Free sports Kindle books for 04 Aug 17

GoPro: 101 User Guide & Manual (For GoPro Hero 4)

by Ryan Tracy

GoPro: 101 Guide is your beginner’s guide to getting the most of your GoPro Hero 4 Black. In this book, we cover everything you could need to know. By the time your reach the end, you will know â?¦
-What makes the GoPro Hero 4 Black special
-Terms and acronyms you will encounter related to digital videography and photography
-Everything you need to know about GoPro batteries, including tips on extending battery life
-How to setup your microSD card, with information on the best types to use and how to format it for maximum reliability
-Everything you need to know about camera modes for both video and photography, as well how to choose the perfect mode for your project
-How to navigate the settings like a pro, and actually know what they do and how they can impact your camera’s performance
-The different resolutions and fields of view that you can choose from, and what type of projects they work best for
-What the GoPro Studio and GoPro app can do for you, and how to exploit their power to make awesome videos
-Tons of tips and pointers on subjects like time lapse photography, slow motion, filming under water, recording at night, and much, much more

Living Room Weight Training: The Complete Guide To Home Exercises And Routines – Learn How To Build Strength And Achieve Amazing Body!

by Rodolfo Garrett

Living Room Weight Training (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

The Complete Guide To Home Exercises And Routines – Learn How To Build Strength And Achieve Amazing Body!

Let’s get real. You won’t get six-pack abs with a six minute a day workout for a week, but you can get the body you want with less effort than you think without ever going to the gym.

If you want a time tested proven system that debunks common myths about getting fit, gaining muscle, and doing it in the comfort and convenience of your own home, click the add-to-cart button and buy this book.

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Golf: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Successful Putting

by Braun

Make Putts And Be Confident!

If you are just starting to play, you probably already experienced the frustration and doubts that go along with trying to get the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible. Did you know that we don’t use any club as much as we use our putter? Even if we hit driver everywhere we can, drives only make up roughly 20% of the shots we hit during a round. The putter holds huge potential for improvement.
Learn more about the secrets of making putts and start out right by using the right techniques and drills so you can replace doubts and frustration on the course with pride and happiness. Downloading this eBook costs you a third of a cup of coffee and over 60 times less than a lesson, which means you can profit from the knowledge of two scratch and successful college golfers at no risk.

BOXING BRAIN FOOD FOR BETTER MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION ON TRAINING (Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts): How to improve the work of our brain during boxing trainings through proper diet (+16 cooking recipes)

by Professor John

So how to learn on boxing training and remember as much as possible?
Certainly there is a method for it and not everything is lost. You just need to provide your body with proper nutrients, which affect specific function in our body – namely your brain. In this guidebook I will show you how to feed your brain, so that it could be every day prepared for intensive mental effort during your hard boxing trainings. You will be able to spend many effective hours on working on yourself and all you need will be recorded in your brain as computer files on a CD. If you want to remember a lots of complicated punching combination – this book is for You.

Tales of the Unknown Rugger

by Liam Dunseath

This is an autobiography by an amateur rugby player Liam Dunseath from the United Kingdom. It describes his playing days spanning over 21 years in several different countries at different levels.
It speaks of the highs and lows of winning and losing, magnificent tries, injuries, off the field antics, rugby tours and the life long friendships made through the game of rugby.
From the early days at school, captaining his University of Salford and playing at national 7s competitions, this epic journey reveals his love of the game on and off the field, playing in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and USA. After this book was published Dunseath went on to be the Assistant Coach of Iran’s National rugby team.

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