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Hexed and Dangerous (Wicked Good Witches Book 9)

by Starla Silver

The wickedest witch the Demon Isle never even knew existed put a curse on Grayson Moone and Lizzy Deaneâ??two lovers not only separated by time, but they believed, by death. Now, the past has caught up to them, throwing the present into supernatural chaos.
The curse must be broken before any more innocent lives are lost. The only problemâ?¦ no one has any idea how to break it, other than they believe it must be Lizzy who does. However, when tragedy strikes in a most unexpected manner, breaking the curse may no longer be possible.
Which means the cursed and bloodthirsty vampire, Grayson Moone, is stuck on The Demon Isle.


by Ray Hammond

We are trying to mimic the way human consciousness may have emerged over the four billion years of biological evolution on this planet. In another quarter of a century we think the global networks will have grown sufficiently to allow real emergence to take place…

Thomas Tye’s phenomenal financial success is due to a secret known only to a very few at the top of his corporation.

But the monopolistic and increasingly bizarre activities of the mighty Tye Corporation have caught the attention of the UNISA – the United Nations’ international security agency – and of famous biographer Haley Voss who wants to write an exposé of the suprisingly youthful-looking tycoon.

Commercial spying has reached new dimensions and the World Bank is concerned that, unrestrained, the Tye Corporation activities could destabilize the world’s financial markets.

Then Thomas Tye announces that using a wholly new, benign and sustainable satellite technology he can change the world’s weather for the benefit of all. As a demonstration, he promises to bring rain to end decades of drought in Ethiopia and he asks the people of the world to join him in delivering the world’s biggest act of philanthropy.

But the output from the satellite technology is exciting the world’s super-dense information networks in ways nobody could have foreseen and, as the UN closes in on a corporation with more power than any single nation, a new entity begins to emerge which changes everybody’s plans…

Praise for Ray Hammond:

‘Compelling, vivid and utterly terrifying… Be afraid, be very afraid.’ – Daily Express

‘This dazzling vision of global chaos explodes off the page with the dramatic force of a smart bomb.’ – Daily Express

Ray Hammond is a novelist, dramatist and non-fiction author. He is also a futurologist who lectures on future social and business trends for universities, corporations and governments. He lives in London and can be found on the web at

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