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Royally Raised: A Royally Series Short Story (The Royally Series)

by Emma Chase

“He’s a joy to us. They all are. When they’re not busy giving us migraines.” ~King Henry

No one ever said raising children was easy…but raising a future monarch? That’s another story all-together. Get a glimpse into the happily-ever-after of Wessco’s irresistible royals in Royally Raised – a sweet, sexy, heartwarming short story set twenty years after Royally Matched.

Food Dehydrator Cookbook: Delicious And Easy Food Dehydrator Recipes

by Samantha Bateman

Includes A Wide Variety of Delicious And Easy Food Dehydrator Recipes!

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Dehydrating food is a great way of preserving fruits, vegetables and meats. Once your food is dehydrated, it can be perfectly preserved without having to keep it in a fridge or cooler for the day. This can provide a nutritious snack for hikers, and people doing other outdoor activities. Food that is properly dehydrated will keep most of its nutritional contents. Below are a few useful tips for using a food dehydrator.

Tips For Using A Food Dehydrator:
-Make sure your foods that you are dehydrating are completely dehydrated, otherwise they could spoil. When your food is dehydrated, it should be either crispy and breakable or have a leathery texture, if it is soft to touch then it probably still has too much moisture in it.
-Follow your manufacturer’s directions for dehydrating different kinds of foods. The dehydration time may vary depending on what kind of food dehydrator you have.
-Correctly store your dehydrated food in an airtight container or bag. Your best option would be storing it in a vacuum sealed bag if possible.

This food dehydrator cookbook has a wide variety of delicious and easy dehydrated recipes for you to enjoy. These recipes range from healthy chip recipes to beef jerky. Good luck!

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