Free sports Kindle books for 05 Aug 17

Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice

by Jeff Grant

Flow State Runner offers a treasure trove of coaching guidance for runners of all levels. Jeff Grant writes in a personable, humorous and engaging style, sharing stories from ultra-running and life to reinforce his innovative and inspiring set of coaching concepts.

Jeff draws upon his experience as an ultra-endurance athlete, yoga teacher, mental toughness coach, musician, and adventurer to deliver a refreshing look at running, with a host of new ideas and creative integration of a wide range of concepts that will make a lasting impact on your running.

Flow State Runner aims to develop and activate a powerful coach’s voice in your mind, teaching you how to:

  • ATTAIN high quality, fulfilling running experiences
  • SET the conditions for experiencing flow (in-the-zone performance)
  • INTEGRATE the best physical, mental, and spiritual techniques to suit your needs and style
  • CONNECT to your peak potential with breath training, potent visualization practices, and a compelling set of mental training tools
  • ENHANCE your approach to training and racing with creative structure, immediately useful templates & lists, and helpful race day routines
  • PROACTIVELY ADDRESS overload, stress, and balance 

While Flow State Runner is focused on running, many of Jeff’s lessons transfer seamlessly and supportively into other areas of life.

Walleye, Sauger and White Bass: …Fishing Spring and Fall â??Runsâ? of the Midwest!

by Tom Riser

Imagine being in a fishing contest with two of your buddies for 10 minutes and you catch a white bass every 46 seconds…..and loose the contest! What the heck! How did THAT happen?
It happened because we were fishing the fall white bass run, just west of where we lived, in my buddies boat, in the tail-waters of a dam…..and the fish were stacked up so thick that you could see them swarm all over our baits! Driving home in his truck, we laughed so hard about all the fish we released that we felt sea sick!
The fish were there for a reason.
Every year, like clockwork, Walleyes, Sauger and White Bass leave their “Big Water” homes to migrate upstream, just as Mother Nature demands.
These spring and fall “Runs” concentrate fish at spawning grounds, deep river channels, rip rap outside bends and behind bridge pilings. All you have to do is be there at the right time and use the right tackle, bait and presentation!
I’ve been fishing the Midwest for years and wrote this book from personal experience, fishing many of these famous runs.
In this book I discuss 12 top notch locations that will increase your odds of catching trophy fish. 6 locations teach you about Walleyes and Saugers…and 6 locations cover White Bass.
After learning about these famous runs, you’ll be able to fish some of the most productive waters in the Midwest.
You will learn what the preferred tackle is, where the boat launches are and the correct time of year to go!
Put this info to good use and increase your odds of catching a true trophy. This is knowledge you can use year after year, making you a better fisherman for life!

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