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Rock Your Business: 3 Simple Steps, One Giant Leap to Success for Your Startup

by Boni Wagner-Stafford

If you’ve recently started a new business, or you’re planning on it, everything you need to know in order to Rock Your Business is right here. It’s like an MBA-in-a-box, without the tuition, school hours, or homework.

Yes! In “Rock Your Business”, award-winning journalist Boni Wagner-Stafford and serial entrepreneur John Wagner-Stafford teach you things you can spend thousands of dollars to read about hypothetically in business school.

�How to find your new business idea and identify your customers.
�Why your purpose sets you apart from your competitors.
â?Which legal matters you don’t want to take shortcuts on, and how to choose the right business structure.
�Ways to protect your intellectual property (yes, you have some!).
â?When to hire help and when it’s okay to DIY.
�How to create a business culture that works for you, not against.
�How to avoid cash flow disasters that can ruin you, fast.
�How to leverage technology in everyday administration.
â?When it’s right to grow your business, and how to do it.
�How to ditch the clients that drag you down.
�Tips for creating brand content that connects, drawing customers in.
�Marketing strategy versus tactics, and when writing a book might be right for your business.
�How to build in downtime to ensure you can keep giving your best.

Your business drives your income, your livelihood, and your experience of life. Follow the guidelines in this book and you will have what it takes to “Rock Your Business”.  

“…written in a bright, accessible fashion and delivers information that small business people will run with. They provide clear advice on how to improve the way you do business.” – Troy Media

Freelance University: Make Money Through Service Freelancing & Teaching Online Through Udemy

by Jason Burberry

Here are 2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Entrepreneurship Training Today!




Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

The Lazy Freelancer’s Blueprint
– The exact process of starting a freelancing business from absolute scratch
– How to find the best services to resell
– The exact source that you can use to sell $1 services for $10 on Fiverr!
– The top 5 services I recommend you choose as your first service
– How to create a sales listing from start to finish
– The exact description process to follow for your first listing
– How to create extra gigs and what are the 2 things you need before you sell that extra gig
– How to upsell your customers for 50%-100% more profits!
– How to fulfill your orders without doing the work yourself

Make Money Teaching Online
– The biggest lies gurus tell their students just to make money off of them
– The “online” disease that will kill your dreams of making money online… heck, you might have it right now!
– The ONLY solution for this “internet disease”
– The major mistakes most newbies make when they start their own business
– How to find a niche that is guaranteed to be profitable
– The list of the top 21 biggest niches to target
– How to narrow down your niche so you only sell to the people that has money
– How to create your own customer list
– The survey method that will guarantee that you don’t waste any time creating your product
– 4 easy ways to create your first product

Look, you can trial and error your way to success or you can get your copy of this book bundle and learn a step by step methodology of making money via internet marketing

It’s totally up to you.

If you’re an action taker and you’d rather learn from other people’s mistakes, then it’s time to scroll up and download your copy now

TRADING: THE BEGINNERS BIBLE: Day Trading + Options Trading + Forex Trading + Stock Trading Beginners Guides To Get Quickly Started and Make Immediate Cash With Trading

by Samuel Rees

TRADING: The Beginners Bible: Day Trading + Options Trading + Forex Trading + Stock Trading Beginners Guides To Get Quickly Started and Make Immediate Cash With Trading

Four Hard-Hitting Books Conveniently Packed in One Powerful Bundle!

This Beginners Bible on Trading for profit contains 4 manuscripts conveniently rolled up in 1:

This is an incredible value for money offer!!! Lots of useful information and tips for beginners about the universe of trading in 1 consolidated book!

Are you looking to make money fast? Do you have what it takes to trade stocks quickly, in a fast-paced environment and with limited resources? Does the idea of trading on the New York Stock Exchange excite you, yet you don’t think you’d have the time or wherewithal to spend long periods of time waiting for your shares to grow? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to download these manuscripts as soon as you can!!

These manuscripts will give you the potential to take a small sum of money and turn it into a larger sum of money within the same day! What more could you possibly want? It doesn’t get much better than that. After reading them, it’s safe to say that you’ll never want to work a normal forty-hour-per-week job ever again.  Some people become so consumed by day trading that they end up doing it full time. 

Here are the books you’ll discover inside:

  • Day Trading: A beginner guide to start making immediate cash in only one day of trading

  • Options Trading: A Beginner Guide To Start Making Immediate Cash With Options Trading

  • Forex Trading: A Beginner Guide To Start Making Immediate Cash With Forex Trading

  • Stock Trading: A Beginner Guide To Start Making Immediate Cash With Stock Trading

The whole goal of this book is to help you become a profitable and successful trader. 

So I am sharing as much information as I can with you in an easy to learn step by step process. This book has been written with the beginner in mind so you will be able to read this book and understand everything you are reading. 

Don’t wait any longer to start making money. And don’t count on the government to take care of your retirement needs.

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Understanding Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

by Eric Morse

A Bitcoin User’s Guide for Everyone

Bitcoin is a groundbreaking innovation in the fields of technology and finance… it is faster, more private and more secure than traditional financial products like credit cards. But isn’t just for banks, researchers, or IT professionals. It was created for you. It was intended for everyday people to use for shopping, saving, investing, and earning over the internet. Unfortunately, Bitcoin’s steep learning curve has left its intended audience alienated and confused. No longer!

Understanding Bitcoin is your guide to the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. You’ll not only learn what Bitcoin is and what makes it such a game-changer, you’ll learn the basics of buying, spending, and transacting without falling into the traps that snare so many new Bitcoin users.

You will learn:

  • Where to find an exchange, and what to NEVER do when you use one.
  • How use bitcoin to buy items on Amazon without using gift cards.
  • The truth about Bitcoin mining that most other books won’t tell you.
  • What NOT to do if you want to keep your transactions as private as possible.
  • Whether YOU should invest in Bitcoin or avoid it at all costs.
  • â?¦and Much more!

Chapter Listing:

Chapter One: Supermoney!
Chapter Two: Power and Responsibility
Chapter Three: Obtaining Bitcoin
Chapter Four: Spending Bitcoin
Chapter Five: Keeping Bitcoin
Chapter Six: Investing in Bitcoin

Act Like a Business. Think Like a Customer: Managing You Business Using Loyalty, Relationships, and Engagement

by Dr. Elijah G. Clark

As humans, we are greatly influenced by our relationships. We each enjoy being members of loyalty programs and networking groups that align with our goals. We have selected and continue to go to the same supermarkets, gas stations, banks, and purchase from only select companies. This happens because of an unspoken relationship that exists with these businesses and brands. They make us happy, we trust them, and their consistency is calming in a chaotic world with too many choices.

If you’re a professional — whether you’re an entrepreneur or an executive — you need proven, high-level strategies to really make your business grow and it starts with understanding the needs of your customers. To gain and sustain a relationship with a customer, you’ve got to think like a customer.

Penny Stocks: The No-Nonsense Start Guide to Investing & Trading Penny Stocks For Beginners (Trading Series Book 2)

by Graham Johnson

You Are About to Learn How To Trade Penny Stocks From The No-Nonsense Start Guide to Investing & Trading Penny Stocks For Beginners!

Have you ever come in contact with the idea of buying and selling Penny Stocks? This is one great method used by many today in maximizing their wealth creation potentials. You can also do the same.  If you are completely new to this idea, you are on the right page.  Having a good understanding of penny stock buying and selling is a good place to start.

You may be asking is it possible to teach yourself to trade Penny Stocks? Yes, but without the proper guide in placeâ?¦ your chances of success are very slim. That is why it is extremely important for you to invest in a ready made solution so that you can have all the profits of trading penny stocks without having to go through the school of hard knocks.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on investing, leveraging as well as penny stock trading tips of the top 5% of traders so you can be well on your road to success with trading penny stocks!

In This Book You Will Discover:

ïPenny Stock Trading Philosophies And Approaches
ïRisks Associated With Penny Stock Trading
ïBasic Indicators and How To Leverage Them
ïBidding and Pricing
ïHow to Choose The Best Penny Stock Broker For Yourself
ïand Much, much more!

So Go Ahead! Grab Your Copy & Start Reading Today!

Coaching: The 18 Most Powerful Coaching Questions Regarding Confidence: Redefine your Confidence and Live a Fruitful, Self-Determined Life

by Napoleon Takahashi

Have you ever wondered why some people exude confidence in a seemingly effortless way?

What will you do at your personal peak of confidence?



you will learn:

�About what confidence is: We all have an abstract idea in our minds about the concept of confidence, but what does it really mean? And what can having confidence do for you? This will be covered in chapter one and throughout the rest of the book.

�How the self relates to confidence: What is the difference between self-esteem and confidence? Why does this distinction matter, and how can you develop both? Find out in chapter two.

�Your relationship with others: Your relationship with yourself and the confidence you have determines how your relationships with others will be. Confidence has a lot to do with how caring you are to your fellow man. Chapter three explores this idea in more detail.

�And more: How does routine affect confidence? What about a spiritual belief system or ritual? We will explore these ideas, and more, in the last chapters of THE 18 MOST POWERFUL COACHING QUESTIONS REGARDING CONFIDENCE.

If you’re tired of living as less than what you know you can be, this is the book for you. With the right attitude and ideas, you can transform your life.

Here is what readers say:
‘You will be moved by the honesty of Takahashi’s second work, for its ability to make you realize that you alone can shape your thoughts and thereby your life puts you in the powerful position to grow personally.’

Go to the top of the page and click the buy now button and begin your transformation TODAY!

Cómo ser PRODUCTIVO – Deja de Perder tu Tiempo, Elimina Distracciones y Sé Más Productivo en Solo Minutos: (Aprende a gestion del tiempo. Aumentar la productividad en simples pasos) (Spanish Edition)

by Héctor Valdivieso

“No dejes que el tiempo se te escape de las manos, aprende a administrarlo, se más productivo y disfruta de tu nueva vida AHORA”

La persona que tenga la capacidad de decidir qué hacer con su tiempo y como gastarlo, es una persona privilegiada en nuestros tiempos.

Hace años SUFRÍ (como muchos tristemente) la desesperación, frustración y angustia de no poder hacer todo lo que quería y tenía planificado a causa de mi bajo compromiso conmigo mismo. Puede que al igual que yo, T� sentiste este sentimiento en ocasiones lo cual era resultado de:

Este libro es TOTALMENTE recomendado para TI si has pasado por alguna de las siguientes situaciones:

  • NO TERMINAR todo el trabajo/estudio programado para el día
  • No lograr el nivel adecuado de CONCENTRACIÃ?N
  • DISTRACCIÃ?N INSTANTÁNEA al sentarte frente a un PC a trabajar/estudiar (Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  • FALTA DE ÁNIMO al final del día por el poco avance logrado
  • CANSANCIO extremo
  • Sé que es frustrante no poder tomar las riendas de tu propio trabajo, de tu rutinaâ?¦de TU VIDA.

    Sé lo difícil que es llegar al fin del día, mirar hacia atrás y ver que el día fue un completo gastadero de tiempo, sin los resultados esperado.

    En este libro te enseñare como ser más productivo con tu tiempo sin sacrificar tu vida familiar ni social, de hecho uno de los resultados que lograras al poner en práctica mis consejos será tener una MAYOR LIBERTAD para HACER LO QUE QUIERAS.

    Estas a punto de descubrir como explotar tu productividad en tan solo segundos con unas simples estrategias.

    Algunas cosas aprenderás del libro – Cómo ser más PRODUCTIVO:

    • Secretos para ser más productivo de forma instantánea
    • Tu tarea de cada noche antes de dormir que te garantizara un día productivo
    • La técnica de Dividir el Tiempo en Bloques
    • Ejercicios Paso a Paso para practicar al momento que lees el libro.
    • Como levantarse temprano (la clave de mi éxito) y no fracasar en el intento
    • Mucho, mucho másâ?¦

    Sé que cuesta creerlo� incluso a veces es difícil de explicar por qué algo tan simple (Ser productivo) puede ser tan complicado para la mayoría de las personas, pero no te preocupes ya que estas técnicas las he practicado hace bastantes años y te puedo asegurar que te servirán.

    No importa si eres estudiante o un ocupado trabajador que solo tiene tiempo para llegar por la noche a dormir.

    Descarga Tu Copia HOY

    Para descargar tu copia de “Cómo der PRODUCTIVO – Deja de Perder tu Tiempo, Elimina Distracciones y sé más Productivo en solo Minutos (Secreto Revelado)” dándole click al botón Comprar o BUY y recíbelo al instante.

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    Daily Routine: How to Makeover Your Daily Morning Routines for Better Productivity, Health and Happiness

    by Mark Crosby


    Do you ever wonder how people get energized in the mornings?

    Perhaps you have been sluggish for so long that you don’t know what it is that you are doing wrong.

    If you want to change, then this is a short book that will HELP you to achieve your goals.

    How will you learn to change your daily routine forever?

    In this book, I am here to teach you that approach is everything and that basic changes in your routines can make all of the difference in the world to how your life plays out. If you change habits that make up your daily routine and exercise everyday, this can massively boost your productivity. 

    These changes, which when done in small steps, can be achieved without too much effort requires some self discipline, and requires you to develop new habits, one of which is the exercise habit.

    So, if you carry out the routines, and change habits that you’re used to, you will find yourself energized to such an extent that you will be able to DOUBLE your OUTPUT, as well as being able to BALANCE your life in such a way that it is able to give you HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION.

    Inside the book:

        • The secrets to creating a killer morning routine so you can be your best day every day

        • A quick guide to meditation to make you more effective

        • A quick exercise regime to get your day off to a great start

        • Energizing yourself with a solid breakfast

        • Effectively ordering your day

        • Tips of Work-Life Balance and Habit Stacking

        • And much moreâ?¦

    So, develop the ultimate, doable, daily routine and perform at your peak, day in and day out.

    Click BUY NOW in the top right corner to get started!

    Tags: daily routine, daily habits, exercise everyday, habits, change habits, self discipline, exercise habit.

    Social Media for Actors: A Simple Guide to Boosting Your Entertainment Career with Online Marketing

    by Laura Hunter Drago

    Social media is everywhere and it isn’t just for celebrities. Actors of any level can use online tools to connect with industry professionals and promote their work. This book teaches the basics of setting up and using social media to further your career and build your professional network, including:

    – Tips for connecting with verified accounts on Twitter
    – Fundraising independent film projects with social media campaigns
    – Defining your “type” as an actor and building your online brand around it
    – Utilizing your personal and professional connections online in a positive, non-invasive manner
    – Promoting your work as a performer, no matter how big or small the project is

    Sponsored by the Mob: An Improbable Dream A Ruthless Mobster An Opportunity You Can’t Refuse

    by KR Crawford

    The Godfather becomes a multilevel marketing distributor.

    And while most MLM entrepreneurs abandon their dream after the forth or fifth prospect tells them to take a hike, Don Vespucci demonstrates that a guy really can succeed in this business.

    One simply needs to be known as a serious man to be treated with respect. And that he is.

    Before federal authorities or the other New York crime families know what’s going on, the Vespucci gang is getting filthy rich moving truckloads of vitamins, cosmetics, and weight loss shakes.

    But their biggest seller is Low Suds Detergent 25â??LSD25 for short. And that acronym incites even more confusion amongst gangsters, news reporters, and law enforcement.

    Before the story reaches its exciting climax at the Annual Corporate Awards Convention in Hawaii, multiple government agencies, U.S. Senators, and even a sitting United States president have gotten mixed up in a nefarious enterprise that intertwines drugs, prostitution, and cleaning products.

    The final shootout at the convention takes a twist that forever changes the American entrepreneurial landscape.

    This darkly humorous romp through two misunderstood enterprises may be just what you need to get your own business underwayâ??whether it is one of those misunderstood home-based dreams, or some other undertaking for which success or failure hinges upon your persistence, your persuasiveness, and your reputation.

    Achieve Anything You Want – With Joy!

    by Jan Steuber

    You are setting goals but don’t achieve them?

    This short book is all about showing you a new technique that you can use to completely change your life. Achieve goals that you never achieved, because you were always told to do it the wrong way. Until now!

    With this technique the Author and all of his clients and friends who used it so far, opened a whole new world of possibilities for themselves, because anything they want to reach, they achieve.
    Learning new skills has never been so easy for them and it lead to a massive self improvement on a consistent basis.
    If you ever wondered how to get things done without putting you under pressure then you will also enjoy this book.

    Write your personal success story by using this technique and you will never need a “how to reach goals” book again, promised!



    Want to improve your life, but don’t have enough time? Right now you could easily think of a dozen ways to instantly improve your life. Odds are, these ideas will only take a few minutes apiece to complete. The problem? You might feel like there’s not enough time to do all of them. One solution can be found using the power of “habit stacking.”
    One Routine + Multiple Habits = Habit Stacking
    We all know it’s not easy to add dozens of new habits to your day. But what you might not realize is it’s fairly easy to build a single new routine. The essence of habit stacking is to take a series of small changes (like eating a piece of fruit or sending a loving text message to your significant other) and build a ritual that you follow on a daily basis.

    Habit stacking works because you eliminate the stress of trying to change too many things at once. Your goal is to simply focus on a single routine that only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Within this routine is a series of actions (or small changes). All you have to do is to create a checklist and follow it every single day. That’s the essence of habit stacking.
    As creatures of habit, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of things that we do on a regular basis that don’t even require as much as a single thought. Things that we have done so often, and over such an extended period of time, that they literally have become a part of who we are and how we go about our day.
    Some of these habits are healthy, empowering, and good, while some of these habits are unhealthy, disempowering, and not-so-good. And, once a habit is established, it’s very hard to break – a truth I’m sure you’re all too familiar with.
    What’s easier than breaking an old, bad habit is creating a new, good habit. This is where habit stacking comes in to play.
    The idea is simple: Take a habit that is already established and a part of your lifestyle and stack a new habit (that you want to build) on top of it. By pairing them up, you use the first – already established habit – as a trigger to remind you and drive you to do the second.
    Think about itâ?¦
    -What do you do every morning after you wake up? Check your phone? Brew coffee?
    -What do you do after every shower? Dry off? Get dressed?
    -What do you do every time you finish brushing your teeth? Floss? Mouthwash?
    -What’s the first thing you do after work every day? Crash on the couch? Cook dinner?
    -What’s the last thing you do at night before you go to bed?
    If you’re like me, you probably noticed that you already have a ton of stacked habits in your life, and the power is already evident. This means all we need to do now is take action and pair accordingly.
    How to get started with habit stacking:
    Create a list of habits already established in your life – even the minuscule, boring ones. Include things like: wake up, shower, eat breakfast, drive to work, make coffee, brush teeth, check e-mail, check social media, eat dinner, watch TV, etc.
    Next, create a list of habits that you want to establish as a part of your lifestyle. Things like: reading, writing, exercising, meditating, cooking, cleaning, spending time with family, etc.
    Finally, pair them up in a way that would work for your lifestyle and focus on building it up until it’s a new habit! And let’s not forget about the power of focus! One pairing at a time, please.
    â?¦Stack too many habits up at once and they will all likely come toppling down!


    Make Money Online Without Spending Any Money

    by Ron Charleston

    In my book, The Dream is Gone Economic: Survival in 21st Century America, I wrote about the need to expand your sources of income, so you are not dependent upon any single source. I gave a few examples of this in chapter 8, with an emphasis on making money online. In this book, I have gone into more detail about making money online, but only those opportunities that will cost you nothing but your time. The reason for this is that there are simply too many ways to lose money when attempting to make money on the Internet. You need to walk before you run.

    The Internet is filled with ads pitching some product that will allow you to make money at home from your computer. Some of these advertisements will go so far as to claim you can get rich, or at least make an outrageous sum of monthly or yearly income. Some of this money can supposedly be made in a matter of days. How much of this is legitimate? Not much, and at the very least, the claims are exaggerated. Can you make money on the Internet? Yes, but unfortunately, it is not usually a path to riches. But you can make money, and this money can be important to survive in today’s world.

    You may be looking for a full-time income or just some money to supplement your present income, but the good news is that it is possible to make money and with no investment other than your time.

    Social Media Marketing Strategies: How Strategies Work In Business Growth(social media strategy,social media engagement,social media advertising, social media analytics,social media business)

    by James Jackson

    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

    Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.

    How Are Search & Social Media Marketing Related?

    Why would a search marketer â?? or a site about search engines â?? care about social media? The two are very closely related.

    Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find social media content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results, either within a social media network or at a â??mainstream’ search engine.

    Social Media Marketing At Marketing Land

    Marketing Land is the sister site to Search Engine Land that covers all facets of internet marketing, including these popular topics within social media marketing:

    ……………….and many more

    Click on BUY BUTTON for more information

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    Asia-literacy and Global Competence: Collections and Recollections

    by Alicia Su Lozeron

    ASIA-LITERACY AND GLOBAL COM-PETENCE is a collection of vignettes and articles about Asia and the world. In bringing the Asian segment onto the western stage, Alicia Su Lozeron emphasizes the invaluable contributions of the Asian sector to the global village. An irresistible shift of global power renders awareness about global competence ever more important. She aims to raise that awareness and connects the West to the East by researching and analyzing facts as well as describing experiences of cross-cultural nature. Her content is compelling, and her tales, beautifully narrated.
    Through her translation and com-munication management company, Asia-America Connection Society, AACS äº?ç¾?å?ä½?协ä¼?, Alicia Su Lozeron has promoted Asia-literacy and urged global competence. Her diligence in providing quality content related to Asia and the globe has proven to be rewarding, both to her own personal fulfillment, and to the global village’s needs. For herself, the work is her cause and calling. She gains a great deal of gratification through hard work and creation. For the world, her work is beneficial and educational in the ways it introduces peoples and cultures of various heritages and embraces world citizens of the global village, with their fair share of rights to being, to life, and to our magnificent Earth.
    Alicia Su Lozeron’s advocacy for mutual understanding and collaboration among cultures is vital for your company or personal accomplishments, on a business, cultural, educational, or entertainment dimension. Below is what readers and audiences have discerned of Alicia Su Lozeron’s work:
    – helps me overcome difficulties or fears and find beauty in positive human interactions;
    – helps me appreciate people of various backgrounds, and expand knowledge about the world;
    – helps me understand interracial or blended family relations;
    – helps me savor intricate feelings and emotions about important subjects in life;
    – helps me gain enjoyment through poetic narrations;
    – helps me realize a new perspective of hope, courage, and respect for others;
    – helps me raise awareness about cultural competence;
    – helps me nurture a well-rounded global outlook;
    – motivates me to promote an open/just community;
    – urges me to develop the ability to see the big picture using multiple frames of references;
    – helps me strengthen the ability to express genuine love;
    – helps me decrease conflict by learning to trust and to resolve disagreementsâ?¦.

    “Think Global Live Noble” — together we can build a better world!

    How To Make Your First $1,000 With Online Surveys

    by Chris Guthrie

    Would you like to get paid cash just for sharing your opinion?

    Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online right now. There is no background skills needed, you can start right away, and you get to work from home. In this book, you will learn the best survey companies to make money online with for free.

    The book begins by giving you general tips for taking surveys, such as avoiding getting your inbox spammed, and then moves into telling you how to best use each survey company. You will learn exact details on how to use these paid survey companies to make the most money in the least amount of time.

    The books ends with a schedule on how to combine the best survey companies so that you are taking advantage of their strengths while avoiding their faults.

    If you follow the tips in this book, you will be well on your way to making your first $1,000 with paid surveys, all while you work from home.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.