discover what has happened to the Princess and her gnome helper.
Are they in danger? Will they rescue the Princess and restore happiness to the Kingdom? And why is the new librarian so strange? You’ll find the answer to all these questions in this exciting fantasy story.

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