Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 04 Aug 17

Getting Unstuck: Inspiration to Move Forward Again! (Standing in the Light Master Series Book 3)

by Lori Rock

Do you feel stuck? If you do, this e-book is perfect for you!

Maybe you have false beliefs – anything that tells you that you are something other than the Divine Light and Love that you are. Maybe you are holding onto discordant emotions – those knee-jerk reactions you have when someone pushes your buttons. Or maybe you have old limiting patterns that need to be changed or you need to overcome. Possibly, you have a combination of all three.

The ideas here are to help us become unstuck so we can move forward in our physical worlds and lead more enjoyable and fulfilled lives.

Third Eye Activation: How To Purify And Awaken Your Third Eye

by Juan Phillips

Third Eye Activation

How To Purify And Awaken Your Third Eye

This book offers you the basics on opening of the third eye. You will learn simple things that you will need to do on a regular basis, but you will gain enormous rewards in terms of being more in tune and aware of what is happening around you. Once you have learned how to open your third eye, you will be able to know when you are in a friendly environment or a hostile environment. Knowing how to open your third eye will give you a quick and easy avenue towards being able to relax your mind and body, this will help make you more likely to make objective decisions in whatever you are doing. Using this book you can see if you are a natural psychic or not, or someone perhaps a loved one is. You may have a child that has psychic abilities. You will learn and read about distinguishing features between a psychic and a medium. Explore the different techniques to open your third eye and how to close it, these are both offered in this book along with all kinds of informative information based around and connected to the third eye!

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