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The Work Book How To Guide: 2 Books – The Work Book Guide To Double Your Book Sales: The How To Guide – A Supplemental Guide to How To Double Your Book Sales

by Sarah Bailey

The work book how to guide: 2 Books- The Work Book Guide + The How To Guide

For the first time, Book + Supplemental Guide Together, thus saving you money. Exceptional value at one low price.

The Work Book Guide

This work book guide is a supplemental guide to the book entitled: “Double your book sales by creating a Work Book Guide a Must Have Book for Indie Publishers”. This Work Book will help you learn what you need to know. There are questions, fill in the blank all necessary to help re-enforce your learning. This is a must have guide book. “The Book- How To Guide” is the bank, the “Supplemental Guide- Work Book” is the getaway car.

The How To Guide – Double your book sales by creating a Work Book Guide a Must Have Book for Indie Publishers

This book will teach you all of the how to’s to make a work book for your nonfiction self-help books. Are you serious about the subject you teach? Do you give lectures or want to give your audience a tool they can use which includes, questions, answers, puzzles and more. Think about the possibilities.

Feared Fury: A Tale of the Court of Swords (Tales of the Court of Swords)

by Carl R. III Cole

The Court of Swords is a seat of power hidden behind mist and secrecy in the world of men. There, bonds are formed, honor reigns, mercy is sought, and destiny unfolds. From the Court of Swords comes the Knights of Humanity, they who wield the powerfully magical Swords of Humanity to “help humans to help themselves.”
When the Captains of the Knights and Swords of Humanity come to where a bitter and resentful Kyle Virtanen is imprisoned by terrorists, Kyle accepts their offer to become a candidate for the Knights of Humanity. His hope: to find a way out of the gloom and misery of his life so that he can finally obtain the happiness he has been looking for.
At the Court of Swords, Kyle receives Rathors: Sword of Anger, who will be his companion in what is to come. Kyle swiftly discovers that having a magical sword doesn’t help you escape the problems of life. Quite the opposite. In the course of his trials to becoming a Knight of Humanity, he comes face to face with everything he wants to avoid in his life, and in his own mind.
In order to break free of both his physical and emotional prisons, Kyle will need Rathors’ help, as well as the help of the Knights of Humanity, for his trials will shake him to the very core of his being and remake his life in a way that he could never have possibly imagined. For Kyle must face his deepest and darkest fear, the thing inside of him which he has suppressed for so long: his own fury at everything wrong in his life.
And it is on the verge of being set free.

This is a tale of the Court of Swords. Experience the Powers of Humanity and witness the rise of The Rageboiler!

(For all ages! No explicit content or foul language included. Enjoy!)

Animals: Describe us (Smarter thinking & clever kids Book 1)

by Cally Finsbury


Describe us

These are simple books for you and your child. These books are simple but have the objective of encouraging interaction between you and your child.
It is important to spend time with your child but what should you do? You could talk to your child about your day or something you know about. This book is a stimulus for you to help to develop your child’s vocabulary.

Most kids learn about one new word per week between 18 months and 2 years of age and can say about 50 to 100 words by age 2.
This simple book is a great way to expose your toddler to a variety of new words all day long.
It is vital that you make the opportunity to make sure your toddler’s hearing a steady stream of language.
By keeping up a constant conversational flow, using a diverse vocabulary, you’re setting your child up for better reading, writing, and spelling skills later in their life.
This book ‘Animals describe us’ can be read many times by making up your own questions or playing describing games.

El Pacto de Azrael: la eternidad puede esperar (Spanish Edition)

by Luis J. Quintana

A veces las personas vivimos ajenos a lo que nos rodea, pensamos que todo es perfecto y que quienes están cerca son sinceros con nosotros. Pastora se da cuenta que esto no es cierto tras encontrarse cara a cara con Azrael, el “Ángel de la muerte”. A través de determinados signos se aventura a negociar con él y le vence, consigue quedarse en este mundo, pero no sus dos mejores amigos, Marisa y Mauro. Siempre había pensado en esta figura como algo malo y tenebroso, pero descubre que es todo lo contrario, él lucha por la vida, por las almas y cuando se lleva alguna es porque la repone por otra. Se lo demuestra haciendo que busque a Aliz y que siga su estela, luchando por las almas del Holocausto y por las venideras en Israel. En un momento de su vida y por un problema familiar, Pastora vuelve a contactar con Azrael y le entrega su alma, pero éste la rechaza porque valora su integridad, además de premiarla solucionándole dicho problema.

Star Wars: Star Wars Character Description Guide (The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Star Wars Characters, Creatures, and Villains)

by Luke Williams

You are about to experience the Ultimate Star Wars Character Guide. Whether you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, or new to the saga, this will take you through the in’s-and-out’s of each character in the galaxy. You will learn about the dark and light sides, and experience Star Wars like never before!

This guide includes ALL the Star Wars Characters, Creatures, and Villains from:

– A New Hope

– The Empire Strikes Back

– The Phantom Menace

– Attack of the Clones

– Revenge of the Sith

– Return of the Jedi

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Cross-stitch Pattern Collection. Fruits: Counted Cross-Stitching for Beginners (Cross-stitch embroidery Book 4)

by Key Miller

Do you like fruits? Do you want to learn how to cross-stitch?
If ‘yes’ is your answer, this book is for you.

If you prefer to use the best quality graphs while learning, please, be my guest. Learn how to cross stitch quickly with interesting designs and simple techniques. As a result, you’ll have improved your skills and have a few superb stitched pictures.

In this cross-stitch pattern book, you will find the basics of cross-stitching:
– How to choose a design and pick up fabric and floss.
– How to make stitches.
– How to fix the thread.
– How to work with patterns.

The book contains 6 author’s cross stitch patterns (DMC embroidery floss) Easy-to-do – Amazing-to-look devoted to some fruits:
– Cherries
– Plums
– Apple and pear
– Grape and raspberries
– Strawberries
– Bonus
All the graphs are fairly simple to perform. Simple cross stitch patterns can be done even by beginners. The designs from the cover are included in the book.

Save your money!
Each graph costs S 0.99-1.99 – you receive 6 + the guide of counted cross stitching and pay only $ 2.99

At the end of the book, you will find the link to the zip-file, which contains all 6 high-quality graphs (colored and with symbols). You also can stitch directly from the book.

Have fun and good luck!

Embroidery is one of the oldest ways of spending time. Since time immemorial, women have engaged in needlework.
Cross stitch is considered the easiest of all the kinds of embroidery. Having mastered the uncomplicated technique, you can create wonderful pictures. Your hand-made works will be an outstanding decoration for your home or a memorable gift for your friends.

Cross stitch is also one of the best hobbies for women. This interesting and creative work gives you an opportunity to relax and escape from your everyday affairs. Make friends with embroidery and you will know what pacification is.

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Diary of a Minecraft Steve the Warrior Book 2: (books for kids) (Minecraft Steve the Warrior Collection)

by Steve the Warrior

This Diary has over 11,000 words with 25 pictures!

Buy the Paperback Version and Get the Kindle Version for Free

Ever wonder what it would be like to be Steve the Warrior?

In this second steve the warrior book, Steve continues on his journies from book 1? Find out in this diary of a wimpy kid inspired Minecraft adventure on how things go. (to be updated shortly)

Get Your Awesome Diary of a Minecraft Steve Warrior for only $2.99 or Read it Free on Kindle Unlimited
This book is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Mojang AB. The trademark Minecraft is owned by Mojang AB; and other company names and/or trademarks mentioned in this book are the property of their respective companies and are used for identification purposes only. Tags: pokemon, books for kids, diary of a wimpy, steve the warrior

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