Free science fiction Kindle books for 01 Aug 17

The EF76 Strain

by Howard Dunkley

The EF76 Pill developed by Dr. Patel to end world hunger transforms some consumers into cannibals. The crisis forces residents of the idyllic Everglade Gardens suburb to confront their pasts while relying on love and hope to bring them together, even as the city comes apart at its seams.

Discovery (Taurian Empire)

by Nate Johnson

First Contact – Star traveling humans – Pre-industrial aliens

Between vacuum leaks, electrical fires, engine overhauls, and primitive aliens that wanted to carve him up like a Christmas turkey, life in the Imperial Navy was never boring.

Machinist Mate Nick Barns goes from ship’s mechanic, to bodyguard, to Mission Leader. His only job, keep everyone alive until they are rescued. A task, the primitive Eundai are determined to make difficult.

Xeno-sociologist Amanda Rogers’ dreams have come true. Humans have finally found an intelligent species. They may be primitives, barely out of there own bronze age. The last thing these Eundai need is to be overwhelmed with human technology. History is filled with examples of primitive cultures being ruined after initial contact. It is her job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Contractors: A Justice Incorporated Short Story

by J.P. Medved

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In the near future a small band of elite military contractors faces off against a ruthless foe.

The tiny town of Zawita in southern Kurdistan is little more than a speck on the map for most Westerners. But for Eric Ikenna and the other private security contractors of Justice, Incorporated, it’s where they’re making their last stand against the brutal army of Mohammad Shadid.

The villagers and local militia don’t stand a chance without Justice, Inc.’s men and advanced weaponry, and a victory here could bring the PR win the company desperately needs to secure more lucrative contracts. But first, Eric and his employees have to survive an attack by the most vicious, bloodthirsty military in the Middle East.

It’s a force that has left the charred and smoking wrecks of cities and bodies in its wake, and the Justice, Inc. operators are smack dab in the middle of its next target.

Combining cutting-edge technology ripped from tomorrow’s headlines with nonstop action and vibrant, bold characters, “The Contractors” is a 3,100 word (12 pages) military thriller short story and the first tale in the Justice, Incorporated series.

The Becomer

by David Michael Miller

“[The Becomer] effectively challenges everything we may think we know about identity, self-awareness, interconnection, and isolation. This is a stunning short story/novella that makes the reader really sit up, take notice, and ask questions about the perception of reality and life.” â??Grant Leishman (Readers’ Favorite®)

“David Michael Miller truly is a fine writer!” â??Sig Gissler (former administrator of the Pulitzer Prize)

Ever wish you could be someone else? Ever wish you could be everyone else?

In his brilliant literary debut, David Michael Miller explores themes of identity, isolation, interconnection, and self-transcendence through the story of X. X begins the same as anyone else: an innocent infant, whose future is rife with uncertainty and possibility. But as X progresses, he is forced to confront the inescapability of his individuality with a deep-seated dream of becoming someone else.

From a baby to a boy, a world to a universe â?? THE BECOMER chronicles the numerous transformations of X as he journeys from being no one to becoming everyone. Equal parts science-fiction, cultural commentary, philosophical excursion, and spiritual examination, THE BECOMER is both a thought-provoking and enjoyable read.

Miller plunges us into an alternative 21st-century world, at once familiar and strange. A world where emerging technologies offer unimaginable and awe-inspiring possibilities, giving way to an examination of the limits of self-knowledge, the differences that make us unique, and the human essence that binds us all.

Who is X? X is both every one and no one. X is definable by its indefinability. Consistent in its inconsistency. Constant in its becoming. X is You. And Me. And Him. And Her. And Zir. And on, and on, andâ?¦

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