Free science fiction Kindle books for 03 Aug 17

Sins of Academia

by Jonathan Kuhn

This is a fast moving story about a genetic engineering experiment that went awry.
The tale is set in various universities. What really goes on within them comes to light along with their personal relationships, competitive interactions and romances of academics.
Professor William Huntington and his group create the first artificial multicellular organism which is an extensively studied nematode, a small worm-like creature. This nematode is designed to be identical to the original although its DNA has been modified to facilitate genetic manipulations. Tragically the methods used in its making have allowed the incorporation of genetic material from a distant nematode species which is a plant pathogen. In spite of safeguards, an accident allows the artificial nematode to escape from the Huntington lab. In modern science everything from falsifying data
to the outright theft of the ideas of others frequently takes place. University politics are also detailed through the lives of the main characters, all of whose fates are greatly affected by the nematode plague.

Saving Time: The Memoirs of Keegan Miles

by Logan Ray

If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, would you?

That may seem unrealistic to most, but for Keegan Miles, it was a bold and cruel reality. Recruited by a private corporation named Spero, Keegan Miles is a Raider, tasked with traveling through time and fixing history’s “mistakes,” beginning with Hitler. But when he gets the opportunity, will he take it? Or is it better to let him live?

All these questions and more are answered in “Saving Time,” a blockbuster new series from author Logan Ray. Join Keegan as he visits different places in history, meeting and interacting with famous figures through time. “Saving Time” is perfect for the time traveling science fiction fan, as well as anyone who loves alternate history. This is the ultimate series that answers the question: what if the history as we know it had been just a little bit different?

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