Free fantasy Kindle books for 05 Aug 17

The Almosts: A Snowverse Novella (The Almosts Trilogy Book 1)

by L.C. Mawson

A real job? In this economy? Maybe robbing banks isn’t such a terrible idea after allâ?¦

Kara had always been good with computers. She was autistic. Go figure. But when she finds herself caught in the middle of a bank heist and able to see impossible things, she starts to figure that there might be more to it than that.

After losing her job, she’s out of options, so when a woman appears in her house claiming to be some kind of witch, telling Kara that she has the ability to magically control machines, and offering her a job with her heist crew, Kara hesitates before throwing her out.

Maybe there are worse places for a quasi-magical autistic woman to be than on the wrong side of the lawâ?¦

THE ALMOSTS is the first book in The Almosts Trilogy, a series of paranormal heist novellas set within L.C. Mawson’s urban fantasy Snowverse.

The Almosts Trilogy:
The Almosts
The Damned
The Redeemed

Fake True Love (The Billionaire Parker Brothers Book 1)

by Kayla C. Oliver

He needed a fake girlfriend on his arm, but he got a real lover in his bed, and if they aren’t careful, their passion may just sweep them away.

Dana, newly fired from her position at Parker Industries, has no issues telling her former boss, one delicious Cole Parker, just what she thinks of him. When he offers her an absurd amount of money to grace his arm for the next few weeks, she’s suspicious, but she agrees. After all, it’s just for the press and his family, right?

In his arms, the lines between reality and role – blur, and they find themselves falling in love, but when she discovers the real reason why he needed a fake girlfriend, he’ll need more than money to get her back.

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