Free fantasy Kindle books for 06 Aug 17

Orientation: Office Duties, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

Office duties just got a lot more fun.

Samantha Olsen was looking to climb up the corporate ladder to better her life when she happened upon this great job opening higher up in her company. To her surprise she landed the position, but she also caught the eye of the reclusive Vice-President of the company. She was in for a lot more than filling staplers as the boss gave her a memorable orientation.

Magium: The Mage Tournament: Book 1

by Chris Michael Wilson

Barry is an ordinary guy, with no magical powers whatsoever, who dreamed of becoming a mage for the better part of his life. After dedicating his whole life to studying magic, in the hopes of fulfilling his dream, he finally finds a way to do it.

However, in order to become a mage, he must first win a deadly free-for-all tournament against the most powerful mages in the world.

The fantasy world that the story takes place in is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and by The Lord of the Rings.

The story of Magium starts at the beginning of the tournament, right after Barry and all the other participants are transported to the continent where the contest is taking place.

The tournament takes place on a continent hidden from the rest of the world, where there are mythical creatures like dragons and hydras, but also remnants of an old and technologically advanced civilization, whose magically powered devices are still being used in the present day.

As the series progresses, Barry will meet with other participants, he will make friends and enemies, and he will gradually find out more about the continent he is on, and its inhabitants. He will find out that a person called “The Creator” had established several utopias in this place, six hundred years ago, where animals and humans lived in harmony, and food was created through magic. What Barry will get to see through his travels, however, is the downfall of these utopias, some of them being on the brink of destruction. As he begins to get involved with the people of this land, Barry will need to decide if he can simply ignore what is happening before his eyes, or if he will intervene, at the risk of being banned from the tournament, and forfeiting his dream.

Credits for the magic ball image on the cover go to Agnes Landgraf.

A Necessary Darkness (A Timeless Story Book 2)

by Susan Catalano

The fate of Salem is in her handsâ?¦

In the the thrilling conclusion to The Timeless Ones, Merry finds that sometimes power isn’t enough to save the ones you love. As she fights to gain control of her memories and her life, William struggles to overcome the Tall Man’s mark and maintain any good that remains inside him.

Meanwhile, unnatural disasters plague Salem, intensifying with the approach of William’s birthday, the day his light is strongest. As Salem prepares for its annual Halloween celebration, the Tall Man’s plot unfolds, and when the doors to the dead open on October 31st, Merry, William, and the people of Salem will face their greatest challenge.

Mystery of Asgina Lake: a short story

by Caren Rich

Small town life brings big trouble for twin sisters, Ella and Lena when a series of unexplained drownings demands the attention of their single, cop father. The pair ditch binge watching TV and reading comic books to solve the mystery. Armed with a map and a local myth, they hike alone to Asgina Lake in hopes of discovering what is hiding beneath the surface. Can the twins solve the mystery? Or will their end-of-summer essay be their obituary?

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