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Cornerstone is another Cornish based story by Bill Stenlake.
Cador Krev’s family are an old Cornish family. His parents have given him an old Cornish name.
Cador was involved in an accident at work. One of his colleagues died while Cador and one other were badly burned and scarred for life. It takes him two years to be fit enough to decide whether he wants to go back to work or move on to a new challenge. With compensation in his pocket he decides to move to Cornwall, the home of his ancestors. While looking for a property he stays at a private Hotel in Perranporth which was recommended by his surgeon.. On his first night he is nearly run down by an out of control car. The family who own the Hotel become involved in trying to help him and protect him too.
Events lead Cador to believe he is the target for one family’s resentment and loss. He finds out he is the beneficiary of a will which appears to be where the hate comes from. Everything seems to centre around the Cornerstone which is an innocuous stone in the corner of a cemetery on the estate. It is believed the Cornerstone holds the key to why the Krevit mines were so successful in the 1700’s compared to the other mines in the area. The secret is there to be told in a book about the Cornerstone but no one knows where it is.
The story deals with Cador’s efforts to resolve the situation today and also eventually goes right back to the middle of the 1700’s when Troudemons Hall was built as Cador follows a trail of clues to uncover the meaning of the Cornerstone, a secret that has remained uncovered for well over 200 years.

Other books by Bill Stenlake include: Kenan’s Legacy, Bill McIntyre, Brotherly Love & The Keeper.

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