Free history Kindle books for 03 Aug 17

Poppy Lane (short story) (Great War Centennial)

by Jordan Taylor

100 Years Ago the World Went to War

Great War Centennial short stories take you from home front to Western Front, into the trenches, across No Man’s Land, into the hearts of soldiers and civilians whose fates are forever altered by war.

– Poppy Lane –

When a stray dog wanders into a trench, it’s no surprise: soldiers often see bewildered animals. Yet the stray of a frontline known as Poppy Lane will not leave, despite encouragement from some to do so.

As seasons change and men flux in and out of the trench, the dog remains through floods, snow, shelling, and great battles she cannot understandâ??until she has transformed the face of Poppy Lane forever.

Experience the sacrifice and terror, heroism and despair of the First World War through this series of short stories inspired by true events from 1914 to 1918. With stories of remembrance, Great War Centennial honors the 100th anniversary of the war that changed the world one century ago.

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