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20 Minutes The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: 50 Quick & Easy Delicious Vegan Recipes For A Healthy Life

by Bella Buffet

Do you want to have tasty yet nutritious meals that are easy to prepare? If your answer is “yes”, then 20 Minutes The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: 50 Quick & Easy Delicious Vegan Recipes For A Healthy Life is a read you don’t want to miss.
Living healthy has never been this easy!

This is a top-notch vegetarian cookbook for dedicated healthy eaters. It offers 50 easy recipes that will give you and your family the balanced nutrition you need to keep your heart and body healthy for 365 days.

All cooking instructions are written in clear, easy-to-understand order so that not only professional cooks but also beginners can follow them with ease. All the recipes can be done in more or less 20 minutes. Quick, easy, and nutritiousâ??these are what perfectly describe the dishes in the book.

Most importantly, the book is not merely a cookbook. It also offers useful pieces of advice to families and individuals who want to stay true to their vegetarian souls.

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Healthy Diet Cookbooks: A Healthy Eating Cookbooks Bundle, 2 Manuscripts: Clean Eating Recipes and The Clean Eating Cookbook. 75 Healthy Cookbook Recipes

by Mary K Woods

Consuming processed food or junk food will have a negative effect on your mind and body with time. Your body may become slow and your mind can stop working properly also – exhaustion, the inability to concentrate effectively, all of these are results of a diet that does not have vitamins and minerals. The body and mind failing on you is the worst feeling ever!

But it’s time to get back on track! Change your lifestyle today by eating food that it’s close to its natural state, food that has more nutrients than chemicals.

This book bundle contains everything you need to get you started on that!

2 Manuscripts Included:
Clean Eating Recipes and The Clean Eating Cookbook

From an easy-to-understand explanation of what healthy eating is, to a whole range of recipes, the information found between these pages is enough to offer you a good start towards an improved health, more energy and better state of mind.

Wait no more! Get your copy today and enjoy recipes like: Lemon Herb Chicken, Chicken and Peppers Dinner, Baked Salmon with Roasted Lemon & Garlic Sauce, Pork Chops Honey Sriracha Skillet Style, Steak, Avocado and Cheddar Healthy Panini Sandwich!

Recettes: Livre De Recettes: Recettes santés simples et délicieuses (French Edition)

by Acel Blanc

Ne laissez pas le froid de l’hiver prendre le dessus et profitez-en pour égayer vos fourneaux. Des plus simples aux plus élaborées, ces recettes de saison réjouiront famille et amis dans la chaleur et la convivialité. Bonne dégustation !

Vous cherchez un moyen simple et rapide d’améliorer votre santé?

Remplacer les aliments malsains de votre alimentation habituelle par des smoothies verts, nutritifs et sains, vous permet de perdre du poids, de combattre la maladie et d’augmenter votre niveau d’énergie.

Ces recettes se veulent simples, rapides et délicieuses.

Les recettes de ce livre ont été sélectionnées pour que vous ayez des menus pour tous les moments du quotidien, petit déjeuner, déjeuner, goûter, diner, soirées, apéritifs,

Rendez-vous service. N’attendez plus ! Retrouvez l’énergie, la peau, le poids que vous méritez. Auxquels vous avez droit. Sans attendre.
vous ne serez plus jamais esclave de votre cuisine.

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