Free humour Kindle books for 02 Aug 17

Mercury Begins

by Robert Kroese

Travel to ancient Troy with the irrepressible angel Mercury as he masterminds the most unnecessarily complicated sneak attack in history! Never read any of the Mercury books? Start here! Already read one or more of the books? Also OK! There’s no wrong way to read this story, unless you’re using a spatula and a bowl full of goose feathers.


by Inmate 187

Nano loses his ability to communicate, Alex loses his job, Elis loses her twin sons to a fire, and Gimmick, well, Gimmick loses his mind and karate chops the hell out of people that aren’t actually there. Every single day.
These four have lost it all and are forced to live at a local homeless shelter where they must work together in order to survive the shit-hole, and ultimately save the place from the greedy powers that be who want nothing more than to demolish the building; forcing hundreds of men, women, and children to live out on the streets.
This satire forces the reader to laugh at even the darkest moments of these characters lives, and perhaps developing an important insight into the underground worlds that few truly know about: homelessness, mental illness, and losing it all just to find yourself.

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