Free fantasy Kindle books for 04 Aug 17

Hawthorn Witches: Demons & Dracaena, Sorcerers & Sumac, Werewolves & Wisteria (Hawthorn Witches Omnibus Book 1)

by A.L. Tyler

This omnibus edition of the Hawthorn Witches series includes the first 3 novellas in the series:

Demons & Dracaena, Hawthorn Witches Novella #1
Sorcerers & Sumac, Hawthorn Witches Novella #2
Werewolves & Wisteria, Hawthorn Witches Novella #3

Annie Hawthorn’s life is a living hell. She’s about to graduate from high school in beautiful Bellmoral, Colorado, but she’s caught the eye of the campus mean girl. In order to get back at her, Annie unleashes a little hell of her own when she discovers her late aunt’s grimoire.

Now that there’s a demon on the loose, things aren’t so funny. Annie’s best friend has been turned into a cat. She’s doing her homework in hell. Her after school job at the greenhouse is punctuated by frequent demonic interruptions.

But it’s worse than that, because Charlie, the demon, claims that her aunt isn’t dead, and she owes him a debt. And until Annie can find her, he’s holding her life ransom.

The Happy Prince and Other Tales

by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince and Other Tales (sometimes called The Happy Prince and Other Stories) is a collection of stories for children by Oscar Wilde first published in May 1888. It contains five stories, “The Happy…

Angel’s city: About angels (1234567)

by Lana Fairy

It is a fairy tale about amazing creates who care and love our kids. Ittells how the angel’s love can be big and strong. Reading this fairy tale toyour kids, you’ll show them how angels are close and ready to support anddefend your kid.
In spite of how naughty or obedient a kid can be,there is a creator, who loves and supports him.  It is his angel, who willcome to kid, spread his wing, and warm kid’s heart when he’s cold,  orlonely. The book retells how the kid can feel the love of the heavens and behappy.
Truly, the angels has a very busy day and they havelots of hobbies and they love to have fun, they love to read and play. You canread, how playful they are!
 This fairy tale will tell about the Princess whoalways dreamed to find his Angel and about the true friendship. Also, the kidswill know about true miracles and adventures of its heroes (not only kids, butangels too).

Tales of the Fantastic: A Fantasy & Paranormal Sample Anthology

by Alex E. Carey

Journey into a world of darkness, infused with magic. From six daring authors comes a thrilling sample anthology that will leave you breathless. From Fantasy to the Paranormal, we bring you
tales that will enchant and mystify.

Welcome to our little world.

Six daring authors from around the globe met in an online fantasy/paranormal author team. We present to you:

Daccari Buchelli, a British fantasy novelist, who developed a love for reading at a young age. He found himself drawn to Fantasy genre, with its magical worlds and mythical beings. When away from his trusty ball point pen, Daccari enjoys sketching, as well as horror films, and curling up with a good book and a rich coffee.

Alex E. Carey, a U.S. novelist, was born in Texas and moved to North Carolina for college. When not at work on her latest book, she enjoys reading, walking trails, gem mining and spending time with her family and their three dogs.

David Gilchrist, a UK novelist from Scotland, is a writer of words, a lover of music and a designer of electronics. He has loved fantasy since first reading Lord of the Rings and has been devouring the genre ever since. Wherever his reading takes him, he always finds his way back to dragons, magic and fantasy.

Grant Leishman, a former New Zealander living in the Philippines, started out in finance and journalism, but finally found his true calling in life as a full-time author. When he’s not writing, he loves spending time with his family and interacting online with his readers and other authors.

Caitlin Lynagh, originally from Wales, now living in England, received degrees with honors in Biology and Geology. Though she loves science, she also loves writing, and so her first fantasy novel, Anomaly, was born. She also enjoys traveling, reviewing books, and interacting with her readers.

Kim Ross, a born Novocastrian, resides in Australia with her family and their golden retriever. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys belly dancing and performs professionally with the Silk Caravan Belly Dance Troupe.

The Ironborn Claim (The Ironborn Cycle Book 1)

by Dawn Edelen

The pack had Aura’s life planned out even before she opened her Ironborn hazel eyes as a puppy. She was to grow up in their exclusively werewolf society, learn the ways of her people, with their ability to shape and bend metals to their will. Later, when she was old enough, she would be mated to Nick, the Alpha’s son, and go to Geneva, to confront the ruling Council of wolves, and demand a seat to represent the Ironborn alongside the other six most common elements. Aura and Nick are, as far as anyone knows, the first seventh-generation Ironborn ever to exist, making them the only wolves of their kind who can stand up and claim legitimacy for their people.

No pressure.

But when the plans of her pack close in around her, Aura has to make a choice, not only between her life of freedom and her duty to her people, but between the honorable man she knows her heart should belong to and the deadly and powerful wolf who has begun to steal it for his own.

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