Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 05 Aug 17

Across the Stars: A Contemporary Romance

by Jacqueline Chambers

Jake grew up playing sports, that was his first love, the world he knew. Baseball took over his life, and he tried to hold onto it as long as he could. But when it ended as he got older, he wondered if there was anything left for him. Why even go on, what’s the point? He believed he had experienced everything good life had to offer. And so he drifted, moved from California to Texas, and searched for meaning, for something more.

Jen is young, in the prime of her life, and facing a crisis far outside of the typical 22 year old experience. Her perspective on life is being challenged, and she doesn’t know if she can continue on. But she does, she knows she must. Her hope is that her perseverance will pay off, that she will experience something in life so beautiful as to justify the suffering she endures.

When they meet, they wonder if that search for meaning has come to an end:

“But not nearly as beautiful as you,” I said as I kissed her. We kissed the rest of the ride down, and then went up again. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, and I resolved never to forget how it felt: The feeling of her warmth, her love for me, the cool ocean breeze, the cooing of the seagulls, the soft light of the setting sun. It was an impressionist painting come to life, and I got to live it…

This is a clean, inspirational story.

Forged in Rage: Book I of Violent Sands

by Sean Young

Biblical Historical Fiction

If you like action-packed historical fiction then you will love Sean Young’s thrilling portrayal of a people’s struggle for redemption.

For generations, the copper scroll has remained buried, concealing the treasure it protects and the prophecy it contains. Now that secret is about to be unleashed. In the right hands, the scroll could bring about Israel’s freedom from Roman occupation, but used improperly, it could destroy her.

Barabbas, a warrior zealot and sworn protector of the scroll, has vowed to overthrow his Roman oppressors. He has raged against an empire and lashed out at its military might. But his greatest enemy remains the pain within.

His quest for vengeance and Roman blood, his love for a peace loving woman, and his commitment to the mysterious scroll pull him in vastly different directions.Death and betrayal loom around every corner as Barabbas searches for a truth that he has yet to fully understand-the force that drives him forward and ultimately requests the ultimate sacrifice to be made by a man.

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