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Family Shadows (The Delahass Legacy Book 3)

by Jacie Middlemann

Within the home that Jeremy Delahass built for his family and all those to come after him is a secret room few know of. Within it is housed what for centuries only the privileged have held in their hands. The generation of Delahass cousins who currently live at Nolbeloir House have come to realize that it also holds some of the answers to the secrets Jeremy Delahass left hidden for them to find.

And it is not the only room in Nolbeloir House to hold Jeremy’s long hidden answers to the questions that have never before been asked.

David Delahass is searching for some of those answers. In his efforts, he remembers a room in Nolbeloir House. A room that is rarely entered and never used as it once was. In it he finds more than he was looking for. He finds answers to the kind of man his ancestor was. And as David continues his search he finds words written by Jeremy Delahass never before see. Words that give both him and his cousins insight to the legacy handed down to them by a man they never knew but are beginning to understand.

Family Shadows is the third in The Delahass Legacy series that also includes Family, Family Unbroken, and Family Always. The Delahass Legacy series tells the story of how one family learns the lessons of what’s important in life and how despite the centuries and generations that pass it remains the same. Family.

The Delahass Legacy is a series of books classified by Amazon as shorts read and some are a bit longer. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you enjoy sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy The Delahass Legacy series.

El Preceptor de Fernando el Católico: Confesión del obispo que contribuyó a la creación del Imperio español en el siglo XV (Spanish Edition)

by Ángel Toranzo Fernández

Las muertes del príncipe de Viana y su hermana Blanca, las de Pedro Girón y Alfonso el Inocente o la del obispo Echávarri, entre otras, modificaron la relación entre los distintos pueblos de la Península Ibérica y contribuyeron a sentar las bases del Gran Imperio Español. Enfermo de parálisis, el obispo Francisco Vidal de Noya (1425?-1492), antiguo preceptor de Fernando el Católico, emprende una peregrinación desde la isla de Sicilia (diócesis de Cefalú, de la que es titular) hasta el templo de la Virgen del Pilar (Zaragoza). Durante la travesía en barco se agrava su estado de salud y revela a su secretario Bruno los detalles de algunos hechos que cambiaron para siempre el futuro de la Humanidad.

Beauty and the Beast

by Erin Brierley

“Emerging from the shadows, the fearsome creature approached her and began to sniff her neck, like a hound picking up the scent of some unfortunate doe. His claws strayed irreverently through her golden hair as the beastly figure encircled his prey, his growling ferocity striking fear into her heart, as all at once Beauty wondered if she was not to be eaten there and then…”

Moving beyond the traditional fairy tale, Erin Brierley’s “Beauty and the Beast” blends gothic thriller with chivalric romance in a haunting narrative that reveals the transcendent and redemptive power of love.

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