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Survival in the Arctic and in cold territories: Elementary and advanced survival tips in the tundra, taiga and Polar Regions

by Tom Sanders

This is my seventh collection of tips for survival in the wild.
In this book we will touch on the issues of survival that are related to the territories beyond the Arctic Circle. Features of the Far North require a special approach to the problems of survival in the wild and, in the frequency, the fight against cold.
In this edition I have given a lot of notes and recommendations, which relate to practical issues of survival in the Arctic.
Enjoy reading!


Tundra Animals
Animals of taiga
Diseases arising in cold climates
Search for water
Searches for food
Personal clothes
Preparation of a campfire
Practical recommendations
10 rules for survival in the forest in winter


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New Zealand Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Christchurch, Queenstown, Travel to New Zealand, Budget Travel New Zealand, )

by 101 Coolest Things

Hey there! Congrats on finding the ultimate guide to New Zealand travel!

This New Zealand Guide can be downloaded across all your devices – So what are you waiting for?!

We think you’re hella lucky to be going to NZ and this guide will let you in on all of New Zealand’s travel secrets so you can have the best possible trip in places like Auckland, Christchurch, Canterbury, Wellington, and more besides.

Why You Need 101 Coolest Things to Do in New Zealand

This New Zealand guide is here to give you the inside track on:

  • the most delicious things to eat and drink, whether that happens to be oysters that are freshly caught that day or wines from New Zealand’s classic wine trail
  • the most happening festivals, from a wild foods festival where you get to try all kinds of interesting delicacies to a hot air ballooning festival in the depths of the countryside
  • jaw dropping historical and cultural sights you won’t want to miss like ancient Maori rock carvings and museums that explore the fascinating cultural history of New Zealand
  • outdoor adventures you won’t forget in a hurry, whether you wish to bungee jump over the Nevis river or have a more sedate berry picking experience in the country
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to New Zealand forever
  • the best places to catch a show, some live music, and make local friends
  • and so much more awesomeness besides!

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Germany: Germany Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in Germany (Berlin Travel Guide, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Dresden, Stuttgart)

by 101 Coolest Things

Congratulations! You’ve Found the Ultimate Guide to Germany Travel!

This Germany Guide is now available to download to Kindle, Android Phone, iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices. So what are you waiting for?!

You are super lucky to be going to Germany, and this guide will let you know all of the coolest things to do, see, and eat around the country, including popular destinations like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dresden, Stuttgart, Bonn, and more.

Why You Need 101 Coolest Things to Do in Germany

This Germany guide will give you the lowdown on:

  • the very best things to shove in your pie hole, whether you need to want to chow down on currywurst on the street or you want to dine at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant
  • incredible festivals, from electronic festivals with word famous headliners through to the Berlin International Film Festival
  • the coolest historical and cultural sights that you simply cannot afford to miss like fairytale castles that inspired Disney movies, and world famous art galleries
  • the most incredible outdoor adventures, whether you want to sled your way across a Toboggan run, or you fancy mountain biking in the depths of a German forest li>
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to Germany forever
  • the places where you can party like a local and make new friends
  • and tonnes more coolness besides!

Get Your Copy NOW!

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Clued In Miami: The Concise and Opinionated Guide to South Beach -color photos (2017)

by Dean Dalton

Get the 411 without the blah-blah-blah. So you are planning to visit Miami Beach, but do you know what to do when you get there? We do. And we will give you a concise view of which sights are worth seeing, and which may be a waste of your precious time. Our experienced team has also assembled some amazing restaurants and hotels for your consideration.

Best of all, Clued In Miami gives travelers what they really need: At-a-glance listings, web links, and color photos…not to mention clear directions on the best ways to get from the airport to the city center and back again. We also include tips on tipping, suggestions on safety, and everything else you will need in order to get the most out of your trip. With this book loaded onto your smart-phone, tablet, or Kindle, our live links will be at your fingertips. It’s the 411 without all the blah-blah-blah. 2017 Edition  
“Sunbathing was all we intended to do but this handy book changed that.”

“Clued In Miami truly made a difference with our trip to South Florida…Nice to be somewhere you’ve never been before and already know where to go and what to see from the get-go.”

“So many great restaurant recommendations to choose from!”

Simple Cuban Spanish on the Go

by David S. Luton

Dear Readers: Marlene and I would like to sincerely thank all who have bought our book, and we hope that it has been helpful to you in some way. We are in the process of making improvements to the book, taking in mind the feedback and suggestions made by readers. We have tried to make the book as accurate as possible reflecting Marlene’s experience living in Havana. Even so, sometimes things get “lost in the translation” so to speak, regarding our collaboration as co-authors. For example, according to Marlene, Cubans don’t typically use the word “marrón” to refer to the color brown as in many Spanish-speaking countries (they prefer to say “carmelita” or perhaps “pardo”. According to her, the word “marrón” often meant purple or perhaps maroon or something similar, especially in older literature. I misinterpreted this information to understand that “marrón” is the word that Cubans use to express the color purple. However, she clarified that the aforementioned term has become archaic, and the common way to express purple would be with the word “morado” or perhaps “violeta”, the same as in other Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Mexico. We apologize for any mistakes that may have occurred in the book, and we will try to correct them soon and also make other improvements. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to write to me at [email protected] 

This book can be useful to anyone who plans to travel to Cuba or who needs to speak Spanish with Cubans in other places. This book can also be useful to anyone who simply wants to learn Spanish, as Cuban Spanish only differs from standard Latin American Spanish in terms of some vocabulary. Even though this book can be very useful to tourists, it is not intended to be a tourist phrase book and contains no pictures or exercises. It is also not a dictionary, although it does contain a lot of basic and important vocabulary as well as a glossary of Cuban terms. This book is a collaborative effort by a native of Havana, Cuba (Marlene Herrera) and an experienced Spanish teacher (Dave Luton) and covers the following topics:

1. Pronunciation, Accents and Stress
2. Pronouns
3. In the Classroom
4. Greetings, Farewells, Polite Expressions
5. People and Introductions
6. Other Phrases and Asking for Help
7. Countries, Languages and Cities of the World
8. Telling Age
9. Describing People and Clothing
10. Numbers, Days and Dates
11. Telling Time in Spanish
12. Activities and Places
13. Asking for Directions
14. The Weather
15. The Human Body
16. Food, Drinks and the Kitchen
17. Family, the Home, Animals and Nature
18. Asking and Answering Questions
19. Basic Grammar
20. Important Words/Tricky Words
21. Glossary Cuban Terms (English/Spanish)
22. Glossary Cuban Terms (Spanish/English)

Catalonia: Pyrenees (150 images)


Extensive photographic compilation of the Pyrenees of Catalonia (Alt Urgell, Lleida).
(150 pictures)

Winter on the Water: An Alaskan Story

by David D. Murray Jr

Follow me on my journey through the Alaskan Inside Passage in early February. Filled with awe-inspiring mountains and storms leave us all weary in the night with a longing for solid ground. Take a chance to experience wild Alaska through my eyes, through the eyes of a lone young man traveling to places many haven’t seen. It’s dead of winter in the Inside passage, and only a few dare to take the trip.

Hong Kong: Hong Kongâ??s Top 10 Hotel Districts, Shopping and Dining, Museums, Activities, Historical Sights, Nightlife, Top Things to do Off the Beaten … and Much More! Timeless Top 10 Travel Guide

by Tess Downey

One Country, Two Systems – that is what Hong Kong is all about. Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today and will continue to be so in the years to come.

In this book, you will learn the basic things you need to know about Hong Kong – its location, its people, its language, culture and seasons. You will also be given information regarding your travel needs, and of course an overview of the top tourist attractions, hotels and food places as well as hidden facets of the city to meet your thirst for exploration.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to pack your bags, your passport and your pocket money! Let’s set out for one of the most interesting places in the world. Adventure is out there!

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Hotel Districts, Shopping and Dining, Museums, Activities, Historical Sights, Nightlife, Top Things to do Off the Beaten Path, and Much More!

Travel Destiny

by Destiny S. Harris

Learn how to convert your travel dreams into a reality. This book explicates how I raised thousands of dollars to travel abroad (specifically to several countries in Europe and several cities in China).

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