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The Difference: 10 Steps To Writing A Book That Matters

by Angela Lauria

You Were Born to Make a Difference

If you want to write a best-selling book that makes a difference in people’s lives, you need to write the RIGHT book. Once your book has been written at least half of your opportunities to help people are gone â?? too late or impossible to implement. To make the biggest impact possible with your book in terms of revenue and lives touched, you need to learn the DIFFERENCE Process, 10 steps to writing a book that matters.

This book is for people who are serious about making a difference in the world. In it, author Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator, teaches you:

  • The truth about why you have been procrastinating in getting your book done (Note: It’s probably not what you think and it’s actually good news!)
  • How to develop an audience that pays $20 or less for your book, but then spends $20,000 or more to go deeper with you.
  • The reason most books failâ?¦ to sell and fail to change people’s lives and how you can avoid wasting your time on that kind of book.
  • The difference between people who are ready to write but just scared and those who have no business writing a book.
  • How to guarantee you will have all the time you need to write your book without ever stressing about it again.
  • And much, much more.


D – Define your Audience.

I – Identify your Voice.

F – Frame your Outcome.

F – Focus Your Author Mojo.

E – Envision Your Success.

R – Release Your Blocks.

E – Establish your Author Feeling State.

N – Nurture your Manuscript.

C – Create your Masterpiece.

E – Expand your Reach.

How many $20k clients would you need to have the business you want? 5 a year? 10?

Did you know that when you write a book that makes a difference, you create opportunities to help people far beyond a single book sale?

Most authors don’t. Most first-time authors are focused on two things: sharing the information they have (or telling the story they want to tell), and making money from their book sales.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Neither of these objectives will get you money or a book that makes a difference.

Writing a book that matters is not for the weak-willed or self-indulgent. Writing a book that matters is about stepping into your own power and standing up to serve.

There are other types of books you can write. You can write a book for self-expression or as a creative outlet, and I am not judging either of those decisions. The commitment I have made for my life is to serve authors who truly want to help people who are in pain, and who are willing to get out of their own way to do it.

If you can make that commitment to your reader – to serve them first above all else – then I can teach you how to write a book that will sell, and that will attract readers who want to go deeper with you.

Gallery Ready: A Blueprint for Emerging Artists (The Artist Trilogy Book 1)

by Franceska Alexander

A Blueprint For Emerging Artists

Do you long to show your work in an art gallery but don’t know where to begin? If so, then this book is for you. In Gallery Ready, longtime gallerist, Franceska Alexander shows emerging artists and even veteran artists, exactly what they need to make their art appeal to gallery owners.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to make your art stand out from the crowd.
  • How to prepare to meet with a gallery owner.
  • How to entice collectors who want to buy your art.
  • How to scale your art to the next level.

Gallery Ready-A Blueprint for Emerging Artists will show you what you need to do to make your artwork gallery ready.

Ethereum: How to make 36 times your money in 1 year (Ethereum Investing explained)

by Gary Bukowski

Is the recent fall in Ethereum prices an Opportunity? – YES, but only, if you know how to turn it into one

” The initial price of Ether was established at 200 ETH for every BTC. This implied that one ETH was worth a couple of cents at the most. Things sure did change for Ethereum by the time the trading price of Ethereum was recorded at $407 recently in July 2017. This means that there has been an almost 5000% rise in the price of ETH. Ethereum happens to be the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, right behind Bitcoin that has been valued at $48.9 billion ” – Excerpt from the book….

The book contains information about:

-Deciding if Ethereum is for you
-How to buy Ethereum
-How to sell Ethereum
-How to use Ethereum
– How to mine Ethereum….and pretty much everything you need to know to make real money.


The Incubated Author: 10 Steps to Start a Movement with Your Message

by Angela E. Lauria

The Incubated Author is a guide for authors who want to start a movement with their message. It’s about writing a book that is part of a bigger vision to having a follow of hundreds, thousands and someday millions and to make a difference with your message. This book covers all the steps that discovered from working with authors who wanted more than a book. In this book you’ll learn:
-Why most people who want to start a movement with their message fail.
-The critical steps to build a tribe that spreads your message and takes massive action.
-How to fund a movement without stress and complication.
-How to take a book that can make a difference for one person and turn that into a movement with hundreds or thousands or millions of followers
-The difference between telling people what they should do and showing people a new way of thinking about a problem that creates permanent change in their lives.

The Incubated Author is the missing link for authors who want to start a movement. The book lights a fire and after reading it you will be ready to step up and be seen in the world. If you’re starting a movement with your message, and if you’re looking for everything to come into crystal clear focus, read this book.

Angela Lauria’s “The Incubated Author – 10 steps to start a movement with your message” delighted me with its authentic & practical message, expressed with passion, sparkle and lots of experience. Lauria powerfully articulates the importance of clarity and commitment in starting a movement with one’s message, and goes the distance in describing each step of the journey (often a “hero’s journey”) in seven well-researched, well-written chapters. This is a terrific book – practical, philosophical and comprehensive – for those who want to make a difference in the world by sharing their transformative message.
~ Mary Martin

Wisdom just flows through the pages of this book. If you’re called to write a book, read this one! Thank you, Angela Lauria, for sharing your messages so powerfully and clearly – again.
~ Esther Goldenberg

The Incubated Author turns how you think about writing a book on its head. It forces you to get crystal clear about who the book is for, how they will be different and how to create a movement with your message – BEFORE you ever start writing. When you get that clarity up front, you write a book that can beautifully support your vision, attract the people that most need your message and grow your business. Angela Lauria is a master at this and she’s doing what no one else in publishing is doing today.
~ Sharon Pope, Love Coach

Bitcoin: How it went from $1 to $2800 in less than 6 years

by Gary Bukowski

On the Blockchain, nobody know you’re a fridge” – Richard Gendel Brown

A couple years ago a good friend of mine told me that I should quit wasting time investing in stocks and take a look at Bitcoin. That was when Bitcoin was trading at around $2 in January of 2012. Being as stubborn as they come and grounded in my firm belief that you should only invest in ‘what you know’, I listened politely and went on about my stock investing escapades. Over the next three years ‘Bitcoin’ became a commonly spoken word and for valid reasons too. It’s value sky-rocketed. It went up an astounding 1400 hundred times from January 2012 to 2016. Hey, Listen, I don’t know if you know your math but 1400X in 3 years easily beats the heck out of Stocks. So, convinced by the truth staring in my face, I decided to dive in and spend nearly a year learning about Bitcoin and BlockChain Technology and a couple of months writing this book. Although the language is easy to understand, do not mistake it for unsophictication. This book will give you a great understanding about the history of Bitcoin and its story. It will provide you with enough knowledge such that you too will be able to say that you invested in ‘what you know’.

Here’s what’s inside this amazing book:

– How it all began
– The secret history of Bitcoin and it’s founder(s)
– Who’s who of the Blockchain World
– Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin
– Risk involved (Because there is always some)
– What lies ahead for Bitcoin and YOU as the investor

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Ingeniería económica: ¿Cómo medir la rentabilidad de un proyecto? (Spanish Edition)

by Pedro Arroyo Gordillo

Interpreta la tasa de interés y el valor del dinero en el tiempo, así como el correcto enfoque de los fundamentos de la ingeniería económica en la toma de decisiones. Cada capítulo cuenta con formulaciones teóricas y aplicaciones prácticas. Aborda el valor actual, las series uniformes, los procesos de capitalización y actualización, los ingresos y costos, los flujos de fondos, entre otros.

Network Marketing Recruiting: Business Network Marketing MLM Passive Income (Recruiting Home Based Business Entrepreneurship Book 1)

by Brent R

Learn How To Recruit Like The Pros In Network Marketing

You’re about to discover how to be a network marketing recruiting machine for your multilevel marketing company. So many people get in the network marketing industry thinking it’s a get rich quick scheme where you work from home and it will be so easy. After asking a few of your closest friends and family you probably realize it isn’t as easy as it looked when that top earner in your mlm company was showing you how the business works.

The truth is on average people in the network marketing industry only recruit 2-3 people in their organization. If you fall in this category or even below that, you’re simply lacking an effective strategy on how to do mlm recruiting. This recruiting books goes into some solid step-by-step strategies on how to recruit more people in your organization so you don’t end up being one of those “average” people and instead become a superstar!

You need this book if:

  • You are in Network Marketing
  • You want to recruit more people in your business
  • You want to grow your business faster
  • You want to give your team the proper training to grow their business
  • You want to get on the fast track of your own training

So what are you waiting for? After you apply what you learn from “Network Marketing: Learn How to Consistently be Network Marketing Recruiting People in your MLM Business”, you’ll be amazed how profitable your business will become.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Barriers to Network Building
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Targeting the Right People
  • Where to Look for People
  • Following Up
  • Knowledge: The Key to Success
  • Having a Team Mindset
  • Presentation
  • Much, much more!

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The 30 Hour Day: Develop Achieverâ??s Mindset and Habits, Work Smarter and Still Create Time For Things That Matter (Growth mindset, success principles, daily rituals for peak performance)

by Som Bathla

Do you consistently think about how to Increase your Productivity and show your peak performance?

– Do you often struggle to manage your day to day activities, which appears to be never ending?
– Do you often feel stressed out due to hurricane of workload invading your personal and social life?
– Do often think yourself as â??Slow Performer’ and struggle in dealing with anxiety?
– Is your next promotion on the job or achieving success in your next project seems a nightmare to you?
– Do you miss out important personal and social events due to your work and often feel embarrassed?
– Every another message in your mailbox easily gets you distracted from your work or fun activity?
– Your best intentions in the morning don’t yield the desired results, Sounds familiar?
– Have you ever often failed to apply success principles of the achievers after initial dose of motivation ends?

This Productivity Book will help you:

– Feel more in control of your personal and working life.
– Provide easy to follow success principles and daily rituals on how to stop procrastinating and find a permanent cure to procrastination.
– Feel like creating few more hours in your day with simple mental tweaks.
– Work smarter not harder
– Understand how to be fearless in all situations.
– Reduce Stress and understand dealing with anxiety
– Learn the ways for inbox freedom
– Finding ways to cure your fear of failure and fear of rejection.
– Creating new healthy and growth mindset and success habits for life.
– Re-wiring your brain by creating new neuro-pathways to think differently and keep moving further without any stress.

Key Issues addressed in this Book are:

– You will learn the deeper underlying root causes, which hamper your peak performance.
– You will realize the importance of your deeper purpose as a force for all your actions.
– You will get to know 7 negative mindsets, which have always crippled you from achieving your best life and how to easily replace those with the resourceful mindsets..
– You will also learn 25 life changing new success habits in every area of your life to perform at your best.
– You will get practical tools to permanently install the new habits to master your life.

This Productivity Guide will also Show you how to deal with situations like:

– How to deal with your reporting manager and with your own mind, if you have missed some deadline for work?
– How to keep delivering faster and manage your day to day work, even if the work is not perfect yet.
– How you can conquer your mind to focus on your work in spite of alluring distractions.
– How you can better deliver any work, when it requires the involvement of other colleagues.
– How making few minor changes in your daily routine will set the tone of your day towards positivity.
– How to improve your emotional intelligence in handling stressful work place environment.

A Personal Note from the Author:

This book blends Author’s experience of more than a decade and a half of working in the corporate world involving different work cultures ranging from highly professional system oriented organization to very demanding consultancy related work.

During all these years, he has personally experienced the challenges arising on the way towards improving work performance and therefore understands that the stress associated with lack of productivity its impact on overall life. To overcome all these issues, the author has personally implemented these strategies in his practical environment.

This productivity book incorporates all his knowledge and experience in a step by step manner with the intention to help the reader perform better and achieve goals faster.

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