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A Compilation Of My College Essays

by Dwayne Pruitt

While a student at Kent State University, I majored in Pan-African Studies with a concentration in community activism, strategy and development.With such a writing intensive major, every semester I was assigned to write eight to en paged essays and received A’s and B’s on all of them. One day, I was in my room and thought of an innovative idea. Instead of typically typing up essays just to receive a grade and completely forgetting about them, I decided to go beyond the classroom and share my work with the world. My essays are arranged in chronological order starting from freshman year to my final year. As you read, you will notice how I progressed to be more analytical and articulate with each essay. Enjoy!

Essay Reviews

“This is a very good account of the life, work and ideas of Marcus Garvey” – Prof. George Garrison ( Referring to the first essay)

“Excellent! You’ve covered this topic well. Well organized, written and researched. It is very analytical and reflective” – Prof. George Garrison ( referring to the Power to the People essay)

About the Author
A Hip-Hop artist/producer from Cleveland, OH. Born Dwayne Pruitt, but goes by his stage name Alomod. Alomod content varies from all around personal experiences, his surroundings and social issues. He developed an interest in music in childhood playing his older brother’s keyboard. In the seventh grade, he began writing his own song lyrics perfecting his craft. Alomod has released three projects so far, Get Ready (2012), Youngie but Goodie (2015) and Lyrical Assassin (2017). Lyrical Assassin is currently available through music streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and more. Alomod currently plays the roles of his entire team, producing beats, recording, mixing and mastering his songs, shooting his music videos and promoting himself.

Becoming Kimberly: A Transgender’s Journey

by Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis knew who she was on the inside. Despite being born a male, she was very much a woman. Unfortunately, the realities of living in a rural, redneck area forced her to dress and act as a man. She spent sixty-three years living as one. It was only when her beloved wife passed away that Kimberly decided to complete her transition. She took her wife’s death as a sign that it was time to start finally living as herself.

This poignant memoir chronicles every step of her transition, from her first feelings of gender dysphoria to the surgery that completely changed her life.

Kimberly thought long and hard about her decision to have gender-reassignment surgery, and she candidly discusses the challenges the transition entails. While the obstacles often seemed enormous, Kimberly managed to find the hope and humor in each small moment. She details the tips her coworkers gave her as she completed her transition, from clothes to makeup to everything else. Kimberly had been a woman all her life, but through the surgery, her courage, and help from her friends, she was finally able to show the world what she had seen all along.

My Schizophrenia: One Man’s Struggle With Mental Illness

by John Gunter

“Your story helps us to be better clinicians and support you and others with recovery.” Dr. Celeste Johnson, DNP, APRN, PMH CNS
“I never would have imagined all that you have, and that others are currently enduring in their struggle.” David Dougherty

Get ready to embark on an intimate tour of the dark recesses and haunting landscapes of a schizoaffective mind. My Schizophrenia: One Man’s Struggle With Mental Illness is a telling of the author’s life journey through madness and mayhem on his personal path to redemption.

John U. Gunter is an entrepreneur and author who lives in Callahan County, a few miles east of Abilene in West Texas. John owns and operates a furniture repair business, and writes novels and short stories – but he also suffers from a condition that, left untreated, becomes debilitating and often dangerous; a mental disease known as schizoaffective disorder. My Schizophrenia is John’s telling of his life as one who has suffered from schizoaffective disorder from early childhood through an adolescent life of crime leading to a criminal career, personal loss, a life on the streets, a carousel of hospitalizations and multiple incarcerations culminating in a tale of redemption that continues to unfold. In these pages, John draws a distinction between schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder as he chronicles the onset and progression of his illness through the years. He shares intimate details of his experiences and thought processes as a mentally ill person. He explains the effects of his illness on relationships with family and society and exposes many of the hellish hallucinations and strange thought processes that led him into darkness and isolation for years at a time. John also reveals how medication, therapy and love brought him to redemption, and how he uses coping skills along with medication and counseling to help him overcome the downward pull of mental illness as he strives to maintain a successful life and career. John’s message is one of order arising from chaos, hope from the depths of despair and happiness in place of hopelessness.

Wings of Steel

by Nathan Mcbride

When his high school career pushes his limit, Luke Anderson takes the opportunity to let himself grow as a person. Going on a trip with his high school music department, Luke, along with his good friends, Susan, Mandy, Bri, and Rich, learns what it means to let his wing stop grow, and to grow in his relationships and in himself.

For the Love of Levi: A Memoir

by Lynette Marie

Seizures. Meningitis. Sepsis. A newborn’s life hangs in the balance.

Only three-weeks-old, Levi was rushed by ambulance to a nearby children’s hospital, unresponsive. His core temperature was down to 92 degrees. No one knew what could be causing this devastating illness that seemed to come on so suddenly. Through weeks in the ICU, a large part of which he spent in a coma, we prayed for Levi’s healing, despite the odds. God answered our prayer.

This is Levi’s story.

Some Other Son

by Steve Cox

This is the true story of Joe Parker who grew up as a foster child. From birth to adulthood, Joe’s life is challenged by circumstances beyond his control. His perseverance and desire to survive the ‘system’ as a child, and later to succeed as an adult, will inspire the reader and bring them into the world of growing up as a foster child. Unusual, if not paranormal events illuminate his path through life and will evoke thoughts of spirituality in the reader.

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