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by Jose Maya

This book will show you the best techniques and tips at a pro level in volleyball.


by Jose Maya

Here are some of the world’s most cherished tips when it comes to tennis.


by Jose Maya

Learn the unknown secrets of Russian past sport athletes and shock your muscles into growth.

Bug Out RV: The Definitive Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide On Transforming Your Family RV Into A Bug Out Vehicle To Get You Out Of Danger In A Disaster

by Ronald Williams

An RV may seem like the ultimate bug out vehicle. After all, it’s essentially a house on wheels!

This book is going to dive into the pros and cons of an RV as a bug out vehicle and also talk about the specific steps you need to follow to turn your RV into a bug out vehicle should you decide to do so.

If you’ve been thinking about making your RV your bug out vehicle but don’t know where to start, this book will serve as the ultimate introduction for you.

Or if you haven’t decided if using an RV as a bug out vehicle is the right move for you, this book will lay out the facts for you so you can make an informed decision.

The steps that we are going to cover in this book include each of the following:

-What Is A Bug Out Vehicle?
-Is An RV A Good Choice For A Bug Out Vehicle?
-Types Of RV’s And Their Pros and Cons
-Stockpiling Supplies In Your RV For Bugging Out
-Maintaining Your RV
-Tips For Bugging Out

By the end of this book, you will know all the advantages and disadvantages there are to using an RV as a bug out vehicle, how to prepare your RV for bugging out use, how to maintain your RV, and then how to actually bug out in your RV when the time comes to do so.

Booby Traps For Survival: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide On How To Build DIY Homemade Booby Traps For Defending Your Home and Property In A Disaster Scenario

by Ronald Williams

A homemade booby trap is a device that is designed to scare, to detect, to wound, or to kill. It is used to help defend your property from any unsuspecting threats who may come your way in a disaster.

Whether it’s large marauding gangs or individual thieves, it is absolutely imperative that you keep your home and property safe, and booby traps are a great way to do that.

Granted, during normal times, it’s important that you keep your booby traps in a non-threatening and non-lethal position.
But when disaster strikes, the gloves will be off, and you can use booby traps as part of your overall home defense and home security plans.

In this beginner’s guide to the subject of making booby traps, we are going to cover two primary subjects:

1.The Fundamentals Of Making Booby Traps
2.The Best Homemade Booby Traps For You To Build

By the end of this guide, you will have learned about the most effective homemade booby traps there are and how you can build them.

Sportsbike Enthusiast

by Peter Sanders

This edition brings great comparison of 2017 sportsbikes. The review is intense between the Aprilla RSV4RR vs Honda CBR1000RR vs Suzuki GSX-R1000 vs Yamaha YZF-R1. Yamaha’s class leading R1 still stands out in the pack. Can it sustain this spot or are there improvement s in the other other sportsbikes? This edition also takes a cursory look at the 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 in a California roadtrip as well as the 2017 Ducati Diavel. The 2017 Ducati 1299 Super Leggera is also featured.

Tribute was also paid to Nicky Hayden who was hit by a car in a tragic bicycle training accident in Italy.

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TRAIN TO WIN – Military Field Manual: Principles of Training, The Role of Leaders, Developing the Unit Training Plan, The Army Operations Process, Training … Training, Command Training Guidanceâ?¦

by U.S. Department of Defense

This book describes in detail how the Army trains to win in diverse situations and on different terrains, to overcome strenuous environments and avert all types of attacks. With that focus, the Army develops training readiness and the capabilities that support Army and joint force of the commanders. The authors expended the fundamental concepts of the Army’s training doctrine. This reading focuses on training leaders, Soldiers, and Army Civilians as effectively and efficiently as possible given limitations in time and resources. It also aims to ensure that leaders incorporate ethical aspects (such as moral-ethical decision points and personal actions) into training scenarios or routinely discuss ethics during post-training after action reviews.
Training Overview
Train to Win
Principles of Training
Training Proficiency
The Role of Leaders
Battle Focus
Training Environment
Training for Battle Rhythm
Commanders’ Dialogues
Reserve Component Training Considerations
Developing the Unit Training Plan
Training Readiness
The Army Operations Process
Command Training Guidance
The Unit Training Plan
Training Briefing
Conducting Training Events
Realistic Training
Training and Evaluation Outlines
Company Training Meetings
After Action Reviews
Lane Training
Unit Training Plan
All Training Briefings
T-week Concept

Il tuo corpo ideale in 4 minuti: Magri e in forma con il Tabata â?? Perdere peso velocemente è un gioco da ragazzi! (Italian Edition)

by Flavia Ricciardi

Magri e in forma con il tabata РPerdere peso velocemente ̬ un gioco da ragazzi!

��� Ancora per pochi giorni al prezzo conveniente di 0,99 � invece di 6,95 �

Leggilo su PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet o Kindle.

Come ottenere il tuo fisico ideale in 4 minuti con il tabata training!

Ti piacerebbe riuscire a bruciare grassi e a perdere peso in modo efficace?

Vuoi dimagrire e metterti in forma in poco tempo?

Desideri avere finalmente il corpo da sogno che ti meriti?

Nessun problema! Con il manuale “Il tuo corpo ideale in 4 minuti – Magri e in forma con il tabata” avrai l’opportunità di raggiungere il tuo obiettivo. I nostri workout brevi e intensi ti aiuteranno a dimagrire con successo. Ma che cos’è concretamente il tabata?

Il tabata è una forma di allenamento che fa parte dell’Interval Training. Questo metodo si basa sull’esecuzione di serie di esercizi corte, ma molto intense, che richiedono al corpo uno sforzo fisico estremo. Alle unità di allenamento fisiche e intense si alternano brevi fasi di riposo. Il principio del tabata è facile e intuitivo: l’enorme sforzo fisico del corpo stimola fortemente il consumo di grassi. Il fisico viene così inoltre portato a uno stato di stress che lo induce a consumare energia anche dopo il training. Il tabata training è quindi ottimo per bruciare più grassi e per migliorare il rendimento fisico.

Ora che i vantaggi del tabata training ti sono chiari, ottieni questo manuale a prezzo stracciato e inizia anche tu ad approfittarne subito.

Con questo utile manuale imparerai…

  • … come il tabata training potrà aiutarti a ottenere il corpo dei tuoi sogni.
  • … quanto efficace sia il tabata training e com’è strutturato l’allenamento perfetto.
  • … quali sono le cose più importanti da tenere a mente e come mettere in pratica quello che leggerai.
  • … ad automotivarti con estrema facilità e a lavorare sul tuo autocontrollo.
  • … qual è il tipo di tabata training più adatto a te.
  • … e molto altro ancora!

Non perdere altro tempo e inizia oggi. Compra adesso questo manuale sul tabata a un prezzo speciale!

On Planet Man: Reunion on the Texas Coast (Ways to Be Alive Book 6)

by David Conway

A short essay set on the Texas coast and the strange terrain of Planet Man. Part of the book Ways to Be Alive, essays on sport and nature, due in 2017.

Fitness Sin Dietas (Spanish Edition)

by David Ruiz

Fitness Sin Dietas te damos los consejos básicos y más avanzados, explicados de una forma sencilla y gráfica, para su fácil aplicación en los gimnasios. Si quieres conseguir un desarrollo muscular de una forma sana, sin dietas milagro, ni productos peligrosos para salud, seguro que te interesará leer este contenido.
Estos Consejos te ahorran tiempo y dinero, ya que en fitness sin dietas comentamos los suplementos que realmente si funcionan, para que no malgastes tu dinero en suplementos que no hacen realmente nada, así como te explicamos los errores más comunes que suceden en los gimnasios día tras día.
Por supuesto todos los consejos que se damos en este libro, han sido anteriormente puestos en práctica, por eso estamos tan seguros de que quien los lleva acabo, conseguirá un cuerpo mejor a corto plazo.


by Murray Raynes

From a well spent youth where he performed with some distinction in academia and on the sporting fields, Murray flew Sabre jet fighter aircraft with the RAAF, serving in Malaya and Thailand, got married and left the military for civil aviation and flew all the big jets commercially out of Sydney, Hong Kong and the Seychelles for the next twenty five years, and has a host of stories relating to very questionable, and sometimes outrageous, practices and behaviour from that industry. In 1974, he went behind the Iron curtain to play in the Czechoslovakian National Amateur Golf Championship, but has archived his score sheet for all time. With his four children, boys and girls, he has snorkelled, skied, ridden horses in most parts of the planet. With two of his golfing buddies, he trekked the Himalayan foothills, covering 120 very rugged up and down miles in just ten days. He spent twelve years on the land, planting nut trees and husbanding a herd of red deer. Had a shot at politics where he got gendered out (his version of events) got in a huff, bought a yacht and spent the next five years in a solo circumnavigation of the planet.
Murray is a laid back, pretty self sufficient sort of bloke, who views the direction in which the world appears to be heading with a large degree of concern. He is quite pleased with what he’s been able to achieve over the years and if you enjoy reading this little account of his life as much as he had putting it all together, he will be doubly pleased.
The rest is in the book.

High Nutrition Smoothies For the Athlete in All of Us

by Steve Graham

Are you looking for the fastest, healthiest way to pack on some muscle?Are you tired of smoothie recipes that call for 5lbs of kale and wheat grass, but have little to no muscle building ingredients? Smoothies are the new Super Meal.

With the ability to adapt to any type of diet or training regimen; smoothies can created and targeted for any weight; or dietary goals. This new book “High Nutrition Smoothies for the Athlete in all of Us”, shows us how to create optimal levels of nutrition for high energy athletes of all styles, whether cross trainers, M.M.A. athletes, endurance athletes, bodybuilders, or high out-put people in general, using delicious and highly nutritious recipes. If you are serious about reaching your training, and dietary goals

High Nutrition Smoothies for the Athlete in all of Us will help get there!
Order Now!

Here is a sample of what you will get!!

High Calorie Smoothies: What Are They
How To Make Your Smoothies High Calorie
Benefits Of High Calorie Smoothies
High Calorie Smoothie Recipes
High Protein Smoothie Recipes



somente estando em comunhão com o CRIADOR, compreendemos quem somos. Uma maneira de conhecer o que somos é convivendo no jardim do PAI.
O espirito livre é como a brisa que nos acaricia a face quando estamos no meio ao qual jamais deveríamos ter saído. O PESCADOR, O PEIXE E O ESPÍRITO DA NATUREZA é uma reflexão que nos iguala a tudo que há e existe no reino do criador.

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