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Nudes: Addressing and undressing my truth

by Siyanda Kakana

As a woman who’s experienced and witnessed abuse; I suffered from low self-eesteem, I was fearful and I have not had the most amazing experiences and relationships with men, women and even myself because of emotional scars. Here I offer personal collection of poems, prayers and creative pieces that I’ve written over the years detailing my journey to love and forgiveness.

Leaves of Grass (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Walt Whitman

Revised edition: Previously published as Leaves of Grass, this edition of Leaves of Grass (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Devour Me

by Logan Brackett

Devour Me is a collection of poems written by emerging author Logan Brackett. It explores many different themes in an attempt to make the reader think more deeply. The book is split into two separate parts. The first of which, titled Love and Other Lies, offers various views on love, relationships, and emotions. It also includes a five page narrative poem. The second part, titled Open Eyes, tackles a large variety of subjects with some reoccurring focus on creation, death, perception, and life goals. These two parts help to ensure that whether you fancy yourself a sappy love struck fool, or an observant ghost in the crowd who enjoys darker themes, you’ll find something of substance here.

The Most Important Part Of Each Day: Poems of Happiness (Poetry, Happiness, Love, Life, Faith, Spirituality, Nature, Women)

by Kathleen Caldwell


For a Limited time only, get this amazing collection of “HAPPY” poetry for just $2.99! Regularly priced at $7.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book is a small collection of personal original poetry. It has an easy-going feel about it and is primarily about happiness, love, life, and beyond. Happiness is a simple everyday form of life, and it can come every dayâ?¦ it tends to be THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF EACH DAY! Happiness is felt in honest and humble actions and it can enter anyone, at any time. This poetry takes readers through a journey of the happy moments in everyday life. It is something that is not physical yet powerfully mental. My intention is to have you feeling emotions with a heavy heart by painting a picture through poetic words so you can appreciate happiness in all forms of life, even the simplest.

In “The Most Important Part Of Each Day: Poems of Happiness,” through my lyrical translations of love and happiness, I hope to be instrumental in bringing this inspiring literature to a remarkably wide range of readers, making the simple, raw, spiritual, inspirational poetry very popular by touching hearts, spreading happiness, and opening eyes of those who are missing out on THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF EACH DAY!

Here Is A Preview Of What Poem Titles You’ll Get…

  • I Am the Girl
  • Joy of Joy!
  • Spring Day
  • Be Happy Inside
  • The Embrace
  • Family Peace
  • Colored Flowers
  • Magnificence
  • Much, much more!

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Check Out What Others Are Saying…

A lovely collection of poems dealing with happiness and its many aspects. -Gabrielle Grady-
As a fellow poet and author, I enjoyed this book very much! -Evelyn Parker-

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The Metamorphoses

by Ovid

Finished in 8 AD, Ovid’s The Metamorphoses is an epic and narrative poem of fifteen books, a stunning arrangement of countless mythological tales masterfully connected by the theme of transformation and love.

The HYMN: Song of the Soul

by Anonymous


‘THE HYMN: Song of the Soul’ is the spiritual song of an anonymous author.

Written seven years after a traumatic near-death experience ignited a profound awakening, the spirited and iconoclastic verse is a declaration of that transformative inner journey and its unfathomable climax.

On publication, the author of this small talisman of a book that gives its beholder wings veiled their identity, their hope being that the reader may discover within the words their own universal “soul song.”

A single copy of the original book exists.

Designed and typeset by the author, printed by letterpress in New York, and hand-bound in London, the extravagantly produced one-of-a-kind book was a gift from its creator to the recipient named within. This book is based on a facsimile of that gift.

The original may be viewed at:


Small Stones from the River: Meditations and Micropoems

by Kat Lehmann

A big collection of tiny meditations.

Small Stones from the River is mindful poetry and prose that explores the inner and outer world, with revelations small enough to put in your pocket. The book gathers nearly 200 clear and elegant entries, which are artfully arranged without the disruption of chapter breaks, pagination, or punctuation to reinforce the meditative calm of the words. Beautiful in an instant, with a deeper meaning that gently unfolds with each reading. A small stone meets you where you are.

Love and Unity.

Healing and Happiness.

Nature and Beauty.

Forgiveness and Resilience.

A stone is a chip from a mountain, a story smoothed by rivers. A stone is a journey that began before your journey, a possibility preparing for your hand. It just took time for both of you to get here. So pick it up. It’s your small stone.

Pasos de Luna (Spanish Edition)

by Margie Rivas

Pasos de Luna

– XV –

no son las copasâ?¦.
(ni el vino)

â?¦es el instante
en el que descubro el sabor
que tiene contigo
(sólo contigo)

no es la luna llenaâ?¦
(ni la nueva)

�es su compañía
que en tu ausencia me recuerda
que mi alma (te espera)

(siempre) te espera

Nota del Autor:
Al pensar en “Pasos de Luna” me resulta inevitable conmoverme, este libro fue un último intento, una despedidaâ?¦ Amé a quien se lo dediqué de un modo que no sé describir más allá de las líneas de cada uno de estos escritos. Este libro fue una rebeldía, dejé a un lado las formas, los puntos, las mayúsculas, etcâ?¦ me centré en el mensaje, una serie de escritos numerados en el que contaba desde el primer beso hasta la despedida. Entonces estaba convencida que no se podía amar más, afortunadamente (para mí), un tiempo después descubrí que literalmente no existen límites para el amor.
Twitter / Instagram: @margiesax

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